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The Keri Khronicles

Ready To Fall – Story #6 (Conclusion)

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

A Keri Hilson Fiction Story

Written by Syreeta (AKA @PritTbrowniiz)


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Esa’s house in the bedroom


(E) “So you ready for the BET Awards?”

(T) “I’m excited! It’s gonna be a lot of great performances before the show.”

(E) “So what are you going to do when you see Keri?”

(T) “Speak…laughs…what’d you mean what I’m gonna do?”

(E) “Have you spoke to her since she saw you with me?”

(T) “No.”

(E) “How come?”

(T) “What’s all this concern with me and Keri?”

(E) “Why haven’t you talk to her?”

(T) “Nah, I talked to her.”

(E) “Did you really?”

(T) “Yeah.”

(E) “And?”

(T) “I can’t believe I’m talking to you about her after we just had sex.”

(E) “Terrence you’ve been talking to me about her for the past year. You just didn’t realize it. I was turned off by it at first, because I felt some type of way about you. Then the more you did it I figured I better not get too comfortable. I knew right away that I really didn’t have a chance.”

(T) “Esa I’m sorry. I never meant to disrespect you in any way by mentioning Keri whenever I did.”

(E) “Hey…it’s ok. I know that. It wasn’t always intrusive the way you would speak about her. It was more so little things that I would hear you say. The way your face looked when you would mention something about her if I was talking about her. I decided what my role was going to be right then and there. Besides, after a while I liked learning stuff about her that I other wise wouldn’t have known.”

(T) Smiles “Oh so you started using me…”

(E) “No sir…acts innocent…I was being an ear for you.”

(T) stares unconvincingly “Yeah…ok.”

(E) “I think I know you well enough to see that there is still something there.”

(T) “You think so?”

(E) “Am I wrong?”

(T) “It may be some truth to what you’re saying…shakes head…why am I talking to you about her?”

(E) “Because you  know you can…you really can…I’m ok with it. So what did she say to you when you called her?”

(T) “I’m not going to tell you what she said to me. I’ll tell you what I said to her…which basically was that I was sorry for making her upset on an important day for her. I also told her maybe I should’ve called her first instead of just showing up with you like that.”

(E) “Terrence what exactly does she think is going on with the two of us?”

(T) “She knows we’re cool. I told her we’re just friends.”

(E) “Friends with benefits…HA!…no I’m kidding…you better not tell her anything like that.”

(T) “Believe me I wouldn‘t…she didn’t ask anyway.”

(E) “Will you tell her if she does?”

(T) “No! It ain’t none of her business.”

(E) “I know. I was just curious.”

(T) “Nosey is more like it.”

(E) laughs “No…Never that my friend.”

(T) “Well I gotta go home and start packing.”

(E) “So is this our last rendezvous?”

(T) “I don’t know, but if anything changes I’ll let you know.”

(E) “Well in case it is can I get a goodbye kiss.” He gives her a nice long kiss before he gets dressed to leave. She walks him to the door. Terrence stops suddenly about to say something, but she stops him. “Terrence just go…I’m ok…and if you say one word to me I’m gonna slam the door in your face.” He laughs and waives goodbye. Esa smiles and waives goodbye back as she slowly closes the door. She knew what they shared had went it’s course and now that he’s finally faced his feelings for Keri it was a wrap.





Day of BET Awards


Oh man it’s so beautiful out. Everyone looks amazing too. I just got finished walking the Red Carpet and talking to the press, taking tons of photos. I’m just so excited to be here and then to be nominated for Best Female R&B Artist and for Video of the year for “Pretty Girl Rock.” I’m flying right now. I don’t think anything can bring me down. Not even a loss. I don’t expect to win anyway, but it sure feels good to be recognized. Mister funny man himself Kevin Hart is hosting this year, so this should definitely be an interesting show.


I noticed Terrence and Rocsi hosting the pre-show. Look at him. He looked so handsome in his black suit. I stood there and watched him as he just announced Diggy Simmons to perform. He noticed me standing there. He actually gave me a smile. I reciprocated to let him know that I saw him. Then Nick Cannon pulled me up to interview me real quick, which broke our moment. I left to go talk to him. After that I had got pulled into so many directions talking to people and meeting some for the first time that I never made it back over to where Terrence was. Before I knew it the show was starting and I was in my seat.


