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Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Written by Tricia

My Wildest Fantasy

Disclaimer: This story is intended for a very mature audience. Depictions are very explicit and may not be suitable for anyone under 21. Rated: XXX

I woke up in a fog…I felt like I was hung-over, but couldn’t remember having a drink. I wiped my eyes and focused. He held me tight across my waist with one arm as the other arm circled my shoulder and neck. I freed my body from his embrace and eased out of bed. As my feet touched the carpeted floor and I began to stand, my legs gave out on me and like a sack of potatoes I hit the floor.

Through the fog I saw a body shuffle in the La-Z-Boy. I crawled around the bed, picking up my dress in the path. I saw the door to the bathroom and crawled in its direction. A masculine arm dangled from the couch.

What had I gotten myself into?

I held my head, trying to make some sense of what happened. It was the strangest euphoria. I had never done a drug in my life but got the sense that what I was feeling was close enough to it. I was outside my body watching myself wake up after one dangerous night.

Once inside the safety of the bathroom, I pulled up on the sink and stumbled to my feet. The sink became my crutch, helping me to steady my balance.

I stared at my reflection in the mirror and then ran my fingers through my tangled hair. All my make-up except my lipstick was still in tack.

“What did you do last night Tricia?” I said aloud.

I closed my eyes and reflected…

* * * * *

(The Night Before)

I arrived to Lance’s Black and White party alone. I wore a white dress that hugged my body to perfection, accentuating every curve. Black pumps and a black handbag adorned my feet and hand to coordinate with the theme. I was escorted to the V.I.P. section and took a seat. It was 11 p.m. and the club was still practically empty…Lance hadn’t even arrived.

I enjoyed the music while sipping on a cocoloso. I tweeted from my phone and chatted with my sisters to kill time. It wasn’t long before the club filled and Lance made his appearance.

V.I.P. wasn’t spacious so Lance ended up in the section right next to mine. He had an entourage of people with him and to squeeze more patrons in, my V.I.P. section filled with additional guests.

I had been digging Lance for some time and bought the ticket for his party the moment I heard about it. I was gone play it cool though. I wanted him to notice me. I stood up and approached the rails of the balcony and peeked over. The dance floor was full and just then they played my song. “Girl says she’s brand new…fresh out the box.” I raised my arms above my head and began to dance seductively.

A hand came around my waist from behind and he pulled my body close against his. “I see you feeling my song baby,” he said. I looked over my shoulder and it was Trey Songz.

I wanted to jump out of my skin, but I played it off. “It makes me feel some kind of way every time I hear it,” I told him. So he began to whisper the lyrics in my ear, “Let’s just tear our clothes off, let’s just tear our clothes off.”

I smiled and turned to face him. He took a step back, bit his bottom lip, and looked me up and down like I was the most delicious meal he wanted to feast on. He extended his hand and I told him I wasn’t a one night stand kind of chick. He told me that I’d never had one night with him.

I shook my head at the obvious use of his lyrics and he lifted my chin. He wanted to know what the hesitation was all about. I told him that I wanted him, but then I stopped him cold in his tracks when I told him I was there for Lance and that I wanted him more. He gave me a brushed off look and walked away.

I was feeling pretty stupid – my one opportunity to be with him…someone that equally invaded my fantasies – and I let it slip right through my fingers.

I turned back around to face the dance floor below, closed my eyes, and exhaled.

“You wearing that dress baby girl…legs that will spank Jehovah with an ass that looks like it molds perfectly in my hands…mmm.”

I turned around slightly frustrated with anyone who would speak to a lady like that. It was Lloyd. Every feeling of disgust immediately vanished and I smiled at him. It’s a shame, but yeah, fine ass men can get away with a lot. I told him I was a big fan. I even told him that I was coming to his album release party which was to be the next day. He gave me a tight hug and told me how good I smelled.

I thanked him and we continued with small talk. His smile was warm…he made me feel comfortable. Each time he lightly touched me the hairs on my arms stood up.

I watched him whisper something in the waitress ear who then pointed to a door that led to a backroom.

