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Speechless – Part 4 (Conclusion)

Friday, March 18th, 2011

A Story on Lance Gross

Written by Tricia


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Jazmine: “Oh Shitttt! Lanceeee!”

L: “DAMNIT…I was so close!”



Lance began laughing at her reaction and the pure hysteria written all over her face.


J: “This is not funny…I’m gonna be fired!”

L: “Calm down. Just put yo’ clothes on.”

J: Jazmine begins throwing her clothes on as fast as she could…“We haven’t done shit in this room. And your face…oh my God, it’s covered with paint!”


L: Lance pulls up his pants and then grabs her forearms…“Just go downstairs and tell him you want to surprise him with the finished product.”


Jazmine stands there in a trance as she thought to herself…“Damn! That’s a great idea.”


L: (Chuckling) “Go…I can hear him coming up the stairs.”


Jazmine breaks away from his hold and heads out the door. Mr. McDowell was half way down the hallway…


John McDowell (JM): “Hey Jazmine. How’s it coming?”
J: “Hi John. You’re home early. I thought you were doing dinner and a movie?”

JM: “Cynthia got tired after dinner so I just dropped her off at her parents’ house. Don’t worry though – I’m not rushing you. Take your time. If I’m sleep when you’re done, just wake me up so I can lock up behind you.”

J: “Ok great. I probably just need another couple hours to finish up. Look…I’m very invested in my craft and I get the biggest satisfaction in seeing the face of my client when I show them my completed work for the first time. Would it be alright to just show you the completed mural on Thursday?”

JM: “Oh sure.”

J: “Good…I do have a before picture…I do that for all my projects, and I’ll take one when I’m finished. If you want me to send you a copy I can?”

JM: “That would be great. I think Cynthia would probably love to put that in the baby book. Ummm…

J: “Yes?”

JM: “What happened to your shoes?”

J: Jazmine looks down at her toes, rolling her eyes before facing him again, “They’re in the room…I just wanted to get comfortable. Is that ok?”

JM: (Chuckling) “Oh of course. I loved walking around barefoot too, but my wife nagged me so…‘John, you’re going to step on something one day’…‘John, you’re going to catch a cold’…so after all that it just seems strange to see anyone walk around barefoot. Our poor child doesn’t have a chance. (Laughing) Well, I’ll let you get back to work. Let me know if you need anything.”

J: (Laughing) “Alright, I will. Thank you.”


John turns around and heads down the hallway…


JM: (Turning around) “Oh Jazmine…did your friend make it?”

J: “Yes he did. Thanks again for letting him come.”
JM: “Him? (smiling) Is this your boyfriend?”

J: (Looking away in thought) “Uhhh…no…we’re just friends.”

JM: “I don’t mean to be nosey…”

J: “It’s okay…we’re just friends.”

JM: (Smiling) “Okay…well I’ll be downstairs if you need me.”

J: “Okay.”


Jazmine turns and goes back into the room. She closed the door behind her, leaned against the door, and then closed her eyes.

J: (Exhaling) “Whew…that was close.”


Lance puts the paint tape down and walks over to her. He pulls her up off the door and presses her body against his. Jazmine’s eyes snapped open from the un-expectant grasp, seeing only a flash of his chest before her head was flung over his shoulder and her arms circled his waist. He gave her a tight squeeze before widening the space between them.


L: (Looking into her eyes) “You wanna finish real quick?”

J: (Shaking her head) “Boy no…that was close!”

L: “I was just kidding…let’s get finished…oh…and don’t work too hard because you got something else to work hard and finish tonight.” (Grinning)


Jazmine smiled…taking his beauty into full view. Her eyes drifted from his sexy ass to the blue tape that covered the baseboards and the window edges.


J: “Thank you sweetie.”

L: (Smiling) “You’re welcome.”


Jazmine picked up the brush and began painting the edges while Lance used the roller to cover the walls. When she finished, she joined him painting the walls. With Behr paint, they were able to get finished in under an hour and a half applying one coat.


Lance took her in a one-arm embrace as they both stood admiring perfection. Not an ounce of paint on the floor or trimmings.


L: “Let’s go back to my place.”

J: “I need to freshen up.”

L: “I got everything you’ll need at my place.”

J: (Smiling) “Ok.”


Jazmine and Lance rinsed off the paint brush and rollers while repetitively glancing and smiling at each other.


The “beat it up” vibe bounced from one body to the next…she knew he was going to tear it up when he got her to his home. She was ready for him too. Her warm space hadn’t been invaded in months…she planned to break him off too.


They damn near fucked each other with their eyes…undressing each other, gliding over each other’s bodies…struggling to hold it in.


L: “Let’s go.”


Lance grabbed her hand, ran her down the stairs and pulled her toward the door.


J: (Pulling away) “Wait…let me just tell Mr. McDowell we’re leaving – he has to lock up.”

L: “Ok…meet you outside.”

J: “Ok.”


Jazmine walks around the house until she locates John to let him know she was leaving. He let her out and locks up behind her.


Lance walked her to her truck and opened the door for her.


L: Holding the door as she hops up inside…“Follow me.” (Closing the door behind her.)


(20 minutes later)


They both pulled up in the driveway and went inside Lance’s spacious and well-decorated home. Lance couldn’t hold out any longer. He closed the front door and shoved Jazmine up against it. He took her lips into his mouth…biting her bottom lip and cupping her ass. He came out of his jacket…pulling her jacket off to follow.


J: “Lance wait! We look horrible. I need a shower. Not like this…please.”

