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The Love We Had

The Love We Had – Part 5 (Conclusion)

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

A Lance Gross Fiction Story

Written by Trish (@GimmeUnusual)



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Robyn arrived early Sunday morning with bagels, coffee and juice in her hands. It was something special about her. She made me smile every time we were together. Hell…she made me smile even when we weren’t together.  I took the drinks from her and greeted her with a kiss.


L: Good Morning. You don’t look dressed to work.


R: I am…these are my casual clothes. And good morning to you too! Did you get a chance to pick up the packing boxes and tape last night?


L: Yep…they’re in the bedroom.


R: Are you sure about this…you know we don’t have to go through with this???


L: I’m sure and I’m ready. It’s time. It’s been time but I just didn’t have a reason to let it all go until now.


R: Your reason being me…perhaps? *grinning*


L: *Tickling her before pulling her into his embrace* Hmmm…you just might be the reason. You know how people say time heals everything…


R: Mm hmm.


L: I honestly felt like I was damaged…like no amount of time could ever heal my hurt. I was mad at God…I was mad at the world. I shut everybody out for a while. I sincerely believed no one could ever take her place and that I would never love anyone as much as Eboni. You taught me differently.  You opened me up to believing in love again…and more importantly…wanting love again. I forgot how beautiful it was.


R: You’re going to make me cry…I love hearing that.


L: Please don’t cry.


R: *Laughing while wiping a fallen tear*That means the world to me. I want you to know that I could never take her place and I’m not trying to either. Eboni held a special place in your heart and that part of your heart I won’t ever be able to access. My only wish is to occupy the rest of your heart.  It’s amazing how much your heart can grow. Just when you think your heart is full of love for someone, it expands and lets you love even more


L: *Nodding in agreement* Thank you for expanding my heart.


Robyn melted my heart just a little more with her hypnotic smile. She caressed my arm and brought her body closer to mine. She laid her head on my chest and stayed there for a moment. I ran my fingers through her hair until she looked up at me and gave me the sweetest kiss. I didn’t want to do anything outside of being in her arms and she in mine.

L: You ready.


R: Yes.

I grabbed the coffee and juice and led her to my room. She carried herself gracefully and with such poise. She made me comfortable around her very quickly. She climbed in bed and opened the bag that held our bagels.

R: Cream cheese?


L: Huh?


R: Do you want cream cheese on your bagel?


L: Yes, please.


I laugh now, but I couldn’t stop staring at her. She knew it too because she looked up at me and laughed…we both laughed. How can someone be in your life for such a short amount of time and impact you like this? I will never know but she had me open.


She handed me my bagel on a napkin and began to prepare her own. I even watched how she ate…chewing as though it was the best thing she ever tasted…the way her tongue swept the crease of her lips to wipe away the excess cream cheese…dayum…I wanted to jump her bones right then and there.


R: Stop staring at me…you’re making me nervous.


L: Then stop looking so delicious and I’ll stop salivating.


She smiled a hefty but naughty smile at me…head down low as her eyes peeked over me. She stood up from the bed and brushed the crumbs on her hands against her pants…first thing I saw her do that wasn’t so perfect…it made me want her even more. She walked over to the closet and spread the panels apart. She looked down and noticed the many photos of Eboni and some of us together. Robyn picked two of them up and glared at them for a long time.


R: She was beautiful. You looked amazingly happy.


L: She was…and I was.


Robyn laid the pictures on the bed and stood motionless for a while just looking into my eyes. Her eyes held so much sympathy behind them. I rose to my knees and got closer to her. I took both of her hands into my hands and kissed them. I planted a soft kiss on her lips and soon her smile returned.


R: Do you want to put these in a photo album to keep?


L: I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with them honestly.


R: I have an idea if you would like to hear it.


L: Of course.


R: What about giving them to her parents? Maybe not this one with only the sheets wrapped around her…did you take this one?


L: I took them all. That’s not a bad idea…I never thought of that. That’s a great idea actually. Her mom would love that. I can probably give her mom a bunch of this stuff.


R: You have an incredible eye. You even took the ones with you two together?


L: Yeah, I just set the timer.


R: Beautiful.


L: Thank you. I’ll pack up the pictures if you want to start on the clothes.


R: Okay.


In about an hour we had everything boxed up and labeled. I chose to hold on to two photos of my love with Eboni…one with the sheets draped meticulously across her body after our engagement and the one of us together at a carnival eating cotton candy. That was the first day we said the “L” word to each other.


Robyn helped me pack everything into my truck. She was amazing and I didn’t hesitate in letting her know.


R: I’m going to wipe everything down for you…fresh start.


L: I’ll help.


We both sprayed and wiped the dresser and night stands down. Robyn swept and mopped the floors…it was as though Eboni had left nothing behind.


Guilt filled my spirit and Robyn noticed it immediately. She wrapped her arms around me and stared into my eyes. The same crease I felt in my forehead decorated her forehead as well. I wiped it away and kissed her temple. She smiled and reminded me that Eboni was in my heart and would always be there. I shook my head in agreement and redirected my attention to her. We kissed…soft, slow pecks until I felt her tongue tap my lips. I opened my mouth to welcome her fervent kisses, allowing our tongues to dance to the drumming of our heartbeats.


My dick began to throb under her embrace. Before I knew it she had released me and was headed out the room…


R: I’ll be back.


