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I Need You

I Need You – Part 5 (Conclusion)

Saturday, September 17th, 2011

I Need You – Part 5 (Conclusion)

Written by Tricia (AKA @GimmeUnusual)


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Lloyd took her hand in his. Her presence was all he needed in that moment. His eyes swept over her body as the tension within her slowly faded away.


Tears still occupied her eyes as her hand began to close around his.


Lloyd: Please forgive me.


Gabby’s eyes met his and she could hear the genuineness in his voice. She had missed him even though she hated to admit it. He was her first love and through the years no one else came close to filling his shoes.


Lloyd moved in closer…wrapping his arm around her back as the other arm circled her neck. He ran his fingers through her hair as he massaged her head. The passion and pain between them heated the room.


Gabby gave into his touch…pressing her body against his and wrapping her arms around his neck.


Lloyd held her tight in his grasp…consoling her.  He rested his cheek on top of her head as she wept.


Lloyd pushed her slightly away and grabbed a hold of her hand. He walked her into the bathroom and sat her on the bench that sat in the middle of the room. He began to fill the tub with warm water…rolling his sleeves up to spread the bubbles across the water. He still knew her apartment…and this very same bathroom in which they took many showers and baths together. He went to the sink and opened the compartment where the matches were. He lit every candle that surrounded the tub then deemed the lights.


Lloyd dropped to his knees in front of her as they searched each others’ eyes. Gabby looked for any hint of insincerity but all she saw was his regal heart…that of a king.


Lloyd reached down and untied her shoe laces…sliding off her boots followed by her socks. He grabbed her by both hands and pulled her to her feet. He lifted her arms to the ceiling and removed her hoodie over her head.


Gabby lowered her head and fiddled with her hands.


What he saw wounded his soul…slightly lower than her belly button and to the right was a tattoo of a broken heart. Lloyd kissed the broken heart.


Lloyd: I am going to mend it.


He kissed her belly all over before standing upright.


Lloyd: You are still so beautiful.


Gabby: *Running a hand through her hair* But I cut my hair.


Lloyd: I noticed. I like it a lot.


A smile decorated Gabby’s face. Her hair was one of the things he loved most about her but when they broke up she wanted to be free of it.  It was more of an act of redemption for herself.


Lloyd began unfastening her pants and easing them down her perfectly bronzed thighs. The gift of touching her bare skin sent flames rampaging through his body.


Gabby held onto his shoulder blades as she lifted each foot to assist him in removing her pants. Lloyd continued to run his hands up and down her left leg, stopping slightly before he reached her treasure.


Gabby closed her eyes and began to breathe again.


Lloyd turned her around and unhooked her bra, allowing it to fall to the floor. He wrapped his arms around her from behind and just held her.


Gabby crossed her arms around her body, slightly hugging him back.


Lloyd: *Whispering in her ear* I love you and I need you…


Lloyd noticed the chill bumps that inhabited Gabby’s arms. He rubbed his tenderness down her arms and then slowly glided her panties down.


He lifted her from the floor and carried her over to the tub…submerging her body into its warmth. He reached for her sponge, soaped it up and started at her neck. He rubbed her entire body effortlessness…sending her into a trance. He took the sponge and wet her hair. The water cascaded through each strand and down across her face.


Her damp, partially parted lips beckoned for his.


Lloyd placed a soft kiss on her lips and held it there. He met her amber eyes as their lips parted ways and flames reflected back at him. He helped her stand to her feet and wrapped her body in a towel. He lifted her from the tub and set her feet on the rug. He dried her body lovingly and led her to the bed.


The baby oil sat on top of her dresser where it always did. He grabbed it and then laid her body across the bed. Hunger adorned her face as his hands began to slip and slide all over her body…wiping away the past.


Lloyd took a step away from the bed and surveyed her glorious body. Her moist hair spilled across the pillows as the moonlight illuminated her bare skin.


He began to undress and Gabby laid back and enjoyed the show. Lloyd removed his sweater vest and then placed his fingers on the buttons on his button-down dress shirt. He sensually unfastened each one to reveal his chiseled chest. He kept a steady eye on her face…aiming to read her thoughts. He slightly grinned after her eyes widened…it had been three years…he was more of a man now.


He joined her in bed…placing his body perfectly on top of hers’. He glided his tongue across her lips. She let out a sigh as she opened her mouth and welcomed his tongue. Their tongues danced as their bodies began to stir.


Lloyd had a vice grip around her waist as his body begged for all of her. He needed her like a desert needed rain. She was his rain and he wanted her to shower down all over him.


Lloyd moved his kisses lovingly down her body…being careful as to not leave any part untouched. He spread her legs apart and grazed his tongue across the crease in her hips. He buried his head lower and began to drink his juice of choice. He maneuvered his tongue inside her as he consumed her love.


It was better than what he last remembered. Like a fine wine…she ripened with age. He plucked at her string as though he played the guitar. The sounds she made were music to his ears…the sweetest melody.


Once Gabby had enough, she pushed his head away, attempting to gain control of the spasms that invaded her body.


Her love was like Novocain. Lloyd dragged his drug-induced body up and covered hers’. He kissed her lips as he warmly entered her. Gabby dug into his shoulder as his dick penetrated what had been sealed since the last time he filled her.


Lloyd: Damn girl. Shhhiiit!


Gabby held him tight as he rocked back and forth inside of her.  Their senses elevated as love filled the room. Lloyd switched positions…rolling her on top.


Gabby kissed him sublimely as she rode him slowly. Finally, she sat up on his dick and dropped down on it. Up and down…up and down she went. Lloyd’s feet arched as her pussy sucked him and fucked him.


Lloyd: OHHHHHH shit Gabby!!!!! Mmmm you gone make me cum!


Gabby sped up the pace…dropping down on his dick. The ricochet from his dick banging against her cervix made her entire body tingle.


The heat between them intertwined as their fires burned.


Gabby cried out in ecstasy as she drifted into outer-space. Her body was tormented by the passion that overtook her. She let out a cry as she rained all down on him.


Lloyd guided her hips until his flame was put out.


Gabby fell down into his arms as she continued to straddle him.


Gabby: Did you miss it?


Lloyd: What?


Gabby: Did you miss this pussy?


Lloyd smiled.


Lloyd: Yes, I missed it. I missed all of you.


Gabby: And you love me?


Lloyd: Yes, with all my heart.


Gabby: Well I need your mind and your body too…exclusively.


Lloyd: Baby it’s yours.


Gabby: And you need me?


Lloyd: I do need you…like the heat needs the summer…like snow needs the winter…I need you because no other girl will do…