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Things I Like About You

Things I Like About You – Part 7 (Conclusion)

Friday, February 10th, 2012

A Lloyd Fiction Story

Written by Trish (@GimmeUnusual)

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Lloyd: Shit…baby I’m sorry.


Gabby: *Tears running down her face* Deep down I kind of knew.


Lloyd: *Angry* You were right…just when things are on track; I go and fuck it up. *Pushes dresser and punches it*GRRRRR…FUUCKKK!!!


Gabby: Stop it…STOP IT! Come here *grabbing him*…what are you doing? Stop it! Calm down.


Lloyd laid his head on her shoulders, fighting back the tears.  Gabby rubbed his head as she held him.


Gabby: Everything will be alright.


Lloyd: Will it? Will we be alright?


Gabby: *Fake laugh* Shit…I’m still here.


Lloyd slid his head down her body, landing in her lap. Gabby ran her fingers through his curls while the other hand stroked his back.


Gabby: Can I meet her?


Lloyd: Why would you want to?


Gabby: I don’t know…I guess I just want to know her. We all may need to come to an understanding with this whole thing. Set boundaries.


Lloyd: I’ll ask her.


Gabby: You should’ve been at the airport by now. Do you think you gone make it?


Lloyd: Yeah. I got my boarding pass already and I got a carry-on. Can you take me to the airport though?


Gabby: Yeah…fix your face. The worst part is telling your mama.


Lloyd: Sheesh…no kidding.


*Two Months Later*


Text message: Hey. Don’t 4get about my ultrasound on Tues. U still coming? We find out the sex. <Lillie>


Text message: Yea. I’ll B there. I’ll call U l8r. We need 2 talk.


Text message: Uh oh. What’s wrong? <Lillie>


Text message: LOL its nothing bad.


Text message: Whew. Ok. 🙂 <Lillie>


Over the past couple months Lloyd checked in with Lillie on a regular. She was laid back and wasn’t kicking up any drama. They were becoming good friends.


Despite how cool she seemed, putting her and his girlfriend in a room together may be the catalyst for the drama…


He finished his interview and photo shoot with OK! Magazine and then had an early dinner with his team. When he got back to his hotel room he called Lillie.


*On the phone*


Lillie: Hey.


Lloyd: Hey! How are you?


Lillie: I’m good. How is the tour going?


Lloyd: It’s going great…enjoying all the love I’m getting. Another month and a half of this and I can finally relax a little bit.


Lillie: That’s good. I bet you are tired. In my text I forgot to remind you that the ultrasound is at 10 am. – are you flying straight here from Australia or coming from Atlanta?


Lloyd: I’ll be there Monday…I’m not going to Atlanta. And I didn’t forget the time…I’ll be there.


Lillie: I’m sorry. With everything you got going on I just wanted to remind you.


Lloyd: It’s cool.


Lillie: I thought you woulda been tryna see your girlfriend, daughter, and mother while you were close.


Lloyd: I plan to see Gabby but that’s it. I don’t have enough time to see everyone – I gotta get back. Speaking of Gabby…she would like to meet you.  How do you feel about that? Is that something you would be cool with?


Lillie: Yea, I don’t have a problem meeting her. If she’s going to be around my child I think that’s a good idea for us to meet. What is she like Lloyd? Does she hate me?


Lloyd: Naw…it ain’t like that. Y’all kind of remind me of each other but she’s a lil’ feistier…not in a bad way though.


Lillie: So if you’re not going to Atlanta…does that mean she’s coming here?


Lloyd: If that’s cool with you. She wanted to meet you soon.


Lillie: *Laughing* Some notice. I mean it’s cool and all, just as long as it’s not for any drama. I don’t need that.


Lloyd: Naw…I promise you…she ain’t like that. You good. I don’t fly in until Monday night so I probably won’t see you until Tuesday. I was thinking we could all have lunch after the ultrasound. I gotta fly back out that evening?  


Lillie: She’s coming to the ultrasound with us?


Lloyd: *Laughing* Naw…she cool but she ain’t that cool. Naw, I’ll pick her up at the hotel after the ultrasound.


Lillie: *Laughing* Ok, that’s cool.


Lloyd: Cool. Well, I won’t hold you…I’m finna lay it down. Got an early radio interview in the morning.


Lillie: Alright…good night, sleep tight, and don’t let the bed bugs bite.


Lloyd: Hahaa night!






*Outside Houston International Airport*


Lloyd: *Lifting Gabby into the air* Girl I missed you so much!


Gabby: Oh my God I’ve missed you too. You have been gone way too long. *Kissing him on the lips* I’m sorry my flight got delayed…so much for timing our flights to arrive at the same time.


Lloyd: It’s cool. I went ahead and checked into the room. I see you’re letting your hair grow. *smiling*


Gabby: Yes…I know how my baby likes it. Here *handing him a wrapped box*…your mom told me to give this to you.


Lloyd: What is it?


Gabby: I don’t know. We went shopping Saturday and she came out one of the stores with this already wrapped. I didn’t wanna pry since she had it wrapped so fast…figured it was private.


