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She Ain’t You Series

Next To You

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

A Chris Brown Fiction Story

Conclusion – “She Ain’t You” Series

Written by Syreeta (AKA @PritTbrowniiz)

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Chris really wasn’t in the mood to have any visitors but since Rene seemed genuinely concerned from her messages she left, he let her in. He walked in the kitchen to get something to drink. Rene followed him in there.


(R “I know I probably shouldn’t have come over here unannounced but I heard about the situation and I just had to know how you were doing.”

(CB) stands in front of island “I feel like shit! This some bullshit man!”

(R walks beside him “I know Chris. It’s not fair. I mean I don’t know exactly what happened but from what I’ve heard Serita would never do anything like that.”

(CB) “You know it and I know it, but a damn judge gotta know it!”

(R puts hand on his shoulder “They will. You gotta have faith and believe that everything is gonna work out.”

(CB) “I know man, but they got some serious charges stacked up against her. I don’t know what I’d do if…” gets teary eyed Rene goes to hug him and he reciprocates.

(R “Chris it’s gonna work itself out. I’m sure you got great attorneys working in her favor so just let them do their job. You wait and see.”

(CB) releases embrace “I don’t mean to be dumping this on you. I know things didn’t end too good with us because of Serita.”

(R “Yeah they didn’t, but I still care about you Chris and no I’m not saying that because I expect anything from you. I just really wanted to be here for you. I guess I‘ma fool.”

(CB) “Don’t say that…I was the fool.”

(R “But seriously Chris. I wanna be here for you…in anyway that you need me to be.”

(CB) “I really appreciate that.”

(R “So have you been able to see her at all yet?”

(CB) walks in his gym “I just came back from a visit wit her.”

(R “Oh so you saw her today?”

(CB) taking off shirt “Yeah.”

(R “How was she?”

(CB) talking choppy from lifting weights “You know what…I don’t really…. wanna talk…about it anymore.”

(R “Ok. I totally understand. Well have you had anything to eat?”

(CB) “Not since….earlier.”

(R “You want me to fix you anything or maybe go pick up something?”

(CB) puts weight down and sits up out of breath “No…thank you. I’m cool…still breathing hard…You know what Rene…I just wanna be alone…if you don’t mind.”

(R “Not at all. Well if you need anything or a shoulder and I know what I said before, but it’s here if you need it.”

(CB) “Thanks.” Chris gets up from the weight bench and walks her to the door. “Rene I really am sorry about the way things went down wit us.”

(R waives him off “Aye…It’s all in the past, but it is comforting to know that you have some feeling about it…take care Chris. I really hope things work out for Serita“ gently kisses cheek

(CB) “Later Rene.”



Few days later back at rehearsal





(CS) “Any news yet on Serita?”

(CB) “Nah. I know this shit is making me crazy.”

(CS) “I bet. Her attorneys seem pretty confident about her case right?”

(CB) “Yeah. They subpoena the surveillance cameras and hoping the depositions that they got from the other witness’s in the store will turn up something.”

(CS) “She’s gone get out…ain’t no way those charges gone stick. At least they decided to put off the filming for a bit. It‘s sad the director was in a car accident, but the timing of it all couldn‘t be any better for Serita.”

(CB) “Man I don’t be knowing what’s goin on anymore. I miss her so much I can’t even think about nothing else.”


Then Chris hears some of the female dancers talking about Serita and wondering what’s gonna happen with her role. Then they started talking about her case. They weren’t saying anything bad or bad mouthing her, but Chris just didn’t like where it could potentially lead.


(CB) “Yo!” girls look his way “Won’t ya’ll chill wit all that.”

(1st chick) “With all what? We’re just concerned about Serita.”

(CB) “I know, but ya’ll don’t needa discuss that at work.”

(2nd chick) “And when did you become conversation monitor?”

(CB) “Alright…talk about whatchu want. I’m just tryna tell you that’s not something you needa be talking about here.”

