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Checkmate II

Monday, December 12th, 2011

Written by Trish (AKA @GimmeUnusual)

A Trey & Lance Fiction Story

***For Mature readers only!***

I opened my eyes and the mural above me seemed to intertwine…shape after shape weaving in and out forming a kaleidoscope across the ceiling. The sun beamed through the opened curtains causing me to squint. I tried to lift my arm to conceal my eyes from the burning rays, but weakness consumed my body. I closed my eyes for a moment to make the room stop spinning. When I reopened them, out the corner of my eye I saw the clock flickering 12:00 a.m.


Semi-dazed, I reached over to turn the clock in a different direction because the blinking intensified my headache, but the arm around my waist had me paralyzed. Astonished, I rolled over to see who it was and to my surprise Lance Gross was lying beside me.


I rubbed my eyes and refocused…it was indeed him. He looked peaceful as he slept with his mouth slightly parted and breathing audibly. The sheet from the bed was draped partially across his waist revealing his chiseled frame. His skin was a smooth and silky texture, and the portrait he painted with his body was that of a god.


I didn’t know how I got here. I never thought I would see Lance again but here I was lying in bed with him. I mustered up the little energy I had and moved his arm from across my waist and laid it on the bed next to him.


I slid out of bed and tiptoed around picking up every article of my clothing in the bedroom; the only thing missing were my shoes. I quietly closed the bedroom door and walked out into the living room.


I stumbled back and quickly covered my mouth as I screamed into my hands. The sight before me had me reeling…Trey Songz slept soundly on the sofa. When I screamed he shifted his body a little bit, slightly opening one eye before turning over and going back to sleep. He snored, but he looked insanely serene with the covers pulled up to his neck and the pillow hanging half way onto the floor. He was a wild sleeper.


I grabbed my shoes that were near the sofa, and then tiptoed past Trey and into the bathroom to get dressed. I looked into the mirror and laughter bellowed from within. My tickled self reflected back at me, and the first words out my mouth were, “Déjà fucking vu…”


***Night Before***


It’s my birthday and what better place to celebrate then in Miami with my girls Shay, Tiya, AJ, and Chris. We pulled up to King of Diamonds in a drop-top BMW dressed to serial kill every man that laid their eyes on us. Heads turned as we handed the valet the keys and proceeded toward the VIP entrance.


We got our wristbands and were directed towards the VIP seating section. The club was filling up and the music was on point. DJ Sam Sneak was on the ones and twos, creating the sensual atmosphere that was to be expected.


My girls and I sat at the table where the level of ignorance hit an all time high.


Shay: Yooooooo…what the fuck she got on? Is she seriousssss?

Tiya: I know right…bitch look like she just flew back from the moon with that metallic shit on.

Me: That’s funny Tiya…you know you got that same outfit in your closet…talkin’ bout “to infinity and beyondddd”.

Tiya: Suck a monkey’s dick Trish.

Me: You first.

Shay: Sheeshhh

Chris: Y’all are crazy.

AJ: Christina look at your boyfriend over there. Dude bringing back fingerwaves!

Shay: I can’t…I’m done. Where dey do dat at?

Tiya: I can’t breave.

Chris: AJ I know you ain’t talkin. Saw your man wearing Cross Colors doing the running man.

Me: Dead! And he was dripping jheri curl juice too. Follow the drip…follow the drip.

AJ: So that’s how we gone do it ‘round here? You just gone team up on me Trish? For real tho?

Tiya: Shut up sensitive heaux.


In between the laughs we popped bottles of Ciroc and enjoyed the show. Young Jeezy was sitting at the table beside us and T-Pain was also in the building. That nigga know he loves him some strippers. The room had filled up to the point that it was too packed to fully see the stage.


Shots of Ciroc plus Coco Losos had us on 10. Since we couldn’t see the show, we decided to be the show. We began dancing near our table which landed us a viewing party. Chris being the freaky one even gave out a lap dance.