Lloyd opened the box…


They both broke out in laughter. The small card inside said, “If you bring another baby into this world and you ain’t married, I will cut your penis off. USE THESE!”


Lloyd: She is crazy.


Gabby: *Grabbing the box of condoms* Well you don’t need these –I’m on the pill and ya hands can’t get pregnant.


Lloyd: *Laughing* You stupid. You ready?


Gabby: Sheeh…you ready? It’s been two months…hope you stretched.


Lloyd laughed as they climbed into the car…


They made it to the hotel room just before their clothes expired.  


Gabby let her hair down and pushed Lloyd up against the entry door. She lifted his sweater over his head and began unloosing his belt buckle. His hands slid under her shirt…massaging and squeezing her tits.


Gabby: Shit!


Lloyd: Mmmm…baby you feel so good.


Gabby simultaneously pulled his jeans and boxer-briefs down. She gripped his dick…


Gabby: Mommy has missed you. You been a good boy?


Lloyd grabbed his dick and shook it up and down.


Gabby: You better have been. Come give mama some suga.



She kissed his head softly…pressing kisses slowly along his shaft. She replaced her lips with her tongue…licking around the base, up and down his shaft, and circling his head.


Lloyd: Suck it baby.


Gabby: I don’t tell you how to sing…don’t tell me how to do what I do. I got this.


She teased him a little more…running her tongue across the one-eyed monster. She looked up at Lloyd and he was feenin’. Time to give him what he wanted…


She pushed his entire dick into her mouth and began to suck…pumping up and down at a quickening pace. She massaged his balls as her mouth satisfied his every desire. Puckering…sucking…his dick was her pacifier.


Lloyd: Ooooo babbbyyyyy…oh, oh, ohhhh shittttt!


Gabby: Not yet.


Lloyd: WHAT YOU DOING? Don’t stop…c’mon don’t stop.


Gabby: *Taking off her clothes* Lay it down.


Lloyd wobbled out of his shoes and pulled off the pants and boxer-briefs that rested at his ankles. He walked over to the bed and laid across it. Gabby climbed aboard. She slid his dick inside and began to rock him back and forth. Lloyd dug his nails into her hips as she worked him with skill. She moved her body like a snake…slurping up her prey.  


Lloyd: Shit baby…I can’t hold it. I CAN’T HOLD….


Lloyd exploded…filling Gabby with all his love.


Gabby: *Looking at her watch* Two minutes…one more and I would’ve been suspicious.


Lloyd: *Slapping her on the ass* Oh shut up! Round two won’t be two minutes…I’m putting in overtime…


Gabby: Whoopeee!!!





*Next Morning*


Gabby: Even though I know you want a boy…I’m hoping it’s a girl. I wanna give you that son.


Lloyd: *Smiling* In that case I want a girl too. *Kissing her*


Gabby: Will you give this to her? *Handing him a gift bag*It’s for her.


Lloyd: Wow that was nice of you. Why don’t you give it to her yourself tonight at dinner?


Gabby: I have something for her. This is a gift from you. I know you didn’t think to bring her anything…I think she will like this. It’s a gift card for maternity clothes and some bath soaps and lotions.


Lloyd: You are amazing.


Gabby: *Smiling* I know.


Lloyd: *Laughing* I’ll call you when I’m on my way back. *Kissing her before walking out the door*


*At the clinic*


Lloyd: Heyyy!!! You’re showing now. *Hugging her and rubbing her belly*


Lillie: Hey. I almost didn’t recognize you, Mr. Incognito. *tapping the brim of his fitted cap* Yes, I’m showing now…I’m huge.


Lloyd: No you not…you look beautiful.


Lillie: Thank you.


Lloyd: Here, *handing her the gift bag* this is for you.


Lillie: Oh wow…thank you!


Lillie opened her gift. Tears came to her eyes.


Lillie: Oh my goodness Lloyd…I needed this gift card to “Motherhood”…I am busting out of everything. *Hugging him* Thank you so much!


Lloyd: You’re welcome. Whatever you need just let me know – I’ll get it for you.


Lillie: Thanks…we should get in…it’s almost 10.


Lillie registered for her ultrasound and was shortly placed in an examination room.


Lillie: You ready?


Lloyd: Ahhh…I suppose. You?


Lillie: Yes…I can’t wait to see my lil’ girl.


Ultrasound Technician (UT): Hi. Ms. McClure. My name is Abby and I’ll be conducting your ultrasound today. How are you?


Lillie: Excited. Thank you.


UT: *Laughing* That’s good. And how are you dad?


Lloyd: Good. Thank you.


UT: Do you both want to know the sex of the baby?


Lillie: Yes we do.


UT: Ok. Well, let’s get started. Let me just verify some of your information. Date of birth: March 6, 1985?


Lillie: Yes.


UT: And you still live on Drexel Boulevard?


Lillie: Yes.


UT: Great. This is gel to help me see the scan better…I’m sorry but it’ll be a little cool. You can watch the monitor up there to see your baby.


