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Poison Part 2

Poison – Part 2 (Conclusion)

Sunday, February 10th, 2013

A Reggie Bush Fiction Story

Written by Lady AJ (@LadyAJ03)

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Lisa’s eyes widened while London poured gasoline all around her.

London: Don’t worry….nothing will happen if you keep your ass still.

Grabbing her phone, she called Tyrus and set up a meeting. It was time.

Tyrus: why do you want me to come to you? You think I’m stupid?

London: I have something you want! Say something bitch (pushing phone to Lisa’s lips)

Lisa: She’s going to kill me!!!

Tyrus: Fuck she doing there!! You setting me up!?

London: When have I ever snitched Ty!

Tyrus: Bitch you setting me up?!


Lisa: Is he coming?

London: Trust me. He’ll be here.

Reggie left maxwell in the city and headed for the last place he spotted London. Busting into the room his nerves began to overtake him as the scent of gasoline filled his nostrils.

Reggie: London!!

Looking from room to room he worked to spot her but ran into Lisa instead.

Lisa: Reggie?? Help!!

Reggie: Why are you here?

Tyrus: Well…look here. Welcome to the party.

Reggie: What the fuck?

Before Reggie could move Tyrus’ punch knocked him to the ground. Struggling to rise back to his feet, Reggie took blow after blow, feeling his ribs bruise with every hard kick and stomp.

Tyrus: Shouldn’t have fucked with my bitch!

Coughing up blood, Reggie tried to crawl away only to find himself tied to a chair with Lisa.

Tyrus: Both of you are going to die…just the way Blaze would want it.

Reggie: Where is she!!!!?

Tyrus: Why you want to know? You the one set her up!

Reggie: I sent them after you!

London: Reggie I told you to stay out of this…

Reggie: I’m so glad you’re ok…get out of here…

London: I can’t leave my man like that Reggie….

Tyrus: (pulling London in close) My bitch!

Reggie: The whole time London!

London: I told you that you didn’t want to fuck with a bitch like me.

Tyrus: You ready blaze?

London: Yes Daddy….

Tyrus: Set these pigs on fire!

Walking over to the end of the room, London dropped a match and blew a kiss to Reggie before walking out behind Tyrus. Tears began to flow from her cheeks. She had no way to warn Reggie…now he would be added blood to her hands. Pulling out her gun she called for Tyrus.

Tyrus: (turning to face her) Yeah?

London: Night Night Bitch! (Fires shot between his eyes)

Smoke filled the room just as Reggie freed himself and Lisa. Struggling to find a way out of the building He managed to kick the door out and pull Lisa with him but the smoke was too much and just as he got to the exit he heard her collapse behind him. Staring at her and the door, Reggie decided to save her life. Even though she was responsible for the death of his best friend he couldn’t let her die without justice in return. Reaching for her hand he collapsed with her on the stairs.

London rushed inside looking for Reggie hoping that she wasn’t too late. Spotting him laying lifeless, holding onto Lisa she freed him and ran him outside before rushing back in. Lisa was gone without a pulse so she left her behind and struggled to being Reggie back.

London: Reggie! Come back!

The sound of sirens surrounding her faded into the back of her mind. Normally she would escape but she couldn’t leave with Reggie’s life hanging in the balance. Continuing mouth to mouth she tried to help him breathe until she was cuffed by detective Maxwell.

London: It was Tyrus! It wasn’t me!

Reggie opened his eyes and managed to look over while Maxwell pulled London away toward his car.

Maxwell: I told him not to trust you! You are nothing but trouble! Poison!

London: I love him!

Maxwell: You’re trying to kill him!

London: I was saving him! Let me go he needs help!!!

Reggie: Ma…Max…( Coughing)

Maxwell turned to see Reggie coughing and motioning for him to come close.

Maxwell: She left you for dead!

Reggie: Let…Let her go….