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Tales from a Groupie – Part 4

Friday, March 18th, 2011


Written by Tricia

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I smile wholeheartedly as I sit here in my bed writing in my journal. My life is great. I have the job of my dreams, making the money I want, and my body is…how can I put this…IT’S THE SHIT!!! And my love life – well…couldn’t get any better.


I could literally kiss the makers of social streaming websites. Since MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and the many other social streaming sites, I have become a VERY effective stalker. All I have to do is turn on my computer and wait for my lover Lance Gross to tweet me where he is and what he’s doing. Then I go wherever he is and seduce the shit outta him.


Please believe me when I tell you he’s addicted to me. The way he puts it down…the way he calls out my name…the way he cocks his head to the side right before he nuts…oh yeah…he’s addicted to this shit.


Even though I’m usually the one making the first move…he lets me know in a subtle way that he wants me back. He’s smooth like patron… And his game is flawless.


The last time I saw Lance, he rubbed his hand up the length of my legs and thighs…stopping right before he reached my love spot. Then he looked up at me from his squatting position and flashed that million dollar smile at me. That look like…“I’m the muthafuckin’ man.”


He can touch me without touching me. He can make me cum just by getting near. He sends shivers down my spine when I smell his cologne…shit…I’m fucking addicted too.


My frequent flyer miles are off the chain with all this commuting…you see…he lives in both Atlanta and Los Angeles. When he’s filming “House of Payne” he’s in ATL…otherwise he’s in Los Angeles. I live in Chicago…and no matter where he is…I’m trying to be there. Gots to be close!


Before I started commuting…I would sit at home wishing I had the guts to go wherever he said he was. I didn’t though…instead I’d fantasize about being where he was. You know sometimes fantasies are good…hell mine should win a fucking Oscar, but it ain’t nothing like reality. Before, leaving the comfort of my bed had become a grueling task. Calling off from work had become a little obsessive. I worried if it was unhealthy to spend my days and nights fantasizing about him, but then I would retreat to my fantasies where I didn’t give a fuck…


Well, now I don’t have to do that shit. Now I can bask in my reality. Mmmm…delicious!


Matter of fact, I got a date with Lance tonight. I’ll give you every detail when I get back. I gotta jump in the shower, manicure…or mow the lawn how some put it…and of course hair and make-up. Not too much make-up though… Lance likes a woman with natural beauty. I keep it simple…apply a lil color to the eyes and a little gloss.


Okay ta-ta for now…I’ll write in my journal when I return…or in the morning because my pussy is too good for him not to go for seconds and even thirds.



(Next Morning)



Hahaha…what a night!!! STRAIGHT PORNO LIKE!


I forgot to tell you where I’m at…I’m in Atlanta.


So last night…


It was raining pretty hard when I left my hotel. I came prepared though. I threw on my trench coat and grabbed my umbrella. When I got to Lance’s crib I was pretty wet. He opened the door…never saying a word. Pleasure was written all over his face as he gave me a slight smile and opened the door wider. I walked in…sat my umbrella to the side and began removing my wet coat. I looked him dead in the eye to gather his reaction when I revealed nothing but a g-string and a cut-out bra that showed my nipples.


He shook his head. I smiled and walked to his bedroom ever so familiarly…


Lance is one of a kind. When he did make his way to the room, he began playing peek-a-boo with the sheets…starting at the foot of the bed and slithering his way up on top of me. He began to tickle me and I laughed so hard that I drooled on his hand. He laughed it off before wiping it on my belly. I said “Ewww” and he laughed. “It’s YOUR spit”, he said.  I told him I’d prefer his spit on me than my own. His laughter faded away and his look transformed to thirst as he lifted me up from the bed, wrapped my legs around his waist, and smothered my mouth with his. The sweet smell of his cologne had me afloat. He glided his hands into my g-string…yanking it off and then clasping my bare ass.


His hands guided the movement of my ass…forcing me to grind on his protruding dick. He had me hot and ready the moment I walked in and saw him with those pajama bottoms with the drawstrings and no shirt on. My pussy gets moist at the drop of a hat every time I see him like that. I have a weakness for those pajama pants with the drawstrings. Now when he wears the Calvin Klein boxers…I become possessed…throwing him to the bed and rocking his world.


It’s funny how well I know him. We’ve created our own private language…whenever he wears the pajama pants…he’s the dominate one…I know – so ironic. But when he wears the boxers…it’s all on me. The first time he came to me butt ass naked…he fucked my world up with that one. I didn’t know which way to go…so you know what happened right? Well of course, it became a competition.  He started off…well he HAD to…I couldn’t see straight. But when everything came back into focus…I fucked him so good it was like a zoo up in that muthafucka.  Ape calls…grunts like a pig…and I swear he sounded just like a horse as I rode him. Gitty up baby…


Shit…I fucked him so good that he stood up, jumped around, and punched the air. I laughed so hard at his boxer moves, but then reminded him that I was the one that just beat it up. “Whatever girl” was his reply as he laid next to me and drifted off to sleep.


Around 5 a.m. I tried to wiggle from underneath him to go to the washroom but he caught me by the waist and told me it was nothing like morning sex. He gripped my legs back and plunged inside me.


His dick worked me so good that he made my pussy talk. He tossed me all over that bed like I was a rag doll…spanking my ass…pulling my hair…owwww…hurt so good!


Mmmm…and then he turned me back over…nibbled on my neck and began his descent down. He took my nipples in…teasing and squeezing them as he fingers found the place his dick escaped from. He worked his tongue down my body…giving my belly button a sultry bath… He opened my legs wider and placed his head in between my legs.


He looked up at me and I was looking right back at him. I wanted to watch him eat me. He extended his tongue…




“SHIT!!!!! NOT NOWWWWWWWW!!!” (Picks up alarm and throws it the fuck across the room)


(Picks up phone and dial)


“Hi Mrs. Woodruff. I’m not feeling good today. I’m sorry, but I won’t be in to work today.”


(Lays back down and try to find the spot where fantasy supersedes reality.)