Lloyd grabbed my hand and walked me passed Lance and Trey sitting with women all around them. He gave them a slight nod of the head and kept going. I felt vaguely ashamed because the situation was transparent. A tinge of regret fluttered through me…Lance was really the one I wanted.

I put all thoughts of Lance out of my head and focused on Lloyd – after all I wanted him too. Lloyd began kissing me softly and cupping my breasts.

The dumb chick in me kicked in again… “I can’t,” I told him. “Lloyd, you have been the source of many of my fantasies as well. I want you, I promise I do but I came here for Lance and I’m letting him slip right through my fingers. I haven’t even had a chance to meet him. I’m sorry to lead you on, but understand that I think you are fly and if the situation was somewhat different I’d be all yours.”

“Wowwww, you feeling my boy huh? It’s cool…lemme introduce you to him then,” he said.

Then he took me by the hand and led me back out front. In the midst, I tried wiping his kisses off my lips. How rude is that to talk to the man of my dreams with the taste of Lloyd still on my breath?

“Lance this is… dayum baby…I never even got your name,” Lloyd said.

“I know who she is…Ms. GimmeUnusual…Ms. Tricia…Ms. I’m surprised you’re in the back with my bruh when you talk all dat shit to me on Twitter,” Lance said.

I held my head in shame and tears filled my eyes. I released my hand from Lloyd’s and walked off.

As I walked away I heard Lloyd tell him we didn’t do anything because I wanted him.

With long strides he had caught up with me in the blink of an eye. His strong arm caught me by the waist and had me pinned up against him.

“So you just got both my boys tryna holler at you I see. Well I do appreciate you telling both of them you were here for me. I thought you must’ve forgotten that from the time you sent Trey away to the time you ended up in the backroom with Lloyd,” he spoke deeply in my ear.

He turned me around and saw the tears that streamed down my face. He wiped them away and then kissed my cheeks. “I’m sorry,” he whispered.

He wrapped both my arms around his neck and held me close. I hugged him in return and rested my head on his shoulder. We stood there silently for what seemed like an eternity.

“I’m having an after-party at my penthouse after this. Would you like to come?” he asked.

I shook my head agreeably and he brought me back over to his V.I.P. section while he entertained his guests for the rest of the night.

* * * * *

We made it to the Omni Royal Hotel and he told me to make myself comfortable. Just as I took off my shoes and sat on the sofa, the doorbell began ringing. Guests were arriving. Every part of me really just thought that was his way of getting me back to his room. In the moment I thought, “you ain’t gotta lie to kick it…I was yours the moment you grabbed me.” So I was a little stunned to see he really was having a party.

Trey and Lloyd arrived together along with their individual entourages. Trey came and sat right next to me and said, “I can’t believe I got dissed for my boy Lance…you must not know.”

I chuckled at his cockiness…I understood…his ego was bruised.

“Trey, I’ve heard all about your sexcapades, hell, I’ve dreamt up one or two, or 200 of them myself. The fact is, I can’t have all three of you so I gotta go with the one I want the most,” I told him.

“You could’ve had all of us if you knew how to play it right…amateur,” Trey said.

I gasped and Trey laughed.

“I’m not a hoe…this is as far hoe-like as I can get…I’m here, with every indication that he’ll fuck me tonight and leave me on the curb by the trash in the morning…and I’m still here,” I told him.

“You must not think too highly of your pussy I see,” Trey said.

I couldn’t believe the things that came out of his mouth. He spoke so brazen to me.

We chatted for a bit longer but soon he got too distracted by all the pussy being thrown at him to focus on me anymore. He excused himself from me so he could fill all up on some chick that might as well have come to the party naked. She had on a lace black dress that showed more skin than covered it. It was short…real short and you obviously couldn’t wear panties and a bra with it. I felt a hint of jealously flow through me making my body hot.

“I’m not sure if you want me more when you looking at Trey like that,” Lance whispered in my ear from behind the couch. He caught me off guard to the point that I jumped.

“I never said I didn’t want him…I want all three of you…what I said is that I wanted you more,” I assured him.

“Well you can’t have all three of us…they are like my brothers…so choose,” Lance said.

