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Keep It Between Us

Keep It Between Us

Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

A Lance Gross Story

Written By: Tricia (@GimmeUnusual)

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Narrator: A Beautiful Lady

I circled my arms around his waist from behind and tucked my chin into his neck. His hands rested on the balcony railings as he watched the ducks play in the pond. He was divinely, handsome with his big brown eyes, masculine physique, and succulent lips…standing there in only his boxer-briefs.


I ran my hands up his bare chest and pulled him closer to me. I craved his warmth. The smell of his cologne awakened every resting passion within me.  He turned to face me, rubbing his hands down the length of my arms before placing a slow, soft kiss on my lips.


The tenderness in his eyes melted my core being. His eyes reflected his heart and spoke the words that had yet to part his lips…he loved me.


I stood in his arms, looking up into his smoldering eyes. He brushed my hair back with his hands and brought my lips to his. This time he pressed his tongue into my mouth and I hastily accepted the intrusion. Our tongues tussled…each one attempting to subdue the other. He held my top lip in between his lips…sucking and teasing it with his tongue. He grazed his tongue across the width of my lip and kissed me full on.


Every ounce of strength I had vanquished in that moment…he won the battle. I leaned into his body, using it as my crutch. He was quite aware of how he made me feel…holding me tight as to not let me fall.


He turned me around and placed my ass against the balcony rails. He began to unfasten the few buttons I managed to hook while walking from the bed to the balcony on his dress shirt that I grabbed from the floor. He parted my legs and began to explore my love with his hand.


Lance: Damn baby…


I looked at him with one raised eyebrow…he knew he was the culprit of this ocean he had created.


Me: Then drink up or swim.


He threw his head back in a silent laughter and then graciously got down on one knee.  He tossed one of my legs over his shoulder and drew my clit into his mouth. He sucked on it so forcefully that my other leg collapsed as my body jerked forward. We both fell haphazardly in a heap on the balcony floor…laughing until tears ran down my cheeks.


Lance: Babe that was almost Necole Bitchie worthy. How the hell we gone explain that you cracked your head wide open on this concrete cumming?


Me: RIGHT! I would’ve been unconscious so that would’ve been ALLLL you.


Lance: So that’s how we do it huh?


Lance began tickling me as I screamed and laughed…attempting to fight him off. He pinned me down as he raised my arm over my head and continued tickling me underneath my arm. He tried to hush me so we didn’t bring attention to ourselves, but we were pretty secluded in our three-story rental home. A group of condos were in the far distance, but I wasn’t concerned about us disturbing them.


Me: Stop Lance…STOPPPP I GOTTA PEE. You gone make me pee on myself…stop it!!!


Lance: You ain’t gotta pee.


Me: Yes I do…you want to find out.


Lance: *Side eye* Yo’ nasty ass.


Me: *Laughing* But you like it.


Lance: Uh huh! *Slaps my ass* Go pee.


I put my index finger in my mouth and batted my eyes at him ever so demurely.


Lance: *Laughing* I knew you didn’t have to pee.


Lance tackled me down onto my back and nibbled aggressively on my neck to the point that I was in laughter again. I begged for mercy until he finally gave in to my pleas. When his eyes returned to mine they were filled with yearning. He kissed me passionately as I wrapped my arms and legs around him.


I could feel his manhood swell on top of me and I became somewhat anxious…my heart even skipped a beat. The feel of his dick inside me was unmatched…it could not be replaced or replicated. It was mine for the taking and I never planned to let it go.


He ran his hands up and down my outer thigh.  The feeling of his firm hand touching me so intimately started a small fire in me that only he could put out. He opened the shirt that hung halfway off my body and began to kiss my nipples. His tongue taunted my nipples…circling them, flicking them, before consuming them. He worked his lips further down…kissing my belly all over.


When he got to my soft mound I felt his hand replace his lips. When I looked down he was looking back at me smiling.


Me: What are you doing?


Lance: I just wanted to make sure you were still awake.


We both laughed. Once the laughter subsided and I looked back down at him, his eyes were focused elsewhere. I followed his eyes and noticed him gazing at the moon. The sun had just gone down, still leaving a red tint in the horizon. The moon now lit the darkening sky.