Lillie: Ok. 


The tech rubbed the probe across her belly and the image appeared on the screen.


Lillie: Oh my God…it’s our baby. Awww…she’s beautiful…is it a girl?


UT: I can’t tell right now. Excuse me for a minute.


Lillie looked at Lloyd as the tech left the room.


Lillie: Is something wrong?


Lloyd: *Holding her hand* I’m not sure.


Lillie: Lloyd…what?


Lloyd: I can’t say for sure but for Kaylia’s ultrasound I could see and hear her heart pumping.


Lillie: *Covering her face* OH MY GOD!!!


Lloyd: *Holding her* Lillie, but I don’t know…maybe…


Doctor: I’m sorry to interrupt. Are you okay ma’am?


Lillie: There’s no heartbeat is there?


Doctor: That’s what my tech suspects, but let me take a look. I’m Dr. Boyle by the way.


The doctor ran the probe across her belly and looked at the images on his computer screen.


Doctor: I’m sorry…there is no heartbeat.


Lillie: *Crying* What happened? She was kicking and moving the other day.


Doctor: We would need to do an autopsy to see…these things are hard to pinpoint. When was the last time you felt movement?


Lillie: I don’t know exactly. Maybe two days ago.


Doctor: I’m so sorry.


Lillie: *Crying* So now what? What do I do?


Doctor: There are a few options, I can perform a dilation and evacuation now or you can wait to naturally go into labor – that’ll take about a week or two. The other option is to schedule to have your labor induced.


Lillie: I can’t walk around for a week or two with a dead baby inside of me. A dilation and evacuation…what is that?


Doctor: It’s used to empty the uterus of a larger fetus…one that’s over 15 weeks. I’ll dilate your cervix and then use forceps to remove the tissue. Afterwards I’ll use a tube that’s connected to a vacuum to remove any additional tissue.


Lillie: That sounds harsh…does it hurt?


Doctor: You’ll be given a local anesthetic.


Lillie: And what does it do to the baby?


Doctor: The forceps sometimes separates pieces of the tissue but quite naturally there is no pain.


Lillie: Pieces of “the tissue”…you mean pieces of my baby?


Doctor: Yes.


Lillie: You want to tear my baby apart???


Lloyd: *Holding Lillie* Shhhhh… it’s okay…we won’t do that.  We’ll do the induction.


Doctor: Okay…I’ll get the paperwork started. You can get cleaned up and the tech will show you how to get to Labor and Delivery. The Laborist on-call will deliver you. Again, I’m so sorry for your loss.


Lloyd: Thank you.




Lillie delivered the stillborn baby later that evening. Lloyd stayed with her…comforting her. She was placed in a private room to recuperate.


Examiner: Ms. McClure…I’m sorry for your loss. My name is Michael Carey. I’d like to discuss some options with you regarding the remains. There are two options – you can either decide to bury your baby or we can dispose of the remains.


Lillie: I can’t decide on that right now. Can I see her?


Examiner: I understand. I can come back later…and I’m sure that won’t be a problem. I will get your nurse.


Lillie: *Crying* Thank you.


Lloyd sat on the side of the bed holding her hand. Moments later the nurse wheeled in a crib with the baby in it. She placed the baby into Lillie’s arms.


For the first time Lloyd lost it…she was a small, perfect baby. Head full of hair…resting peacefully.  Tears streamed down his face.


He kissed her forehead and stared into her angelic face.


Lillie: I’m sorry.


Lloyd: This is not your fault. You heard the doctor…the umbilical cord got tangled and cut off oxygen to her. He said these things happen and it’s no one’s fault. You have nothing to apologize for.


Lillie: *Crying* I really wanted her.


Lloyd: I know you did…me too.


Lillie: *Giggling* No you didn’t.


Lloyd: Not at first…but I started to become okay with it. I never wanted this.


Lillie: I know. Should we have a funeral or let them take her?


Lloyd: It’s up to you.


Lillie: *Kissing the baby on the forehead* Let them do it…I can’t handle anything else.


Lloyd: *Taking the baby* Okay.


*Knock knock*


Lillie: Come in.


Gabby: Hi Lillie. I’m Gabby.


Lillie: Hi.


Gabby: I’m so sorry! *Covering her face as tears ran down her cheeks* Oh my God is this her?


Lillie: Yes.


Gabby: *Crying* Oh my God! *Caressing the baby’s arm* She’s beautiful. Oh wow…I’m so sorry.


Lillie: Thank you. I’m sorry for keeping Lloyd.


Gabby: Please do not apologize to me. He wouldn’t be anywhere else but here.


Lloyd: How did you get here?


Gabby: I took a cab. How are you holding up? *Hugging Lloyd*


Lloyd: Alright.


Gabby: Lillie is there anything I can get you?


Lillie: Lloyd was right…you are very sweet. Thank you but I’m okay.


Gabby: You said that?


Lloyd: I did…you are sweet. One of the many little things that I like about you…