“Didn’t you hear me say I wanted you more? Hearing impaired are we?” I retorted. He was working my nerves with his attitude so I gave him a little bit of mine in return. But at the same time all I could see was his love faces, his chocolate skin on mine, his lips pressed against mine…

Lance smiled that wicked smile of his and then walked around the couch and lifted me into his arms. He hugged me tight and once again I melted in his embrace. “I’ll end the party soon so we can be alone,” he whispered.

The number of guests began to trickle down. Lance was calling cabs left and right until it was only a handful of people left.

Trey was ready to leave so he came over to say good night. He shook Lance’s hand and gave him a half hug and then he lifted me from the ground in a warm embrace. “I hope you enjoy the dick tonight. Have faith in ya pussy…throw it all at him…don’t hold back. You just may not go out with tomorrow’s trash,” he whispered in my ear.

I smiled at Trey…good Lawd…whew…I wanted that man too. The line of who I wanted more began to get a little distorted. “I hope I see you again,” I told him.

Lloyd’s cologne filled my senses. He was letting Lance know that he was out too and Lance congratulated him on the release of King of Hearts, his new album.

The moment Trey let me go…I was soon enveloped by Lloyd’s arms. I sunk my face into his neck and shoulder and tried to consume all of his scent. My body felt frail being around the three men I most lusted after. I held him tight and even when his hold loosened, I didn’t let go.

“Damn girl you got it bad,” Lance said. “First of all you couldn’t even handle all of us,” he continued.

“I told her if she was a pro she could’ve gotten away with it,” Trey added.

“And girl I wish you were a pro because I was diggin that *looking at my ass*,” Lloyd appended.

I had taken just about all I could… *Raising my hands* “I can’t take this anymore. We need to talk…sit down! Yes, all three of you sit down before my body spontaneously explodes. *Looking around the room* “OKAY EVERYONE, YOU AIN’T GOTTA GO HOME BUT YOU GOTTA GET THE HELL UP OUTTA HERE? PLEASE! NOW!” I insisted.

Both Lloyd and Trey’s people looked at them for approval and I assume they gave them permission to leave because everyone bounced leaving the four of us alone.

“Shut up…I’m doing the talking,” I declared.

“Since October of last year I have been writing freaky stories on you three. You all have individually ravished my body many times…but never, not once did I dream up meeting all three of you in the same spot…never thought that would or even could happen. I’m glad I finally got a chance to meet you but y’all are throwing me off my A game. Y’all got me tongue-tied, bamboozled, sweatin and shit…I’m a hot ass mess right now. My hormones are all over the place and quite frankly these panties are soaking wet,” I fussed.

“Well take em off,” Trey said.

“Shut up Panty Boy that saves all the panties in a box, even the ones with cream. Nasty ass…zip it,” I chastised.

They all laughed as I continued, “I wish more than anything that I had the ability to juggle all of you but I never learned to juggle as a kid and not even in my fantasies could you ever run a train on me.”

“Do people even say ‘run a train’ anymore?” Trey joked.

“Nawww, I think you called it a sex room didn’t you Trey?” Lance asked.

“Yea, yea, yea…that’s it, but baby I only do that when women outnumber the men. We a lil short baby…three dicks…one pussy…that just don’t add up,” replied Trey.

Lloyd must’ve seen my frustration because he jumped up and began massaging my neck from behind. “You’re a little tense baby…calm down,” he said.

“You are a little tense,” Lance added. Then he took me by the hand and sat me on the couch. He took my heels off and began rubbing my feet while Lloyd continued massaging my neck. I allowed the relaxing feeling to take over and closed my eyes. Trey whispered in my ear, “What else you want massaged?” All I could do was smile and Trey continued, “Well I don’t know if I can massage that right in front of Lance…freak.”

Lance’s hands maneuvered their way from my feet to my calves. He kneaded every anxiety away and moved up to my thighs. Trey laid his head on the couch slightly above my shoulder…I could hear his every breath in my ear as Lance continued his path. He was watching Lance touch me.

Lance’s hand slid across my panties and I tensed up again.

“Relax,” Trey whispered.

Lloyd’s massage moved from my neck to my shoulders and Lance rubbed two fingers up and down against my panties.

“You weren’t lying girl…these panties are drenched. I better take em off before your kitty catches a cold,” Lance said.