(1st chick) “I know you’re not telling us about something that shouldn’t be discussed when you AND Columbus too, be talking about us up in here. Yes we do hear you sometimes.”

Chris actually smiled.

(CS) “Hold up! Time out! Why you gotta bring my name up? See ya‘ll three was talking having ya’ll little conversation how I get in it?”

(1st chick) “Don’t be tryna act all innocent now Columbus.”

(CB) shakes head “Ya’ll a trip.”

(2nd chick) “Whatever Chris! But have you guys heard anything?”

(CS) “Nah…I don’t know what’s going on.”

(CB) “Me either.”

(1st  chick) smacks lips “Lies! I’ma make a visit and go see her.”

(CB) “Whatchu gone do that for? You and her ain’t even close like that.”

(1st chick) “How you know?”

(CB) “I mean I don’t but…”

(1st chick) “Alright then! I’m sure she’d be happy to have some visitors and I wanna know how she’s doing.”

(CB) “Ya ass just wanna go and be nosy so you can run and tell shit.”

(2nd chick) “Chris why would you say that? Serita may not be a close friend of ours but we do enjoy working and talking to her. Why would we wanna be nosy? I don’t appreciate you saying that even though you weren’t talking to me.”

(1st chick) “I don’t appreciate it either.”

(CB) “Alright man! I’m sorry for saying that but don’t act like females don’t be doing shit like that so they can run their mouth.”

(2nd chick) “I mean you’re right some females do, do things like that, but we’re not those females. Well I know I’m not anyway.”

(1st chick) “I’m not either.”


The choreographer called for everyone to take there places so their little chat session was brought to an end and it was time for work. Another day of perfecting dance moves and routines then before long it was time to go. Chris didn’t even want to go home. He was so use to Serita staying with him lately that it was too painful to be there by himself. He went anyway. He took a shower and then fixed himself a little something to eat. He forgot to put his cell phone in his pocket after he got dressed so he went back upstairs to get it and noticed he had a missed call. It was Serita’s mom.


Message “Hey Chris. I got a call that Serita’s attorney’s wanted to meet with me. I was wondering if you could come with me. I’m a little nervous about it. Can you call me back please?”


Chris called Mrs. Barrett back right then and there. He told her that he would be on his way. He figured it must was something important about the case because it was so late in the evening to be meeting with attorney‘s. Chris pulled up to Mrs. Barrett’s and knocks on the door. She answers it.


(MB) “Hey Chris. Thank you for coming to go over there with me. I’ll be ready in a few seconds I just need to go make sure I turned the stove off.” walks toward the kitchen

(CB) “Mom it smells good up in here. Whatchu making?”


He follows behind her but out of nowhere someone taps him on the shoulders. He looks back to see who it was.

(CB) startled “OH SHIT!!!”

(S) laughs

(CB) picks Serita up and swings her around “When…how…”


Serita kissed those lips shut. She kissed him uncontrollably as he held her. Seeing the two of them together like that brought so much joy to Mrs. Barrett. She was so happy to have her baby home and watching her baby be happy again. Chris and Serita continued to hug each other after they stopped kissing. All you saw were wet eyes in the room. They all were crying tears of joy.


(CB) “I’m never lettin you go you hear me?”

(S) “I don’t want you to either. I imagined your arms were holding me every night before I went to sleep. I couldn’t sleep any other way.”

(CB) “Man I love you.”

(S) “I know you do. You gave me the best chance ever by getting great attorneys to fight for me. I’m here because you loved me enough to stand by me.”

(CB) “I told you I’d be right “Next To You” and I meant it. You really ain’t gonna get rid of me now.”

(S) “Baby I couldn’t get rid of you even if I tried.” kisses

(MB) “Would you two like to have some dinner now? Chris I made all of Serita’s favorites.”

(CB) “Yeah I’ll eat.”

(MB) “You two can have a seat at the table and I’ll bring over the food.”

(S) holds hands walking “Mommy you sure you don’t want me to help?”

