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No Bullshit

No Bullshit

Friday, February 10th, 2012

A Chris Brown Story

Written By: Syreeta (@Only1Me_Syreeta)

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(C) “Where you at?”

(S) “I’m out with Teri.”

(C) “Where at?”

(S) “Chris I told you we were going to the club. Where are you?”

(C) “I’m home.”

(T) tugs arm “Serita get off the phone…come on girl!”

(C) “Tell her to shut up!”

(S) laughs “Look Chris what’s wrong?”

(C) “I came home expecting you to be here.”

(S) “I don’t know why it’s only 2:00 am. I told you I’d be over after we left the club.”

(C) “I’m ready for you to leave now!”

(S) “You miss me?”

(C) “Yeah I miss you. I’m horny too!” I had to walk away from Teri for a minute and find some privacy. I found a spot over by the pay phone that was secluded in an area a little more quiet.

(S) “So it’s not me you really miss is this pussy isn‘t it?”

(C) “Yeah, but that ain‘t all I miss.”

(S) “What else do you miss?”

(C)“I miss ya tongue licking my balls.”

(S) “Boy you about to get hung up on.”

(C) laughs “Alright I’m just playing but you do know how to work that tongue on ‘em. I be ready to pound that shit right in ya mouth.”

(S) “You like when I twirl my tongue and flick it on them don‘t you?”

(C) “Mmm yeah…where you at talking to me like that?”

(S) “Don’t worry no one else can hear me but you.”

(C) “I like when ya pussy be talking cause it’s so wet…it be grabbing my dick. Man why you teasing me like this?”

(S) “Don’t worry baby once I get there I promise I won’t be a tease. I’ma throw it on you so good your toes are gonna curl.”

(C) “Won’t you just leave now?”

(S) “This party will be over in thirty minutes Chris and then I’ll be all yours.”

(C) “So I should be seeing you in like what…the next hour or so?”

(S) “You sure will.”

(C) “Alright. Hurry up!”


I hung up with Chris and went to find Teri. She was occupied talking to a guy so I just decided to walk over to the bar since an empty seat became available. I was really ready to go now. I was getting hot just thinking about what I had waiting for me. I guess it showed on my face.


“Hey beautiful! Did you just win the lottery or something? That smile was worth a million bucks.”

(S) smiles again “Thanks. I was just thinking about something that’s all.”

(E) “I’m Evan. Evan Ross.”

(S) “I thought that was you. I’m Serita Barret.”

(E) “You were in the movie “Battlein the Streets” with Chris andColumbus…yeah I remember you. Ya dancing was hot.”

(S) “Yeah thanks! I can do a little something.” scopes me out

(E) “I bet you can. I know this party about to end, but you wanna dance?”

(S) “Sure.”


Me and Evan found a spot and got our groove on. I tried not to show him up because he acted like he wanted to battle. I don’t play when it comes to my dancing. The last song of the night was a slow one. He asked me if I wanted to dance to it. I wasn’t sure if I should’ve but it was just a dance so I went ahead. Teri came over tapping me ready to go so I cut my dance short with Evan. He asked me for my number but I told him I was happily involved. I thanked him for the dance and then we left out. I was kinda happy Teri cut our dance short especially since I needed to drop her off before I went over to see Chris. I was ready to get this next party started.




Once I got to Chris’s it was a little after three. I used my key and came in. I didn’t see him anywhere downstairs so I assumed he was waiting for me in the bedroom. I ran up the steps and walked in there. Chris had candles lit and the bed was turned down with rose petals everywhere but I still didn’t see him anywhere. I walked in the bathroom to check and see if maybe he was in there but he wasn’t. As I was coming out he was coming in the room.


(S) “Hey!” I walk over and hug him.

(C) “Why you smell like cologne?” He pulls away from me.

(S) “I do?”

(C) “Yeah. You do.”

(S) “Oh that’s probably from when I was dancing with Evan.”

(C) “Evan? Fuck you dancing with him for? You must’ve let him be all over you to come home smelling like him.”

(S) “He wasn’t all over me. We only shared one slow dance together. You should know I wouldn’t let another guy be on me like that Chris.” I walked a little closer to him since he pulled away from me and moved.

(C) “That’s why you just now getting here cause you was bullshitting with him?”

(S) “No! I had to drop Teri off and then I came here. Look are we gonna argue or are you going to make love to me?” I start rubbing on his ears with both of my hands and planting small pecks on his cheeks trying to calm him down a bit.

(C) “Man go get in the shower.”

(S) “Why don’t WE go get in the shower?”

(C) “Go head and get started. I’ll be in there.”