My sense of sensibility had escaped me…had I offended her… My answer hastily returned.


L: What’s in there?


R: I picked up some condoms.


L: *Laughing* You know…I thought I saw two bags in your hands this morning but when you only brought one bag in the room with the bagels I figured my mind was playing tricks on me.


R: *Laughing*


L: *Opening the nightstand* I grabbed some last night too.


We both laughed and she came quickly back into my arms. I leaned down and kissed her, lifting her into a warm hold. Our bodies were bursting with desire that in no time we both had our clothes off. I laid her down onto the bed and glanced over her impeccable body.


I nibbled on her neck and began kissing down her body. I was attentive to every part of her…kissing the heart-shaped beauty mark directly under her right breast…letting my tongue slip through the ripples in her belly…she was fit…strong, but still delicate. I ran my tongue across the folds of her hips, listening to her low moans that had me lost in her love.


I smiled as I felt her hand push against my head to go lower. It was a small push but still unmistakable. Her legs were already slightly parted, welcoming everything I had for her. I’d dare not deny her every morsel of her desires. I kissed her mound. I spread her legs as far apart as they could go…I took it all in for a moment…perfect folds…plump clit…nicely manicured…flowery aroma… She was already visibly wet.  I gotta say I was pleased that she was well kept all over. I was a little nervous that she was too good to be true.  If you ever tell her this I’d refute it but after being pleased by the outer appearance, I feared what lied within…would I fall in? Hear echoes? Find a lost treasure…hey I can’t help how I think.


I kissed her paradise all over…enjoying how her hands tightened around my ears. She was begging for more in the only way she knew how to. When I finally touched the folds of her lips with my tongue she moaned a sigh of relief. I kind of enjoyed torturing her. I made sure my tongue touched every part of her love from her inner lips to the outer. I circled her opening with my tongue…pushing partly in. She let me know every time I got it right. I stuck my tongue all the way in…making love to her with it. She rocked her pelvis to every thrust of my tongue as her juices overflowed onto the sheets. Before I drowned I came up for air. I replaced my tongue with my fingers and moved my attentions to her clit. I flicked it up and down while simultaneously rotating my fingers inside of her. Her pussy squeezed my fingers firmly…I could’ve came just by thinking about how tightly she hugged my fingers. My dick throbbed with anticipation. Thoughts of my dick inside her were soon interrupted by the trembling of her body and her cries of pleasure. I continued licking her until she pushed me away.


She was so wet that more than half my face was covered in her nectar. I discreetly wiped it off as I covered her belly and breast with additional kisses. When I made it back up to her lips she had a look of exhaustion all over her face. She kissed me and flipped me over onto my back…I wasn’t expecting that.


She mirrored my actions…nibbling on my neck and kissing down my chest. She didn’t tease me though. Her soft hands quickly lifted my dick and began concealing it with kisses. She kissed my head…down the length of my shaft…and she didn’t ignore the boys either. She replaced her lips with her tongue and retraced every place that she had left a kiss behind. When she closed her mouth around my head and squeezed I almost squealed like a girl…not because it hurt…it felt so damn good. Shit…I got nervous…I had forgotten how long it had been since I was with a woman…this was not gonna last very long. I let her suck on it for a minute before I stopped her. She had a stunned look on her face and once again I felt myself becoming flushed and embarrassed.


R: Am I doing it wrong?


L: No…it feels great.


R: Then what’s wrong…why you stop me?


L: I’m sorry…


R: I don’t want you to apologize. I can take criticism…if there’s something else you want me to do I can do it.


L: *Laughing* Baby…it was perfect…I wouldn’t change a thing. Eboni has been gone for over a year and remember I told you she was the last person I was with.


R: Oohhh…so you’re worried that you may come a little prematurely huh? *Giggling*


L: That’s not funny *Grinning*


R: It is a lil bit…you know there is always round 2.


She pushed my hands away and went back to sucking and pumping my dick with both her mouth and hand. That shit turned me on. She may have gotten five strokes out of me before I erupted like a volcano. Once I caught my breath and looked down at her, she was stroking my softening dick and smiling…almost to the point of laughter.


I covered my face and she climbed up and kissed my cheek.


R: It’s okay…I was expecting it. I’ll give you a little break and then we’ll continue. Don’t fall asleep on me…I really want to feel you inside me.


L: Sleep??? Please! I’m ready right now.


I turned her over to her back and grabbed a condom from my nightstand…the condoms she bought had been kicked off the bed somewhere.


I kissed her lovingly…allowing myself some time to get ready for her again. It didn’t take long…I craved for her body. I applied the condom and warmly entered her. With every pump I gave her she gave me something in return. She squeezed her pussy muscles around my dick every time I went in…sucking me forcefully. I was on the verge of needing a round three but before I came she bit my shoulder as she exploded. Can’t say I’ve ever been bit during sex before but…TOUCHDOWN…ANDIT’S GOOD!


That was one of the most amazing nights of my life. We made love until the sun came up…too exhausted for either of us to go to work the next day…and we didn’t. We stayed in bed…sleeping…eating…and loving one another.


That was three years ago…Robyn and I are happily married now with our first baby due next month…a boy. We are ecstatic.


The best thing is…I seldom think about the love I once had because the one I have now fulfills me in every way possible. She is my angel…