All I can say is Kevin killed it tonight. I laughed so hard my stomach feels sore right now. Once I had a chance to finally talk to him at the after party I gave him his props. I told him he did an awesome job. I was in the middle of telling him what I thought about “The Real Husbands of Hollywood” when Chris came over and interrupted us. He put his arm around my neck and just stood there looking back and forth at me and Kevin.


(KH) “Nigga will you quit following me. Damn! Maybe I should’ve called you the beige greyhound.”

(C “Man I came over here to say hi to my girl.” Kevin throws his hands up in frustration.

(KH) “You couldn’t of waited?” puts arms around Keri…“She my girl right now.”

(K) “Wow…smiles….I’m…shakes head…I’m really digging this. Men arguing over me feels good.”

(KH) “He’s lucky I’m needed right now in the blue room with Free and Tigg.” Kevin hugs me and then rushes off to talk to them. I turn to Chris.

(K) “Well…Congratulations baby!” I give him a hug. “You cleaned up tonight.”

(C “Yeah I know…I can’t believe it.”

(K) “I can…you deserve to win. You’re a great artist. My favorite song on your current CD is “All Back” I play that song like crazy.”

(C “You tryna tell me you want all this back?”

(K) “Chris! I can’t with you tonight…” pushes him away

(C “I’m just sayin you the one who been frontin on a nigga…you CAN have it all back.”

(K) sighs “Anyway…nice job too on your performance tonight…you kilt it.”

(C “That‘s what I do.”

(K) “Why do I bother with you sometimes…”

(C “You know I’m only playin…thanks, but seriously on the award tip, I really was hoping you would’ve took something home too.”

(K) “I’m not even tripping on that. I never expected to win anyway. Yes it would’ve been nice, but I’m not upset at all. I felt honored just to be nominated.”

(C “Well as long as you ok wit it…it’s all good…I’m bout to hit up the bar, you wanna go over wit me?”

(K) “You go ahead. I’ll be over there in a minute…maybe.”


I noticed Terrence staring at the two of us as Chris hugged me before he left. I don’t know if he was on his way over to me before hand or not, but I did notice that his smile left and he walked in another direction. I’m not going to keep apologizing and feeling guilty if he see’s me talking to someone even if it‘s Chris. He made it clear how he feels so I’m gonna cut my losses and move on. I got to thinking about Chris’s invite to the bar. I figured what the hell, why not go over there. I could use a drink. When I got there he was no where to be found, but Wendy was there.


(W) sings “Miss Keri baaby!” She does that every time she see’s me. She was holding a drink.

(K) “Where’s mine at?”

(W) “In my glass. It‘s a double. I‘m drinking for us both.”

(K) laughs “Well bartender give me what she’s having.”

(W) “Is it that bad or that good? Are you upset about not winning?”

(K) “No…I was happy to be nominated. I‘m actually in a good mood. I’m just ready to celebrate.”

(W) “Ohhh…ain’t nothing wrong with that. How have things been with you and TJ?”

(K) “Pretty much the same, but can we not talk about him tonight. I just wanna be carefree and enjoy this evening.”

(W) “I will drink to that!” On that note we both took a sip. I was suddenly bumped by a gentlemen about to order. He made me spill a little bit of my drink. I was annoyed and he noticed.


“Oh…I’m sorry sweetheart. Let me help you with that.” I was wiping my hands off with a napkin not even looking in his direction. He picked a napkin up too and started wiping my hands. I looked up and was pleasantly surprised. Talk about eye candy. He was definitely easy on the eyes. Nice physique, wavy hair, dark features and very well groomed. He looked to be Hispanic.


(O) “I’m sorry…extends hand…I’m Orlando.” I put down my napkin to shake his hand.

(K) “Hello I’m Ke..” interrupts

(O) “I know who you are Keri….Keri pretty eyes Hilson.”

(W) “Ok on that note I think I need to go find my husband…whispers…his ass is fine miss carefree.” Then she leaves. My attention reverts back to Orlando.

