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Trey & Madison Series 3: Unfortunate

Unfortunate – Part 8 (Conclusion)

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

A Trey Songz Story

Written By: Shay (@Shay_Bae89)

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Madison blew her nose into another tissue as she cried

her eyes out on the couch. As she leaned her head onto

her friend Vanessa’s shoulder she sobbed even more.

It had been days since she’d seen or spoken to Trey.

After abandoning her at Atlantic he accused her of

sleeping with Steven before demanding that she leave

the hotel. Madison had never seen Trey that upset since

knowing him. The fact that he never even let her explain

killed her spirit, now he wasn’t taking her phone calls.


Vanessa (V): *rubs Madison’s back* “Hun dont cry! I

know this hurts but he’ll calm down.”


M: *blows nose* “I know but this is not even like him.

I’ve never seen him this upset… And the fact he’s not

even trying to hear me out is crazy! I didn’t sleep with

Steven! *tears up*


Elsewhere Trey was trying to get his thoughts together

as he sat in his condo in the dark. He had numerous

missed calls from Madison but couldn’t bring himself to

talk to her without snapping. As he hit ignore he decided

to call one of his closest friends for some insight…


T: *on phone* “What up? Can I come through right

quick? … Aight…. Bye”






Trey arrived at the apartment complex and knocked on

the door. As the door swung open he was able to

conjure up a smile as he greeted her with a hug…



D: *opens door & hugs Trey* “Heeyyy Trey! You sounded

like you needed to talk. Are you ok?” *closes door behind



T: “Naw… I feel like shit!”


D: “So is that why yo’ rich ass walking around lookin’

homeless?” *chuckles*


T: *slight chuckle* “Shut the fuck up D!”


D: *laughs & sits on couch* “But seriously though…

What’s going on?”


T: “It’s Madison! I don’t know what the fuck is going on

with her and that nigga Steven but I caught them kissing

the other day! They ain’t see me but that’s all I needed

to see… I gave that girl everything and she shit on me!”


D: “Wow Trey…”


T: “After all that that’s all you say is “Wow Trey”?” *raises



D: “I’m speechless! Did you at least hear her out?”


T: “At this point I’m too pissed to               hear anything she has

to say… I know I’m gon end up saying some fucked up



D: “Yea… we all know your mouth!” *laughs*


T: *laughs* “Man whatever! Today is the first time I’ve

laughed in days!”


D: “Glad I could do that for you…” *smiles*


T: *puts face into hands* “Ugghhh! I can’t believe this



D: *rubs his back slowly* “Well whatever happens just

know that I’m here for you…”


T: *looks up at her* “Thanks Desireé… I appreciate that.”


D: “I love you…” *kisses his lips*


T: *stops her & gets up from couch* “I think I should

go…” *walks towards door*


D: *gently pulls him by the arm* “Don’t fight it…” *kisses

his lips*


As Desireé’s soft pecks turned to deep passionate kisses

Trey couldn’t fight the feeling anymore. Even though he

hated to admit it he was heartbroken about everything

that went down with Madison. As he laid D’s body gently

down on the bed flashbacks of their relationship whirled

through his mind. Trey planted kisses down her frame as

he slowly undressed her as she did the same. He

admired her supple skin and beautiful curves as she

brought his face to hers. They both got lost in ecstasy

as their lips and tongues intertwined. Things escalated

and before Trey knew it he was inside of her. As D

wrapped her legs around him and gripped the sheets he

gave her all of him. Built up frustration, anger, tension,

and hurt released with every thrust that brought her

pleasure. Switching positions and tossing and turning in

the sheets he continued until they both came…


Trey laid there in the aftermath in silence as a feeling of

guilt swept over him. As he got up and began getting

dressed Desireé started questioning him…


D: *tugging at his shirt* “Don’t go…”


T: “D you know this shit should’ve never went down… I

can’t stay!”


A look of longing and desperation exuded from her eyes

as Trey tried not to get caught in her web…


T: “Why you looking at me like that? Stop!”


D: “Trey… don’t leave! Just stay here with me… PLEASE!”


T: “I’m sorry… I can’t!” *kisses her forehead*


As Desireé retreated to the bathroom and slammed the

door Trey made his exit and headed back home. As he

turned his key and unlocked the door he found a visibly

upset Madison waiting for him in his living room. He

threw his keys on the side table as he tried wrestle the

right words to say…


T: “Madison… I…”


M: “You know when we first got together I saw something

in you that always made me feel secure. When all my

friends complain about the thoughtless, selfish,

inconsiderate things their men do all I could do was

smile and think “My man would never make me feel like

that”. Guess I thought too highly of you huh?”


T: “Madison lemme explain…”


M: “EXPLAIN? Explain what Trey?! Explain abandoning me

at Atlantic? Explain kicking me out of your hotel room?

Explain not answering my texts or phone calls? Explain

acting like a complete asshole to me out the clear blue

sky? Well if that’s the case you have ALOT of fuckin’

explaining to do Tremaine!”


T: “LOOK! I know I went about the shit wrong but you

ain’t a fuckin’ saint in this shit either! You think I ain’t see



M: “See me? What the hell are you talking about Trey?”


T: “I saw you kissing that bitch nigga in his office! After

all the shit we been through you have the nerve to run

back to that nigga?!”


M: “Woooooow Trey… You really don’t know me at all do

you? You really think that low of me that I would

intentionally kiss Steven?”


T: “How the fuck do you explain that? I saw it with my own

eyes Madison!”


M: “No… WHAT YOU SAW was Steven pushing up on me!

He was trying to convince me to sleep with him in

exchange for stopping all the bullshit he’s been doing to



T: “Wait… So nothing’s still poppin’ off with you and



M: “Here’s some honesty for your ass…” *pulls out tape

recorder and plays secretly taped conversation with



As Trey heard everything he needed to hear he realized

right then and there that he’d made a huge mistake…


T: “I can’t believe this shit!”


M: “I can’t believe that you thought I’d really do that to

you! I’ve been through hell and high water with you for

you to spit in my face! FUCK YOU TREY!”


As she bolted for the front door Trey grabbed her and

pushed her gently against the wall…


T: “LOOK! Hear me out! I know … I was wrong! I fucked

up and I’m sorry! It drives me crazy of the thought of

losing you… I assumed when I should’ve talk to you first.

I know that now…”


Madison examined Trey’s face to find any hint of

sincerity. She could see in his eyes that he was hurt but

it hurt her even more that he didn’t trust her.


M: “I love you.. And I want to make this work!”


Her words echoed over and over again in his head as he

contemplated telling the woman he loved that he’d



T: “I want the same… but there’s something I need to

get off my chest…”