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Beautiful Liar

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

A Beyonce Story

Written By Syreeta (Only1ME_Syreeta)

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Why am I so surprised that he could be cheating. What makes him any different? I really thought he was though. Boy was I wrong. As I drove over to his place I couldn’t help but to think about every single thing that he’s said to me.


says aloud

“You don’t ever have to worry about not being able to trust me.Really Tyson?

God I love you.” Apparently you don’t know how to love me.

“I would never cheat on you.” Humph! All lies! I bet you’ll wish you never had.




(S) “That was Beyonce wasn’t it?”

(T) “No.”

(S) “Yes it was. I heard her.”

(T) “Ok it was, but it’s not what you think.”

(S) “You lied to me. You told me it was over.”

(T) “It is. She just was calling to see how I was doing.”

(S) “Why are you lying to me Tyson? I heard you tell her that you miss her.”

(T) “I only said that because I was being nice since she said it to me.”

(S) “I’m not stupid! OMG! You’ve been playing me this whole time.” Shakira grabs her clothes and hurriedly puts them on.”

(T) “Why are getting upset over nothing? You’re ready to race out of here when I told you it’s over with me and her. What? She still can’t be my friend?”

(S) “Don’t insult me Tyson. I may have blonde hair but that doesn’t make me dumb. I heard you tell her you had some making up to do. I guess cause she’s back in town now huh? This is the last stop on her tour too isn‘t it? Aah, yeah so use me while she’s away…tell me it’s over so you can get what you want and then leave me alone once she comes back. I get it.”

(T) “I would never do that to you. It is over. Why don’t you believe me…” Shakira starts walking to the door. Tyson is still trying to plead his case. He pulls Shakira close to him and holds her by her shoulders. “Ok if it wasn’t over why would I do all the things that we’ve been doing these past months knowing I could get caught? That doesn’t make any sense. Have I ever not wanted to go anywhere that you suggested or not do anything that you wanted us to do?”

(S) “No but…” He touches her face.

(T) “Ok. I’m not lying. Me and her are only friends. Forget about what you heard me saying to her. That was just talk.”

(S) “So it’s really over?”

(T) “Yeah. We may not be seeing each other anymore but we’re still on good terms.”


Knock! Knock! Knock! Knob turns and then the door opens. Tyson and Shakira are just standing there. It happened so fast Tyson didn’t have a chance to react. He saw it was me coming in. Who did I see…her. The face that he‘s been seen with all over town. I also noticed how comfy he was in some gym shorts with no shirt on.

(T) “Bey what are you doing here…I mean I thought you were going to call me back.”

(B) “I guess that would’ve been more convenient for you huh?” Shakira looked at Tyson shaking her head. She almost fell for his lies. She decided to see herself out.

(S) “I was just about to leave.” I blocked the door.

(B) “Not so fast.” Tyson interjects.

(T) “Bey she really needs to go we have a meeting soon. She just came by to make sure I didn’t forget.” Shakira couldn’t believe all the lies that were coming out of his mouth. I noticed her face.

(B) sarcastically says “Is that right?” while looking at him. Shakira just wanted to leave.

(S) “Yeah whatever he said. Can I leave now?”


I moved out of her way. I did want to talk to her but I needed to deal with him first. Once Shakira left Tyson tried to hug me and act like everything was ok. He must think I’m stuck on stupid. As he tried to hug me I slipped away and walked into his living room.

“So she came all the way over here to tell you about a meeting when she could’ve just as easily picked up the phone and called?”

“That’s what I told her once she got here. She didn’t mind though she was out anyway.” I was past furious by now because he was continuing with the lies and right to my face. I couldn’t believe I was looking at a Beautiful Liar named Tyson Beckford. My heart couldn’t stand it. I felt so much disappointment as I looked at him. It was hurting me so bad I began to cry.

“Hey…what’s wrong…Bey why are you crying?”

“I really thought you were different.”

“What I do?”

“TYSON QUIT FUCKING LYING TO MY FACE! You don’t think I know what’s been going on?”


“So you still wanna lie to me?” I took the pictures out of the envelope in my purse and threw them at him. He picked one up off the floor and reluctantly looked at it. It was the one of the two of them at the theatre.

“What this mean?” I started picking up the others and throwing them at him one by one.

“The same thing as this one! And this one! And this!”

“Wait Bey! These were all business meetings. This means nothing!”

“Business meetings my ass!” I was still mad that he still was lying about it. “What about the meeting in the Plaza then? Explain that one?”

“What do you mean? We had a meeting there then we left, got something to eat and that was it.”

“Since when was sex a business expense for you?” I was reaching here but I had nothing to lose. “Don’t try to deny it. I already have proof.” He got quiet. His facial expression changed immediately. I had him shook. He already knew I had photos so the thought of me having something more had him thinking.

sighs “I’m sorry.” Him saying those words was the last thing I was looking to hear. He had a decorative statue placed on a shelf that hung from his wall. Without even thinking about it I grabbed it and threw it at him. He ducked but it still caught the top of his head.

“Aah shit!” He tried to grab me as I went for something else. He succeeded.

“Get off me Tyson!”

“Only if you stop throwing things.” I was facing him while he was holding on to me. I calmed myself and said ok. “You promise?” How could he ask me about a promise when he kept none of his. That question really got under my skin and my knee got up under his. I got him right in the nuts. He instantly dropped to the floor grunting in pain.

“Have a nice life NEGRO!” I left him holding his one desire because it damn sure wasn’t going to be me anymore.

When I got off the elevators I noticed Shakira was still here. She was sitting in the lobby. She got up when she saw me.

(B) “Shakira what are you still doing here?”

(S) “I really needed to talk to you. I just wanted to apologize. I had no idea that he was still seeing you. He told me it was over.” I thought to myself he told me you two were business partners. I didn’t want to say it though. I just kept it to myself.  I stared at her not knowing what to say really.

(B) “Well I guess he was lying to the both of us.”

(S) “I feel bad about the whole thing. I know you and I were never really friends but had I known…”

(B) “It’s fine. I mean what can you do if he’s lying. He did it very well.”

(S) “I just hope there’s no bad feelings between us. I really would hate that.”

(B) “Why would there be? You didn’t know and neither did I. Even if you did know my problem would still had been with him not you.”

(S) “I’m glad to know that. Most people wouldn’t look at it that way or even feel that way. He probably thinks now that you don’t want him he can come crawling back to me…assuming you don‘t want him anymore that is.”

(B) “Yeah crawling is the right word for it. He probably won’t be up walking anytime soon.”

(S) “Why? looks curiously with a smile “What’d you do to him?”

(B) “Kicked him right where it hurts.” We both bust out laughing as we walked out of the building. “Nobody likes being played.”