A hand grabbed me by the arm and I turned around to see who it was. Dontae, Trey Songz’ bodyguard, whispered in my ear that Trey wanted to see me.


“Shit” seeped from my mouth. I never planned to see him up close and personal again. The last time I saw him I put porn to shame…I didn’t want to be reminded of my whore-like tendencies. I wanted to escape from Dontae’s grasp, but he never let me go as he pulled me through the crowd over to the table where Trey sat.


I stood in front of Trey and his eyes started at the stilettos on my feet, and slowly worked their way up. His eyes lingered at my lips for a bit before he looked me straight in the eyes. I felt like I was in a room full of people butt ass naked the way he stripped my clothes off of me without ever laying a finger on me.  He nodded for me to come over but my legs wouldn’t move. He laughed that wicked laugh of his…the one that makes him tilt his head down and reveal those deep dimples. When he looked back at me, his eyes penetrated my core and my pussy got wet. He sat up, reached out his hand, and I placed my hand in his. He pulled me closer, pushing me down beside him.


Trey: Well hello there.

Me: Hi.

Trey: So yo’ ass just straight brand new’d us! Didn’t think I would ever see you again.

Me: Was hoping that.

Trey: *Laughing* What! Why?

Me: That was crazy…that ain’t me. I can’t be coming off like a whore.

Trey: Baby I would never judge. This is something you can trust…

Me: Trey.

Trey: *Laughing* I’m just fucking with you baby. What you drinking on? You gotta relax!

Me: Ciroc. Today is my birthday.

Trey:  Oh for real? Happy birthday baby.

Me: Thank you.

Trey: So you a Sag like me. Freak!

Me: *Laughing* Shut up Trey.

Trey: *Laughing* You know you need some birthday sex. What you doing later?

Me: You.

Trey: Hahaaa belee dat. Put yo’ numb…


Just when I thought my night couldn’t get any more unpredictable, Lance Gross sat down beside me. He shook hands with Trey, while never taking his eyes off me. He remained silent, not even blinking.

Me: *Cowardly* Hi Lance.

Lance: Well, well, well…she lives.

Me: *Laughing* What are you doing here?

Lance: I’m on vacation and was in need of a lil’ entertainment. I’ll be here till after New Years’. And you?

Me: I’m here celebrating my birthday.

Lance: Oh that’s what’s up. I got your birthday present back in my room.

Me: Is that right?

Lance: Yep…come get it *grins*.

Me: Is it a small package or a big one?

Lance: It’s big…huge!


All three of us laughed.


Me: What hotel you in Lance?

Lance: Fontainebleau room 1208.

Me: Ughhhh…I don’t know. We shouldn’t do that again…shit!

I looked at Lance sexy ass and then turned to Trey who was grinning while sipping on his drink.

Me: Fuck it! I gotta get back over to my girls, but I will be at your place at 4 a.m. Lance. I’ll see you there Trey.

Trey smiled as he took another sip of his drink.

I smiled back as I made my way through the crowd and back to my birthday celebration.

I sat at the table with my girls contemplating what was about to go down tonight. I was gone need more shots of Ciroc for this. I enjoyed my time with them and AJ sobered up enough to get us all back to our hotel.


I jumped in the shower and changed into a mini-skirt and an off-the-shoulder blouse. By the time I came out everyone was passed out. I threw on my manolos and called myself a cab. While I waited for it, I applied my make-up and freshened up my hair.

I looked in the mirror and was pleased at the canvas I painted…just a splash to enhance…not enough to transform.

When I arrived to Lance’s hotel he greeted me with a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Lance: You want something to drink birthday girl?

Me: What you got?

Lance: Ummm…DonJulio, Grey Goose, some Remy andddd its some Barcardi over here…and some wine. It’s a small bar…what’s your poison?

Me: Grey Goose and cranberry.