(MB) “Child if you don’t sit down. The only thing I need you to do is eat…get some real food in ya.” Serita and Chris was sitting at the table but Serita was sitting on Chris’s lap. “Ok I know you two are ecstatic about seeing each other right now, but I hope you don’t plan on eating glued to one another like that.”

(S) No. I’m gonna get up.”

(MB) “Ok just checking.”


Mrs. Barrett put all the food on the table and blessed the food. During dinner they filled Chris in on what took place for Serita to be released. Chris looks at Mrs. Barrett with a surprised facial expression.


(CB) “Mom…you lied to me.”

(MB) “Best lie I ever told…everyone laughs…it got you over here.”

(CB) “I know. I was hoping they weren‘t tryna come at us wit some bad news. I was a little nervous.”

(S) “Aww.”

(CB) “I definitely wasn’t expecting to see you here.”

(S) “You weren’t suppose to.”

(MB) “So yes Chris the charges were dropped thanks to the surveillance tape, key witnesses and the fact that Lovey and the Store manager both said that she was innocent.”

(CB) “I feel like I’m dreaming and I’m gonna wake up and you won’t be here.”

(MB) “I know how you feel but it’s real. My baby is really home. Thank you Jesus.”

(S) “You can say that again. I can’t wait to sleep in my bed.”

(CB) “I thought you couldn’t sleep not unless my arms was around you?”

(S) “I can’t…you can sleep here right next to me.”

(CB) “Yo man…you don’t even know how ya mom might feel about me staying here.”

(MB) “I am sitting here you two and Chris you know I don’t mind if you stay here. You guys are grown, but Serita if you want to go over Chris’s and stay that’s fine. I’ll be ok.”

(S) “You sure mom? You know I don’t mind being here with you.”

(MB) “I know, but you two need some time together. I can understand that. Just come see me sometime tomorrow.”

(S) “I will, but we’re not leaving here anytime soon right Chris?”

(CB) “I ain‘t in no rush to go nowhere.”

(MB) “Aw good. Chris you got some room for dessert?”

(CB) “Even if I didn’t I’d make some, but yeah.”


Mrs. Barrett fixed the plates of dessert and brought them to the table. They all continued to talk while they ate. Then Serita and Chris went in the living room and cuddled while the TV was on. Neither one of them was paying attention to it. Since it was getting late Serita went up to say goodnight to her mother since she was in her bedroom by now. She told her she would be by there the next day. She kissed her goodbye and then her and Chris went on there way.  Shortly after, they arrived at his house.


(S) “Gosh it feels good to walk through these doors.”

(CB) shakes head

(S) “What?”

(CB) “I still can’t believe you’re really here.”

(S) “Well come up to the bedroom and I’ll convince you there.” Then she runs up the steps.

(CB) “Damn my baby really home.”




Chris slept holding Serita all night after they made love. When she opened her eyes the next morning and he was still laying right next to her holding her, it brought tears in her eyes. Not too long ago she could only imagine this and now it was her reality again. She never felt more blessed. They made up for lost time and spent the next few days together since Chris didn‘t have rehearsal. Columbus came by to go over the dance routines with her and get her caught up as much as he could on there routines for her return.




Today was Serita‘s first day back. She couldn’t wait to get back to rehearsing, learning her lines and getting back in the swing of things for her role. She woke Chris up since he said he had to be at the dance studio early. They both got up and got themselves together so they could leave. Serita decided to go in early with Chris. They arrived at the studio.


(S) “You wanna go in first and then I come in after you?”

(CB) “Man I’m not worried about that. Come on, we going in together.”


Chris opens the door for Serita to walk in first. As soon as she did everyone clapped. There were balloons scattered around, a buffet of food and a big giant cake that sat on a table that said Welcome Back Imani Reed. Serita put her hands up to her face because she was so surprised. This was so unexpected. She didn’t even know that anyone else at work knew that she was home. She turned and looked at Chris who was proudly standing right next to her…smiling.


(S) “You knew about this didn’t you?”

(CB) “Yessir!”