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Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

 A Lance Gross Fiction Story

 Written by Tricia (AKA @GimmeUnusual)


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The smell of lavender invaded my senses…a smell I was quite familiar with. It was her fragrance. She glided the palm of her hand across my abs as she passed by me. A bold move considering I was dancing with Rebecca. The little temptress didn’t even make eye contact.


All I could see was the back of her head but by the way those hips swayed side-to-side I knew it was her. I had every urge to snatch her up and pin her up against the wall, but I couldn’t – it was neither the time nor the place.


Rebecca never noticed her brazen ass or even the fact that I watched her ass until it disappeared from my view.


Ludacris was having a dinner party and a bunch of celebrities and other rich benefactors were in the house. After dinner a majority of the guests hit the dance floor.


After dancing for a bit, Rebecca and I sat at our table drinking and laughing. Rebecca was amazing…she was sweet, cute, and intelligent…but she never made me take a second look likeSydney did. Rebecca was classic…Sydney was anything but. Sydney was sassy…the girl was just bad. She knew she was the shit too…the way she’d command attention without ever saying a word.


Whenever I could I would glance her way. I must admit I felt a tinge of jealousy as she backed that ass up all up on her husband…popping and twirking it.  She moved her body on the dance floor the same way she moved it in bed. She jerked it to the beat of the base and my dick got hard just watching her. All I wanted to do was bang against that body like it was a conga.


Sydney’s body was dripping with sweat…a sweat I enjoyed occasionally. Flashes of her love faces flickered through my mind but got interrupted when Rebecca asked me if I wanted to dance again. She noticed I kept starring at the dance floor.


I smiled at Rebecca, grabbed her hand, and escorted her out to the dance floor.


I’m bold too. I lead Rebecca directly beside Sydney and her husband. Sydney looked up at me…but she was a pro at this…never missing a beat. She threw her arms around her husband’s neck and continued to fuck him on the dance floor.


I pulled Rebecca close and enjoyed the feel of her grinding her ass on me. I tried to pretend like I wasn’t jealous…the way Sydney rotated her hips, dipped it down low, and put it all on him…but I was. I wanted Sydney’s plump ass in my hands. Instead, I watched her husband grope her, kiss her, and throw his head back in laughter every time she’d whisper something in his ear.


Sydney began to fan herself and I heard her husband ask if she wanted to sit down and get a drink. She opted for a bathroom break instead.


Her husband took a seat while she left and I stayed to finish the entire song with Rebecca. I excused myself for a bathroom break after that…hoping to run into Sydney.


I went out to the foyer and down the hallway where the bathrooms were. I waited across from the women’s bathroom, hoping to at least get a closer look at her infinite beauty. I waited for a few minutes and figured I must’ve missed her. I didn’t want to leave Rebecca waiting alone too long so I headed back.


As I passed an entrance to another room, I was grabbed up and pulled inside.


“What took you so long,” Sydney asked.


Before I could speak her lips covered mine. She went immediately to unbuckling and unfastening my pants. She backed up to a table, pulled down her panties, and hiked her dress up.


I picked her up and put her up on the table. She wrapped her legs around my waist, took my dick in her hand, and inserted it.  I loved the way she knew exactly what she wanted…the way she took control…the way she seduced me. I was under her spell.


Her body clung to mine as water continued to drip from our bodies. I fucked her hard…running into that pussy like I was in a marathon. She motivated me every time she’d say “fuck me”…I’d drive in just a tad bit harder. I wanted to give her everything she wanted.


Her pussy was thirsty for me. It dripped its juices down my thighs and the sound of her ocean brought me closer to climaxing. Splish, splash as I played in her sea of love.


I wanted her to cum with me so I propped her ankles up on my shoulders and hit it hard and fast. To keep her noises to a minimum I covered her mouth with my hand. Her pussy squeezed me so tight that an electrical shock went through my body. I told her I needed her to cum and she said, “I’m almost there daddy…give it to me.” So I continued giving it to her…ramming my dick in her…trying to knock it out the frame.


She slid her hands up my shirt and pinched my nipples. That must’ve been the trigger because the moment she let go I jerked and nutted inside of her. I kept pumping her…trying to send her into an orgasmic wonder world. To my satisfaction, she flung forward…shuddering…trembling…cumming.


She was so fucking beautiful as her moist hair stuck to the sides of her face. I moved the strands from her face and kissed her. I needed round 2.


She climbed off the table. Threw her panties in her purse and walked out.


She always had the ability to make me feel like a girl…like I needed to be cuddled and shit afterwards.


I made my way back out to my date who was surrounded by other guests. She gave me a smile and wrapped her arm into my arm. She whispered that she thought I fell in. I just told her the line was long. It was so easy to lie to her. It was even easier to not feel guilty about it.


I glanced over at Sydney who sat on her husband’s lap kissing and hugging him. She was dangerous…more poisonous than a black widow. Her husband and I were both caught up in her web.


As we existed, I felt a finger go into my pocket. I turned to look behind me and all I saw wasSydney’s husband. He smiled at me and I smiled back. I turned back around with a very devious look on my face.


Before I climbed into my car I reached into my pocket to find out what had been added. Sydneyhad deposited a note that read, “My husband will be sleep the moment his head hits the pillow. Meet me at the for round 2. Tonight I’m single…”