(K) smiles “Oh so you’ve given me a nick name already?”

(O) “It’s befitting. Can I buy you another drink? I mean it‘s the least I can do for spilling the one you had.”

(K) “I’d like that.” He orders another.

(O) “I didn’t interrupt anything did I? I noticed your friend left.” As soon as Orlando started talking I noticed Terrence up here. He was standing down the other end talking to the bartender.

(O) “Keri.”

(K) “Huh…oh I’m sorry Orlando…did you say something?” Shortly after a drink was put in front of me on a napkin with writing on it. But it wasn’t the same one I’d been dinking.

(O) “Excuse me bartender she didn’t order this.”


While Orlando was trying to get my drink order correct, I picked up the napkin and read it.


Napkin:  You’ve pushed my heart to the edge but…I’m Ready To Fall…what about you…TJ


I know Orlando must’ve thought I was crazy because I had the biggest smile on my face and then I kissed the napkin. I looked to see if I could still spot Terrence. I saw him walking through the crowd.


(K) “Excuse me Orlando. Thanks for the drink, but something was just brought to my attention that I’ve been waiting to hear for a long time.”

(O) “Oh no problem. It’s seems like it’s good news.” I started walking away from him. Enjoy the rest of your evening.”

(K) “You too.” I couldn’t go after Terrence fast enough. I quickly walked through the crowd with my eyes glued to his every step. I finally caught up to him…taps shoulder “Hey!” He stops and turns around. He doesn’t say anything right away. I follow his eyes as they dance over my body and then back up to my eyes. I have a bad habit of interrupting Terrance and not giving him a chance speak. I can be very impatient I know, but I just had to know.


(K) “Terrence do you really mean this?” displays napkin

(T) “Have you known me to lie to you?” I can’t stop looking in those eyes of his. This was real. I shook my head no to his question. “Keri listen to me.” He takes my hand and we walk over in a corner to have some privacy. “I need to make a few things clear before we go any farther.”

(K) “Terrence I swear baby I’ll never che…”

(T) “Stop it Keri!” He puts his two fingers over my lips. “Let MEE finish! What I wrote I meant. I still love you. I know people make bad choices and mistakes. I believe you really feel what you did was wrong and even though you hurt me real bad, my heart refuses to let you go. You don’t know how bad I didn’t want to love you or even think about you. I’d be doing fine for a minute you know? smiles Then I’d  hear a song by you or see your video. I couldn’t get away from you, but I’m not gonna run anymore. I finally feel like I can go forward with you and work on trusting you again. I’m ready for that, but this can’t be like before Keri. It’s all or nothing. I’m ready to give you my all and make us a priority, but I expect you to be ready to do the same…points to heart…all of you!”


His eyes were so concentrated on me when he said that. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My heart was like putty in his hands. My lips instantly started to quiver. He could see it in my eyes that the tears were about to fall. I was trying so hard to hold back from crying. I had been waiting so long for him to feel this way again and finally he does. They fell.


(K) “Terrence baby I’m ready. I know I can’t change the past, but I promise to make it a better future. I love you whole heartedly. I’ve never stopped loving and wanting to be with you. I know I hurt you real bad and that’s something that I will regret doing for the rest of my life. But I have learned from that mistake and I promise if you give us another chance I will spend my life making it up to you. You’ll never have to worry about me not being up front and honest with you baby. I’m ready. I’m ready to fall with you…”


My lips were sealed shut after that because he kissed me. That was the meanest most desirable kiss that I’ve felt from Terrence in a long time. We were like two love birds in the corner. It felt so good to have him in my grasp. I couldn’t stop my hands from touching him, my lips from kissing him, my arms from holding him and my body from needing him. This felt so good and to see him look at me this way again with love and fire in his eyes I knew I was fortunate. I felt like I was the luckiest woman alive or even “SuperHuman” if that was possible. I had finally got my baby back. We forgot for a minute where we were, so we stopped. We were ready to leave after that intimate moment. We had a lot of making up to do. I was so “Ready To Fall” right back in his arms, the only arms that I want holding me and the very same arms that I should‘ve never left.