L: (Breathing heavy) “Ok. (He grabbed her hand and showed her to his guestroom) You can shower in here. I’ll bring you a t-shirt.” (Turning to leave)

J: “And some lotion, deodorant, and a blow-dryer.”

L: (Turning back to look at her…he smiles) “I’ll bring you some deodorant…there’s lotion and a blow-dryer in the washroom already tho.”

J: (Smiling back) “Thanks.”


(45 minutes later)


Jazmine emerged from the guestroom feeling more like a woman. She peeked into several doorways before coming across Lance’s bedroom. She walked in and propped her body up against the washroom doorway, watching as Lance stood with a towel wrapped around his waist, staring in the mirror at his reflection as he flossed his teeth. She sketched his structure in her head…remembering the image she wanted to duplicate on canvas. His masculine body…chocolate, flawless skin…strong arms…smile…


They did something to her. She felt herself getting wet and shifted her body. Lance saw her reflection move through the mirror and turned to face her.


L: “I didn’t even hear you.”


Jazmine stood quietly smiling.


L: He threw the floss away and walked up to her…“You look sexy as hell wearing my tee.”


Jazmine looked into his eyes…exhaling deeply.


L: (Grabbing her by the waist and kissing the exposed shoulder) “What’s wrong baby?” (Tilting her head up to make eye contact)


Jazmine shook her head left to right to signify nothing was wrong. Lance stared into her eyes for a moment before lowering his lips down to her lips. Her arms slid up to his triceps as he pushed her back into the bedroom toward the bed. He picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He kissed her passionately…sucking on her tongue. He removed his mouth…taking another view at her angelic face. The hunger in her eyes made his dick hard forcing the towel around his waist to loosen and fall to the floor.


L: (Rugged voice) “What you want me to do to you Ms. Lady?”


Jazmine shrugged her shoulders as she cradled her head into his neck and snuggled. He threw her onto the bed…looking at her beautiful pussy that said hello as the tee slightly lifted. She pulled it down as she gaped at his perfectly sculpted dick. He knew what her eyes focused on…he began stroking it as she watched. He stepped closer to his nightstand and pulled out a condom. He ripped the packet open and applied it. Starting at the bottom of the bed he held her feet…running his hands up her legs and grasping her knees. He spread her legs apart. He slid his hands from her knees, up her thighs…to her waist…pushing the t-shirt up. A chill ran through Jazmine’s body and his dick twitched. He lifted the tee over her head and took in her firm nipples. He circled them with his tongue…sucked them…teased them.


His hand moved to her love space…
L: “Got damn girllll. You ready for me…shit flowing like Aquafina.”


Jazmine covered her face in embarrassment.


L: “That’s okay baby…I like it just like this. You letting me know you want me (pulling her hands from her face) and I want you too.”


Lance skated his tongue down her body…resting at her belly button. He wanted to really taste her but his mind was at war…“It’s too soon…you don’t know her like that…but shit she’s beautiful….mmm and she smell so good.”


L: “Fuck it!”


Jazmine’s eyes opened to determine the meaning behind the “fuck it” but they soon were gripped closed as Lance took her pussy into his mouth. He shoved his tongue inside her love and fucked her like a dick. Jazmine held on to his ears…pushing his tongue inside of her. She thrust back at him with every entry as her body contorted…loving it. Lance slid his tongue out and plucked her clit like a guitar string.


J: “Ohhhhhhh!!!!”


Lance sped up the rhythm as her body begged for more…


J: “Mmmmm….oowwwwwww…uhhhhhh…”


Jazmine dug her heels into his back…gripping him tightly as her pelvis jerked and spasms ran through her body.


Lance moved his head from the deadly path and smiled as her passions subsided.


L: “You ready for me baby?”


Jazmine turned her head to the side and smiled…


L: “Damn baby…I still got you flabbergasted…I’m the muthafuckin MAN!”

Jazmine laughed and Lance slid inside…pumping her just right…not too soft but not too hard. She grabbed his upper arms, tilted her head back on the pillow, and allowed him to pleasure her body again.  With each pump she tightened her pussy walls against him.


L: “Ohhhh yeeeaaaaaaahhhhhh…mmmmmmmmm…”


He sped up…banging her harder…so hard that her head was up against the headboard.


L: Pulling out…“Turn over.”


Jazmine wobbly turned over and Lance smiled. He knew wobbly, weak legs meant he was putting it on her. He grasped her hips and pulled her ass up in the air.


L: “Grip that headboard baby and don’t let go.”


He shoved his dick back inside…working her fast…slowing it down…speeding it back up. He hit every inch of her walls…filling her…driving her insane. Her juices flowed down his thighs and dripped onto the sheets. Lance fondled her breast…teasing…tantalizing…


He regulated his rhythm…digging deeper and deeper inside as he watched himself enter and withdraw…


Jazmine could feel and hear his excitement rising…he was reaching his boiling point. She tightened her pussy with every entry as she rubbed her clit…giving his thrusts right back to him.


The noise they made bounced off the walls as paroxysms of pleasure reigned down.


L: “Uhhhhhhhhhhh….”

J: “Mmmmmmmmmmm…”
Lance’s head flew back as his body tensed up and he ejaculated. His slowing rhythm was enough to send flames through Jazmine as she arched her back and let the ripples flow through her body.


She allowed her legs to give out…falling into a heap against the bed.


Lanced followed…rolling beside her.


She stretched her hand to his face…gliding across his features…from his temple to his jaw line…brushing her thumb against the softness of his lips. She searched his eyes and found tenderness. She nuzzled closer to him as his arms enveloped her torso. She rested her head against his chest and closed her eyes.


The feeling he left behind rendered her speechless…