I didn’t even open my eyes or acknowledge what he had said. Next I felt him easing them off and spreading my legs open. His hands went immediately to my love spot. He kissed my pelvis as he inserted two fingers inside me and massaged. I grabbed Trey’s thigh and held on as Lance made me feel good. Trey turned my head to face him and he began kissing me. As his tongue filled my mouth, I felt Lance’s tongue enter me. Lloyd kissed the opposite side of my neck and cupped my breast. I couldn’t believe all their lips were on my body simultaneously. My body was boiling with passion.

Lloyd’s hand found its way inside my dress as his finger and thumb teased my nipple. He grabbed a handful and squeezed. My breathing got heavier as Lance sucked on my clit, drank my juices, and tongue-fucked me. I moaned inside Trey’s mouth.

“This is not my style girl,” Trey interrupted. “I don’t share women, but you got a nigga hypnotized and shit. He placed my hand on top of his pants so I could feel his hard dick. Let’s take this to the bed,” Trey said.

My face was flushed as they walked me to the bed…I couldn’t believe this was about to go down. One of them from behind lifted my dress up over my head and then unsnapped my bra. I was feeling a little self-conscious but when I climbed onto the bed and turned around Trey stood before me naked holding his dick. He wanted me to taste it. Lance and Lloyd had come out of their shirts and were climbing into the bed with me. I crawled to the edge of the bed where Trey stood before me and took his dick in my hand. I kissed the tip of his head and swirled my tongue around it. He moaned. I felt two sets of hands rubbing on my body but couldn’t distinguish who was doing what until I was being eaten out again. The feel was different so I knew it was Lloyd. Lloyd’s lips were softer. He put my clit between his index and middle fingers and began to squeeze them closed while simultaneously licking me. Lance sucked on my titties until they were firm and unyielding. As I sucked and held Trey’s dick with one hand, I used the other hand to unfasten Lance’s pants. Lance climbed off the bed and finished the job, returning my hand to his exposed dick. I rubbed his already hard manhood as he continued to kiss the breast he could comfortably reach while his hand fondled the other.

Thunder began to roll up inside of me. Lloyd had licked my pussy so good that I was ready to cum. I wanted him to release me because I wasn’t ready to cum just yet so I tugged on his soft curls. He grabbed my hand and held on to it. He sped up the pace and soon my body began to ricochet and contort. The rumbling in my throat obviously sent Trey over the edge because he grabbed my face and fucked my mouth as I came. The moans filled my mouth and vibrated against his dick. His breathing sped up as he plunged his dick further and further down my throat.

Lloyd rubbed his dick across my pussy, teasing my clit a little more. He sopped up my juices and let them drench his dick before plunging inside. I gasped as he filled me and hit every inch of my walls. Lloyd turned me from my side to my back and lifted my ass from the bed so he can go deeper inside. This was a perfect position for Trey because he just dipped his dick in and out of my mouth as fast as he could until he exploded and released inside my mouth. Hmmm…I was in a tough spot. Spit it out or swallow? I thought to myself. Either way I came to the conclusion that I wasn’t getting anymore kisses from anyone. So I swallowed, and then Trey bent down and kissed my lips. I smiled. “What’s so funny?” Trey asked.

“Nothing,” I replied and I lifted my head to watch Lloyd go in and out of me. He was banging my body hard but it was so good my legs began shaking. I ran my hand up and down Lance’s chest and told him I wanted to feel him inside me. He told me to taste him first and I did. I ran the tip of my tongue up and down his shaft until I covered every inch. Then I took his head in my mouth and circled it with my tongue until Lance gripped my head tight.

Lloyd’s dick escaped from my pussy and then Trey entered me. I dug into Lance’s hips as Trey pressed in. His dick was so big I didn’t think he would fit. He pushed all the way in and I moaned a muffled cry. Trey lifted my legs up and rotated inside of me. It was the most painful pleasure. My pussy gripped him tight and feasted on all of him.

I returned my thoughts back to what I was doing to Lance. I tightened my jaws around his dick and sucked. I wrapped my arms around his waist and continuously took his dick in and out my mouth. His deep groans told me I was pleasing him. He tugged on my hair as I gave him the very best lip service I had within me. I let him go after a few minutes and told him not to cum yet…I still wanted to feel him.