I knew he was a little upset but it wasn’t going to last. He was horny and the way I know him nothing was going to stop him from fucking me tonight. I’d say about five minutes later Chris was getting in the shower with me. He picked up the bar of soap and was rubbing it on my back and then guided it down the small of my back finally landing on my ass. I poked it out even more enjoying his touch and being bathed. Then he took my favorite part of his anatomy and traced down the line in my ass with it. Just that fast I was moist. I moved behind my baby, lathered up my hands real good and took his shaft in them and delicately caressed it while I kissed and licked his shoulder. Chris watched my hands as they went to work on him. His hands squeezed my legs as my stroke became faster and faster.


(C) faintly moans “Ahhh…uhhh fuck…yeahh…”


I suck on his neck and whisper “This my dick ain’t it baby…” my words heightened his arousal. They were followed by more tender kisses. I continued to seductively whisper in his ear… “Bust for me babee” moments later Chris was cumin all in my hands and watched me as I pumped it out. Then he turned to face me and kissed my lips. He had this look in his eyes as if to say I better be ready for what’s to cum because we gone get it in. In seconds he squatted down and lifted my leg over his shoulder and sucked my honey suckle. “Huhh…Chrisss…yesss…” I muttered as his tongue repeatedly licked and penetrated my walls. My legs were trembling as I tried to remain standing. His firm hands palmed my ass pulling me closer as he went deeper with his tongue lashing and sucked me with no mercy. I grabbed on to the wall to brace myself because this man was about to make me cum real, real hard. I could feel it. I panted as he took me there and once I got there I screamed his name and was ready to collapse right on him. Chris’s face was dripping wet. He got up and let the shower head rinse it off as he ran his hand down his face before he turned the shower off. I was leaning on the wall still breathing heavily. He flashed a smile at me, picked me up and carried me to the bed. I didn’t know what just hit me. I usually have more stamina than this. Chris was revving to go. I needed a minute, shit that was enough cum for me to be satisfied for the night. He laid beside me just looking in my eyes. I felt bad because I was tired. I decided to take my feet and rub his dick with them. Chris just looked at me.


(C) “Man I don’t want NO BULLSHIT like this!” He made me laugh.

(S) “Ok ten minutes just give me ten minutes and then its back on and rocking.”


I kept rubbing my feet on him. The more I did it the more he liked it. He got up and grabbed some petroleum jelly and lubricated himself with it and then laid down at the bottom of the bed by my feet.


(C) smiles “It’s about to get freaky.” I smiled back.


He rubbed some of the petroleum jelly on my feet making sure they were nice and slippery too. I massaged his dick with them lightly putting just enough pressure for him to feel pleasure.  He was feeling it alright. They magically smacked it up, flipped it and rubbed it down. His dick was getting harder and harder.  After a few minutes I was starting to feel energized again and Chris could tell. He reached in the dresser real quick and grabbed a condom and put it on. When he said it’s about to get freaky he wasn’t joking. He grabbed a pillow and went in sat in the recliner chair that was in the room and propped the pillow behind his back. Then he told me to come sit on his lap facing him. He tells me to lay back so my back is flat against his knees and to put my hands on the floor for support. He put his dick in me, grabs my legs as they’re bent beside him and fucked the life out of me. OMG! That was one position that hurt so good. He knew I wasn’t going to be able to stay like that for long but damn it felt so good while it lasted. We moved the love making session back over to the bed. My body was thanking me. Chris crawled up to me like he was on the hunt. He spread my legs and asked me with his eyes was I ready for more. I challenged his look and waited for him to arrive inside my love spot.


(C) “If you can’t take it all baby say when cause this gone be a long night.”


There was no way I was missing out on this tonight. None! He slowly invaded my space. This invasion was always welcomed.


Up and down our bodies went. Chris gently planted kisses on my body as he remained sexually charged and pounded on my love button. I held on to him tight matching his pace. He rolled me over so I could be on top. He was ready to change things up. I rested my hands along the sides of his waist and threw this fat pussy on his cock. Slow circular motions my body moved. He couldn’t resist the urge that was taking over his body. He would lean forward one minute and lick my nipples then in the next he was lifting my waist making my ass smack back against him. I could tell he was about to bust because his emotions he could no longer contain and once he reached his breaking point it was a done deal.


That was only the beginning. Chris was really serious about fucking till damn near 9 am. We would rest for maybe thirty minutes here and there but after that it was back to work. My legs along with my pussy walls felt so beat up like they were in a love battle. My battery was done by 8 am. This bunny ran out of energy. At one point I was awakened from his dick sliding out of me. I got off of him and laid beside him. Thirty minutes later someone was hungry again feeding on my love button. I can’t deny it; sweet ecstasy is what he gives me. All in all it was a very invigorating night. We woke up around noon.


(C “I blew ya back out last night didn’t I?”

(S) “My back, legs, hips, ass, tits…my uterus probably can’t bare no children.”

(C) “I told you to say when and then we would’ve stop.”

(S) “Bullshit Chris! There was no stopping you. You were a mad man last night.”

(C) “When you ready to do it again?”

(S) “Oh in about a few weeks.”

(C) “Now YOU talkin Bullshit