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Art of Love

Art of Love

Friday, February 10th, 2012

A Zoe Saldana Fiction Story

Written by Tricia (AKA @GimmeUnusual)

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Art of Love

The storm started before he could make it home. The rain slammed against my windows fiercely and the boom from the thunder shifted the floorboards beneath me.

I stood in my bay window watching the lightening break through the dark skies. Chill bumps raced up my arms as a cool breeze swept across me; I never liked storms.

I watched the rain beat against the pavement and swirl around in speckled patterns. I covered my eyes as the headlights from Terrell’s Lincoln Navigator lit up my entire room. He turned his beams off and with eyes focused on me his lips mouthed the words, “I’m sorry.”

I went over to the front door to let him in. It’s nothing sexier than watching a man in a suit and tie run in the rain. He used his brief case to shield his head but it was raining too hard to be of any use.

Terrell greeted me with a soft, but moist kiss on the lips, “I’m sorry baby. I thought I would make it before the storm came down. Are you okay?”

“I am now,” I said as I started to unloosen his tie. He was drenching wet. His white shirt stuck to his torso revealing his nipples and every abdominal crease.

Terrell glared at me with his big brown eyes, sending my hormones into overdrive. I wiped the sides of his face with my hands…his mocha skin as soft as butter. I ran my hands over his low fade and shook the excess water off.

He smiled his gorgeous smile at me; perfect, pearly whites to compliment a goatee on the most conspicuous face. No man ever made me feel the way he did. A simple look from him causes my springs to flow. A touch sends chills down my spine. And the sound of his voice reels me in like a caught fish. He was the epitome of a fine black brotha.

I slid his suit jacket down his broad shoulders, letting it hit the floor where we stood. He began removing his cufflinks as I unbuttoned his dress shirt. Starting at his chiseled abs I slid my hands up his wet chest.

“Have you eaten yet?” I asked.

“Not yet,” he said with a mischievous grin.

He picked me up with one arm and I wrapped my legs around his waist. This man can have all of me…every single ounce till the very last drop, I thought to myself. Our eyes remained locked as he walked me into the bedroom.

He laid me sideways on the bed and began removing the balance of his clothes.

Let me retract an earlier statement—SHIT! It’s nothing sexier than a naked, wet man with a body of a god coming towards you.

He climbed on top of me and hovered mid-air. One hand caressed my forehead as the other hand held up his body. Our eyes said it all…

He placed a soft, lingering kiss on my neck, gliding his moist lips up to my lips. My mouth parted to welcome his gift. He maneuvered his tongue with expertise, toying and seducing me. We danced a beautiful dance.

He moved his attention downward. His hands skated up and down my thighs—lifting my ivory, form-fitting night gown on the way up. He kissed my belly, slowly covering all of it with his soft lips. He grabbed a small amount of flesh and sucked on it.

The fire within me began to crackle…

Terrell kissed my hips, running his tongue along the crease of my pelvis. The storm outside had no match to the one he had brewing inside.

He kissed my honeydew, slipping his tongue inside. His hands gripped my hips tight as he feasted. He pressed his tongue in and out over and over again causing my rain to shower down. He moved his hand to my clit, rubbing back and forth as he rocked his tongue inside of me. The thunder roared…

He switched it up, pushing two fingers inside my dripping love while his tongue worked the hell outta my clit. He rotated his fingers counter clockwise as he held my clit forcefully between his tongue and lips. The alarms were sounding…a tornado was rapidly approaching. I dug into his shoulder blades as spasms began to ripple through my body. He sipped up my nectar as my body exploded.

Terrell was no rookie. He nibbled on my inner thigh and then kissed his way back up my body, stopping shortly at my breast. He swiveled his tongue around one nipple, sucking as the palm of his hand tenderly squeezed and stroked my other breast.

I wrapped my legs around him, pulling him closer to me. He aligned his body with mine and warmly entered me. Looking into my eyes he rocked back and forth.

I wiped the perspiration building up on his forehead and kissed his lips. He pulled on my earlobe with his lips…sucking…nibbling.

I followed his motion, rocking back and forth with him. I held him tight around the neck allowing his wetness to drip down on me.

He lifted his body up, allowing just enough space so he could watch himself slip in and out of me. That shit was turning me on.

The sounds of love mixed with the hard rain in the background created the sweetest melody.

He lifted my right leg, pulling it up over his head and connecting it with my left. He turned me over onto my stomach without ever pulling out. He spread my legs apart and pulled me up to my knees.  Oh how I love it when he takes it from behind. Like an animal he quickened the pace, banging faster and harder.

The clapping sounds from our bodies colliding at an ascending rate had me squealing as I gripped the sheets.  I tried to muffle my shrieks by biting on a pillow but he dug in so deep that he forced my body to buck up just to take it all in. My body trembled…my juices flowed…my legs weakened…

Terrell gripped my ass eagerly as he continued to drill inside me. He leaned over close to my left ear and whispered, “You have the sweetest love, my darling.”

His words left me vulnerable and I gave up all my secrets. “Mmmm…I love you baby,” I shared.

Those words fueled his hunger. Like a savage he attacked my honeydew as though he was love starved. He turned me over and plunged back inside. He pinned me down to the bed and rocked my body to its core…in, out, in, out…I screamed as the sensation penetrated my entire being.

I had what seemed like a continuous stream of organic rhythms flowing through my body. Finally just when I thought my rag dolled body couldn’t take it anymore, Terrell’s body entered my hemisphere. He shuddered and pulsated inside of me; giving my honeydew the wet massage it anticipated and longed for.  He laid his head on my shoulder as he caught his breath and his dick relaxed inside of me. He lifted up on his elbow and searched my eyes. I believe my love manifested through them because he replied with the most serious tone, “You are my weakness. My heart’s truest desire. I’ve loved you from the very beginning.”

He is the epitome of the perfect lover…an art form…picturesque…