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Trey & Madison Series 1: Brand New

Brand New – Part 6

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

A Trey Songz Fan Fiction

Written by Shay

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It had been over a month since Trey and The Unit had seen or heard from

Madison. Ever since the incident backstage between her and Raquel there

was no contact exchanged with her and the team. Even with Trey’s “I don’t

give a fuck” attitude it still bothered him how everything went down that

night. He tried calling her to see if she was ok but no answer. Trey had

enough of her avoiding him and the team so he decided to drop by her

place. It was the perfect plan because she would have no choice but to

face him.


Trey and the team were all in town for his show that night; with some

free time to spare he had his driver bring him over to Madison’s

apartment. He arrived and told the driver to give him a few minutes,

as he headed up the stairs his heart began to race. He didn’t know

what he was going to say to her but he knew he needed to speak to

her. As he knocked on her door memories of her face and presence

over the past year replayed in his mind. Just when Trey decided to

give up knocking the door opened as his back was turned…


M: “TREY?! What are you doing here?”


T: “To see you… Can I come in?”


M: “Uhhh… Yea sure… *steps aside and opens door*



Madison’s heart begins to race, she knew she had been avoiding Trey

and the team but she needed that time to get herself together.


M: “Have a seat…”


T: “I just came to check on you and see how you been doing…”


M: “I know I’ve been avoiding you guys lately but I just needed this

time to figure things out.”


T: “Figure what out? Madison I’m still confused as fuck as to why

you left! I mean one minute you’re there doing your job, you get

into it with the chick, then you storm out! I know it had to be more

than just that argument to make you up and leave… I need you to

keep it a “hunnid” with me!”


The moment Trey uttered those words flashbacks of the dream she

had of him whirled in her mind. Deja vu was at an all time high which

let her know that she had to be real with him…


M: “Look Trey… I… well basically…”


T: “C’mon Twinkie… You know you can talk to me bout anything!”




Silence filled the room as Madison blurted that out…


T: “Damn baby… How long you been feeling that way?”


M: “It’s been awhile… Ever since I started working for you I’ve been

feeling like this. I wanted to keep things professional but my feelings

got deeper the more time I spent around you. I guess my emotions

got bottled up long enough that I couldn’t deal with it anymore. I’m

sorry for walking out on you and the team, I will always love and

appreciate you guys for everything.


T: “Wow! I really had no clue! I’m speechless…”


M: “You don’t have to say anything at all… I knew what I was dealing with

when I first got the job and I still let my feelings get in the way of my work

ethic. I would love to work for you again but I know my feelings for you won’t

permit me to do that. I got a new job offer with Ne-Yo and I’ve accepted it.”


Trey sat there trying to process everything that Madison had just said to him.

Not only had she quit on him but she had also decided to take on a new job

working for Ne-Yo. He was again speechless…


T: “Damn so I see you got it all figured out already…”


M: “Not at all… I just know that I can’t continue to work for someone that I

feel this way about.”


For one of the few times in Trey’s life he actually didn’t know what to say

or how to feel. He didn’t exactly know how he felt about her, but he wished

deep down inside she wouldn’t go.


T: “I’m gonna really miss you though Madison! We had a good run, I wish you

would stay but it’s about whatever makes you comfortable. I wish you all the

best with your new job… We’re bound to run into each other often with you

working for Ne-Yo… that’s my bruh!”


M: “I know… I hope the team doesn’t hate me. I’ll just give them a call when

I can. I’m going to miss you guys too!”


T: “Well the driver is waiting downstairs and I have rehearsals in a lil’ bit, but

if you need help with anything you know how to reach me.”


M: “Thanks Trey… That means alot!”



Madison walks Trey to the door; he looked her in her eyes, hugged her, and

planted a peck on her lips…


T: “Be good…”


As she watched him disappear down the hallway all she could think about was

if she made the right decision…