Lance brought my drink over and sat on the couch beside me. I kicked off my shoes and tucked my feet underneath me. The atmosphere got slightly awkward…we didn’t have much to talk about. Part of that was my fault. I had so much alcohol in my system; I didn’t think it was wise to attempt an intelligent conversation. My focus was on not slurring.


Lance turned on the TV and we began watching the Flintstones. Third Grey Goose and we were both goofy as hell. Lance started dry humping me as he chanted “bamm bamm bamm.” Finally after almost an hour, we heard a knock on the door. My heart skipped a beat…


Trey: What up girl?

Me: Hey.

Trey: What you drinking?

Me: Goose and cranberry.

Lance: Help yourself bruh.

Trey:  Thanks.


Trey went directly to the bar and poured himself two shots of Grey Goose. He gulped that down and came and sat down on the other side of me. He grabbed my head and kissed me…pulling away…looking into my eyes before tasting them again. He bit down on my bottom lip and pulled away with it still between his teeth.


Lance’s hand began to rub my thigh as his other hand rested on the small of my back.


Lance: Let’s take this to the bed.


Lance lifted me up from the couch as Trey continued to kiss me and walk backwards into the room. Reaching behind me, I began unbuttoning Lance’s Abercrombie jeans. His hands squeezed my tits…my nipples hardened under his touch.


They were turning me the fuck on. Trey finally released my tongue once we inched close enough to the bed. He began to undress himself, so I turned to face Lance…kissing and undressing him.


Trey began to remove my skirt. His hand went straight for my pussy…rubbing it through my panties. He kissed my ass…hungrily moving across both cheeks until he was ready to remove my panties.
He slid my panties down and then turned me around to face him. He lifted my leg and began to grub. His tongue sloppily moistened my entire pussy. He twirled his tongue inside me giving me an internal bath. He turned his head sideways and drove his tongue further inside…turbo tongue…swiveling…drinking all of me.

I moaned loudly as I grabbed his head and pushed his face further into me. He removed his tongue and sucked on my clit…moaning…driving me wild.

Lance kissed me as Trey continued to work my pussy. Lance continued to coil my nipples in between his fingers and thumbs. The attention they were giving my body made me buck forward and cum in Trey’s mouth.

My legs were like Jell-O. Trey let my leg go and I slid down Lance’s body onto the floor into a sitting position. Lance tilted my head back and stuck his erect dick into my mouth.

I teased it with my tongue…stroking my firm tongue up and down the length of his shaft until I tasted every inch of it. Then I focused on his head…writing my name on it. I could hear Trey opening a wrapper…he was ready for my pussy.

Trey lifted me up from the floor mid “s” and threw me across the bed. He was aggressive but I loved how he manhandled me.

He turned me over onto my stomach and lifted my ass into the air. Before he put it in he slapped my ass and plunged in. He grabbed a handful of my hair as he started to bang me out.

Lance climbed onto the bed in front of me and put his dick back in my mouth. I decided to rewrite my name…T-R-I-S-H and I sealed it with a kiss. This is my dick and no one will do it better. I circled my tongue around the circumference of his head and then began to suck him fiercely. I moaned on his dick from the pleasure Trey was giving me. Trey even helped with my back and forth motion…steady…hard…fast.


I released his dick from my mouth and began to work it with my hands as I gave his balls the attention they were begging for. I licked them…teased them…and then gently sucked on them until Lance came all over my hands.


Trey continued beating my pussy up. The slapping noises coming from his pelvis and my ass were music to my ears.


Trey: Shittttttt! Ride me.


Trey slapped my ass again before pulling out. He climbed onto the bed and laid down. I climbed on top reverse cowgirl style and put him inside. I rocked back and forth as Trey grasped my tits.

Trey: Faster…squeeze your pussy.


I squeezed him tightly as I rocked faster and faster.

Trey: Bounce up and down on this dick…and don’t hold back. I want it all.


