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Trey & Madison Series 2: We Should Be

We Should Be – Part 6

Friday, August 12th, 2011

A Trey Songz Story

Written By: Shay (Shay_Bae89)

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The Unit arrived at the lavish estate for the wedding

festivities. The nuptials would be taking place

underneath an extravagant tent with a breathtaking

ocean view. As the team walked in and were escorted to

their seats they took in everything around them.


Lonzo (L): “DAMN! This place is sick! This must have cost

a grip!”


Cici (C): “Lonzo would you stop being loud! Black folk!”



L: “I’m just saying they got fuckin’ doves in cages as

decorations! Shit crazy!” *laughs*


Neisha (N): “Buggz shut up! Stop making me laugh!”



L: “Bruh am I wrong for wondering how much they spent

on this muthafucka?” *looks at Dontae*


Dontae (D): “Naw I was thinking the same thing!”



L: “Great minds think alike!” *laughs*


As they all sat in their seats and waited on the ceremony

to begin the team began to hear whispers coming from

behind them. As the seats were being filled The Unit

turned around to see what had everyone riled up…


Trey walked down the aisle looking like he stepped off

the cover of GQ! With his navy blue Armani tailored suit,

Christian Dior dress shoes and shades, diamond

cufflinks and earrings, plus the fresh lined up cut to top

it off; he was dressed for homicide! As he spotted Lonzo

waving him over to where they were sitting, Trey headed

to their direction. They all moved over and allowed him

to grab a seat at the end of the aisle next to Lonzo. They

were all stunned to see Trey but not as much as Lonzo



L: *whispers* “What the fuck bruh? I thought you said

you wasn’t coming? I know you ain’t come to shoot up

this wedding…” *chuckles*


T: *whispers* “Hell naw I ain’t tryin’ to go to jail!”



L: “So you came to object then?”


T: “Naw I ain’t come to do that either…”


L: “What changed yo mind then?”


T: “I love her… If this is what’s gon’ make her happy then

I ain’t gon’ stand in the way of that.”


L: “Awwwww shit… You done got soft on me now. Where

Trigga at? Phone home nigga!” *laughs*


T: “Shut the fuck up man… Trigga ain’t dead.” *laughs*


Just as soon as Trey and Lonzo were done exchanging

words the music started. As the wedding party filed in

camera flashes went off to capture every moment. After

the party reached to the front the groom took his place

and waited for the bride to walk down the aisle. The

audience was indicated to rise as Madison walked down

the aisle with her stepdad. She looked ravishing in her

long flowing white gown; her hair in beautiful bouncy

curls that were slightly pulled back to reveal her

gorgeous face. Madison glided down the aisle towards

the altar and tried her best to hold back tears. As soon

as she reached the altar she kissed her stepdad and

took the hand of her future husband’s.


Minister Parker (MP): “Who gives this woman away to

this man?”


Madison’s Parents: “We do!”


MP: “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join

these two together in holy matrimony…”


Just as soon as the Minister began to speak Madison

looked into the crowd of her loved ones and spotted

Trey with The Unit! She couldn’t believe after everything

that happened between them he still showed up. As she

looked into the face of the man she was going to marry

then looked back into the face of the man she always

loved; she was at a crossroad.


*tunes back in*


MP: “Do you Madison take Steven to be your lawfully

wedded husband? To have and to hold from this day

forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in

sickness and in health, til death do you part?”


Madison froze up and went mute… right then in that

very moment she knew she was making a terrible



M: “I’m sorry… I CAN’T DO THIS!” *runs from altar to

inside the estate*


Madison ran as fast as she could and didn’t look back…

Everyone scrambled as Steven, her parents, and the

wedding party ran after her. They all checked around the

estate and there was no sign of her. Steven was

distraught and couldn’t believe what just happened. The

Unit tried to help as well but decided to leave it up to the

family to handle the situation. Trey had an idea of where

she had run off to but he decided to keep it a secret til

he could find out for himself.


He exited the premises and the let the team know he

would be right back. Trey hopped into his Bentley coupe

and drove over to the canyon that overlooked the beach.

As he got closer he spotted Madison sitting on one of

the rocks in her flowing white gown. He decided to park

a few feet away and walk over to her. He watched as the

wind blew through her hair as tears fell from her eyes…


*walks up behind her*


T: “So you gon’ keep runnin’?”