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Thursday, August 25th, 2011

A Sammie Fan Fiction

Written by Tricia AKA @GimmeUnusual

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“Bravo and Soprano y’all are being bad. Calm dat shit down. SOPRANO STOP IT! You always fucking with Bravo…you act like he ain’t bigger than you and shit.” *Picking up Soprano eyeing her* “Why you so damn bad? You the small pit…remember dat! Now take yo’ ass to yo’ cage.” *Putting her down on the floor*


“Ughhh y’all stressing me the fuck out. Bravo, go to your cage too!”


“Lemme jump in the shower and then get me some fresh air. First day out the studio and I spend it at home all day with y’all bad asses. “


Sammie entered his master bedroom and began to strip out of his basketball shorts and wife-beater. He entered his bathroom and turned on the shower…adjusting the temperature to perfection. He brushed his teeth, flossed, and then trimmed his beard. Afterwards he did his facial cleaning routine…applying cleaner and massaging his pores.


He walked into the shower and let the water cascade down his body. He pressed his palms against the tile in front of him and let the water beat down on his head. He rolled his head to loosen up and then ran a hand through his hair. Sammie lifted his head and let the water pound against his face and stream down his chest.


He grabbed his towel and soaped it up…starting at his chest he rubbed the towel in a circular motion…right down to his abs. He came up around his muscular arms not missing an inch. He bent over and cleaned his legs, thighs, and feet before rinsing out the towel. He soaped up the towel again and slightly touched his dick. His dick jumped…


“Damn it’s been a minute. Kevin got me in the studio like crazy…I need some pussy badddd!”


Sammie took the towel and began to clean his dick but his dick swoll’ in the midst.


“Down boy – don’t even think about it. I’m not doing it.”


Sammie looked down at his dick that was standing at attention begging to be touched. He didn’t want to oblige but he needed it like fish needed water.


“Shit! Fuck it…”


Sammie began to stroke his dick as the spray from the shower hammered across his face. He started off slow…gripping his dick and drawing it in and out the depth of his hand. His breathing deepened as his hand pleased him in a lackluster way. He needed the real thing…one that would clutch him tightly and make him nut.  As his hand pumped his manhood…his mind drifted off to the last good pussy he was in…sucking and fucking him right. He came in the shower and let out a heavy sigh.


“Man…I gotta get outta here.”


Sammie finished washing where he left off at…giving his dick a quick touch up before jumping out and applying lotion. He put on some jeans and a button-down, and then jumped in his range rover.


As he drove down Ocean drive through the night, a caramel beauty appeared behind him. He looked at her through his rearview mirror as her long hair blew in the wind.


Every stoplight he glared at her until finally she noticed him staring. She smiled and he smiled back. The light turned green and he continued to drive…stealing frequent glances at her lovely face. She smiled back each time and finally lifted her hand and gave him a dainty wave.


Sammie put two fingers up to his forehead and saluted her. The light turned red and the caramel beauty decided to pull her drop top BMW alongside him rather than behind him.


He glanced over at her and she glanced back as she revved up on the gas.


“Oh, so it’s like that I see…you need some competition?”, Sammie asked.

“Oh noooo, you don’t have a chance baby”, she responded.


Sammie smiled, “Whatever!”


The light turned green and the caramel beauty darted off. Sammie was right behind her with every lane change and every turn.


They came to another red light and this time Sammie pulled up on the side of her.


“So you just gone make me chase you huh?”, he said.

“It’s not worth it if you don’t chase it”, she replied.


Caramel beauty zoomed off again and then made a right turn onto a dimly lit street. She parked her car and climbed out as the headlights from Sammie’s range rover lit her path. He rolled down his window as she approached the driver side and placed her folded arms in the window ceil.


“Climb in”, he commanded.


The caramel beauty obliged, walking over to the passenger side. Sammie reached over and pulled the lever, opening the door for her.


“Ain’t nothing but thieves and bad people out this time of night. Which one are you?” Sammie asked.

“Oh I’m bad…very bad.”


She didn’t waste any time. She straddled him in the driver seat and began tonguing him down as she grinded her pussy on him.


Sammie slid his hands under her shirt and unfastened her bra.


She released her hands and lips from him simultaneously. They made eye contact for a short moment before she lifted her top over her head and slid her bra off her arms.


Sammie bent his head down and took in a succulent amount of her breast as he tasted the fresh nectar of her body. She held his head as he rubbed her ass and nibbled on her bosom.


She climbed off his lap and reached for her clutch. She pulled out a magnum and climbed into the back seat. He followed behind her, watching her sit and remove her jeans. He did the same…lifting off his shirt and sliding out of his shoes. She was completely undressed and began to help him out of his Rocawear jeans.


His pretty dick laid against his thigh. She lifted it and applied the condom. She climbed on top and inserted the full spectrum of his lovely cock inside her. The tight squeeze made Sammie tilt his head to the side as her pussy constricted and swallowed him. She rocked back and forth on him as his palms clasped her ass and steered her faster and faster.


Their breathing sped up as their panting resounded…bouncing off the windows and swaying the range rover.


Sammie took a handful of her tits and squeezed as she transitioned from rocking on his dick to slamming down on his dick. Her titties bounced up and down making them delectable. With each insertion she gave her pelvis a squeeze…milking his dick with her pussy.


Sammie was in ecstasy as his face tensed up and he clinched his thighs…this was exactly what he had been missing.


She slowed her pace…

“Ughhhhh Mmmmm…don’t stop. Work this pussy!” he exclaimed.


And she didn’t…she worked her hips to the rhythm of the melody that played in her head. (Oh you know I want ya…Oh you know I want ya…Ooh it’s going down down…sing that rover music…c’mon and put that boom boom in it…c’mon and put that boom boom in it).


Just as the last verse filled her ears, her body jerked and ripples consumed her body.


Sammie’s nails dug into her ass as he continued to maneuver her hips until he joined her in ecstasy. He let out a cry as his body exploded inside her.


She laid on his shoulder as her breathing regulated and the trembles in her body subsided.


“Damn girl!” he exclaimed.

“Damn boy,” she chuckled.


They looked into each others’ eyes and smiled.


“Well Sammie…I was on my way to my best friend’s birthday party. I have to run but the next time you see me through your rearview, you better pull this range rover over and make some more beautiful music with me,” she said with a wink.


The End!