Lance: The moon looks bigger than ever right here.


Me: I guess Paris makes everything bigger…that explains why you had me screaming like that two hours ago.


Lance spanked my ass, “Oh hush.”


As he lay on my mound just staring at the moon, I rubbed his head and began to fall in-love with him.


I lifted his head and focused his eyes on me, “Kiss me.”


Lance: *Brushing my warm treasure* These lips or those *nodding his head upward*?


Me: *Chuckling* Come here. *Curling my index finger for him to come closer*


Lance climbed up and placed his lips on mine. He kissed me lovingly as I pulled his boxer-briefs as far down as I could reach. Where I stopped – he took over and finished. He flipped me over onto my knees and slid his rigid dick inside me. I gasped as he filled me completely. The pressure caused slight pain, forcing me to grab a hold to the railings on the balcony to brace myself.


He moved in circles inside of me, preparing my pussy for him to beat it out the frame. He teased me…taking it out…beating it against my clit before plunging back in. The roller coaster he took me on had me on the verge of bursting out of my body. The moment he started to slip and slide inside of me, he moved from circles to pounding full force. My juices trickled down my thighs in an incessant stream and boy was I hot all over.


He rubbed my clit from behind as he continued to work his dick in and out. He made my pussy talk, but it was slightly muffled by my cries of ecstasy.


He pulled out, stood up, and lifted me up from the ground. My legs were so weak that I had to lean onto the railing. He turned me around, lifted me up, and wrapped my legs around his waist. I loved how he read my body language and catered to it.


Lance: I’m fucking up my knees on this concrete.


I laughed because secretly I was thinking the same thing about my knees. His shirt wasn’t giving me much cushion.


He pushed my back up against the sliding balcony doors, inserted his dick, and began to massage my pussy deeply. I dug my nails into his shoulder blades as he took me to the highest summit. I was so weak afterwards that I was incapable of giving him anything back…my entire body was under his spell.


My arms relaxed and my legs began to unravel from around his body…I had nothing left. He lifted my legs back up and continued to make love to me until he exploded inside of me.


He carried me to the bed and laid me gently in it. He covered my body and laid beside me. I fell into a deep slumber with his arm wrapped around my waist.


***Next Morning***


The phone woke me out of my deep sleep. I reached over to the night stand and grabbed the phone.

Me: Hello.

Operator: Good Morning Miss. Rowland!  This is your 7 a.m. wake up call. Would you like room service or a newspaper delivered to you this morning?

Me: No, I’m okay. Thank you.

Operator: You’re welcome. Have a pleasant day.

Me: You too and thank you. Bye.


I hung up from the operator still feeling hung over after my intense love-making session with Lance the night before.  The way he made my body feel was unparalleled…I wanted it again.


I turned over in bed to cuddle with him but noticed he had already left.


*Phone rings*


Me: Hello

Sarah: Kelly, this is Sarah. Lance called and said he is on his way to the set. How much longer before you get here?

Me: Huh? Excuse me?

Sarah: How much did you drink last night? You sound whooped! *Laughing* It’s Sarah…ummm your music video director. Remember me?

Me: Oh Sarah…I’m sorry…I’m just out of it a bit.

Sarah: I see. Please don’t tell me you got wasted. I need a pretty face for this video.

Me: No I didn’t get drunk…I just didn’t sleep too well.

Sarah: Well thank God for make-up. Look, Lance is on his way. He has to get home for the holidays. Are you on your way?

Me: I just woke up. Let me jump in the shower and I will be there in less than an hour.

Sarah: Okay great…we just have the café scene left to shoot and that’s a wrap for the video. Lance was the perfect choice for this.

Me: Yes he was…he’s extremely professional and talented.

Sarah: Not to mention how fine he is…too bad he has a girlfriend.

Me: Yep…okay girl, I’ll see you in a bit.

Sarah: Okay.


I climbed out of bed and stumbled to my feet. I couldn’t believe last night was just a dream. I think the kiss for the “Keep It Between Us” video got the best of me. DAMN…