He climbed off of my face and watched Trey fuck me. Lloyd laid on the bed rubbing his dick waiting for his turn. I curled my finger for him to come to me. I took his dick from his hands and rubbed it myself and proceeded to give him the best head he had ever received…or least that’s how I felt with all the “oh shit”s coming out his mouth. That’s the only thing I could go on…all of them were moaning and talking shit to me.

Trey turned me over and propped me up on my knees. I heard that from the back was his favorite…shit it must be because I think he was trying to cripple me. He gripped my ass so tight and plunged in so hard that he almost sent me flying off the bed. Lloyd and Lance caught me and I heard one of them say, “Damn dude…U gone tear her pussy up.” Trey didn’t miss a beat…his rhythm was consistent and all I kept thinking was…”damn nigga cum already.”   But he was working on his second nut and this wasn’t gone be a quick one. I decided to take my mind off of it and to focus back on Lloyd. I sucked him and teased him, and then sucked on his balls as he twisted his fingers in my hair. Lloyd tasted delicious. The scent of his cologne decorated his entire body…and I wanted to consume every bit of that sweet taste.

Trey’s thrusts soon turned from slight pain to pleasure as my body temperature continued to rise. I released Lloyd from my mouth and began to focus on how Trey was making my body feel. Lance was rubbing my clit and titties as Trey plunged in and out. I laid my hand on top of Lance’s hand that covered my clit, but it didn’t stop his motion. He proceeded as my body ascended to higher levels. Ripples began to move throughout my body as I had the deepest orgasm. I tried to free myself from the intensity but Trey didn’t halt his thrusts. He dug in deeper until I soon felt him remove his dick and cum all over my back. My mind went to the lack of safety that was going on but the dick had me paralyzed that I couldn’t worry about that for the moment. I had two more dicks to please and by golly everybody was leaving out satisfied. Trey grabbed a towel and wiped off my back and I patted Lance on the ass to signal it was his turn.

He followed direction and slid inside. He was also a tight fit, hitting every inch of my walls. I thought for sure Trey fucked up my pussy, but Lance was able to follow up behind that. Where Trey was slight pain, Lance was all pleasure. He massaged my pussy, circling rather than plunging in and out. He gripped my hip with one hand and the other hand rubbed my clit.

Lloyd placed his dick back in my mouth once my trembling ceased. I licked and kissed all over his dick before sucking it unrelenting.

At this point I was tired and feeling as though I was going to black out, so I tightened my pussy around Lance and began to milk him. I tightened my jaws around Lloyd and gave them both every morsel of my energy. Lance dug his nails in my hip which made me scream. I felt his dick pulsate and release inside me. He fed my kitty the warm milk it so desperately wanted from him. I continued giving Lloyd my mouth. I laid him down on the bed, allowing me to lay down and get off my weak knees. I loved his dick with my tongue, giving him whip lashes until he could no longer hold it in. His back arched and he grabbed my hair with intensity. His dick trembled and let out all it’s seed. I sucked out every drop of his sweet nectar and then gently rubbed his dick in my hand until it softened. I looked up at him and he was all smiles. I crawled up into his arms and he held me tight.

Sleep quickly came…

* * * * *

“I can’t believe I did that,” I told myself in front of the mirror. “You were a straight whore last night!”

I washed my face and dried it. I tip-toed out the bathroom and realized it was Lloyd that held me all night, Trey was sleep in the La-Z-Boy and Lance was on the couch. I didn’t bother to look for my underwear. I grabbed my heels and purse, glanced back at the sight, and then tip-toed out the door.

* * * * *

(An hour or so later)

“CHECKMATE…dayum y’all…we done got GOT! She straight just brand-newed us” laughed Trey.

Lance and Lloyd sat up and just shook their heads…

The End!!!

*side note: I know that this story is different from anything I have ever done, but it is always my goal to push the envelope. Each time I write I want to do something unusual. This story may not interest the straight male (especially if they are homophobic), so ladies enjoy my fantasy. And yes, this story is very unrealistic but I enjoyed imagining.

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