I repositioned my legs and began to lift up slowly on his dick. When I got to his head I swiveled my hips around, squeezed and plopped back down.

Trey: Fuckkkk! I like it like that…do dat shit again.

I obeyed his orders…working my pussy to his standards. When my legs got tired I leaned back on him and he began to do the work, pushing his dick in and out. His hand rubbed my clit while the other manipulated and teased my tit. I turned my head to kiss him. He stuck his tongue deep into my mouth and I instantly came from the passion he invoked simultaneously across my body.


The ripples that swept through my body had me gasping to catch my breath. I screamed from the intense feeling that wouldn’t let hold of me. Trey continued fucking my brains out…killing me loudly…jackhammering my pussy to destruction.

Me: Please Trey…pleasseeee stop. I can’t take anymore.

Trey: Mmmm, yes you can…and when I’m done you gone be begging for round 2.

Me: Oh my god!

Moments later, Trey grunted and I felt his dick pulsate inside me as he came. Images of the last time flashed across my mind…I was relieved then when he came and once again his nut was long overdue.

I just laid there on top of him…incapable of moving. He let me…I could hear his fast heartbeat and his breathing was heavy.

Finally he rolled me over onto our sides and pulled out. That was when I spotted Lance again sitting in the chair beside the bed just rubbing his dick.


Me: I need a minute.

Lance: Obviously.

I laughed.

Trey: I’ll give y’all some privacy. I’ll be in the living room watching TV. Come in there when you ready again.

All I thought was “sheeshhhh, my pussy crippled now” but I just said, “Okay.”


Lance went over to the Jacuzzi tub and made me some bath water. I laid in the bed trying to regain my strength. I even closed my eyes for a bit until he tapped me on the shoulder with a shot of Grey Goose in his hands. I downed it and he helped me over to the tub. I climbed in and he climbed in behind me.


He washed my body gently and kissed my neck.

Lance: Are you okay now?

Me: I’m better…just tired, but don’t worry…I got you.

Lance: *Laughing* I wasn’t worried.


I moved my head slightly over to the side near his shoulder and kissed him. Trey was a great kisser but Lance evoked a different type of passion inside me with his kiss. The way our tongues danced made me envision angels singing. The way his hands glided across my body and held me tight made me feel warm…desired…tranquil. I turned around and allowed our bodies to align.


He gripped my ass tightly as we continued our ardent kiss. My hands cupped his face as my lips left his lips…kissing his left cheek…right cheek…nose…right eye…left eye…


I sat up on him and kissed his forehead…moving to his left ear and then back to his lips. I sucked on his tongue…letting it go…and then chasing it again.


He reached down and slid his dick inside. He grabbed a hold of my waist and began to rock my hips back and forth. He was the bear with the right fit…not too big…not too small. He filled me up and my pussy thanked him.

I switched it up…circling my hips…moving slowly up and back down as I squeezed him tightly.


He moaned in my mouth…letting me know that I was doing it just right for him. Sweat dripped down our bodies and steam filled the room.  His nails dug into my ass as he brought me back down…pushing his dick deep inside. He held me there and I groaned as his dick twitched inside of me. I came…and he hurriedly pushed me up and pulled out as he came in the water.


I laid my head on his shoulder and we stayed there for a moment to regain our strength. When I opened my eyes after his gentle nudge to get out the tub, the room was spinning.

I heard him asking me was I okay but I don’t remember answering. I felt something warm being wrapped around my body. The rest was a blur…




Looking into the mirror

Me: *Laughing* You fucking whore. I can’t believe you did that again Trish. Well…happy fucking birthday!

I looked at Trey laid out on the couch, pillow on the floor, and his arm thrown across the couch. I smiled…he was beautiful. Then I quietly opened the bedroom door to gain a mental image of Lance. He cuddled the pillow as he slept perfectly.

I tiptoed to the door and exited, thinking, “This queen just captured two kings. CHECK – FUCKING – MATE!”


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