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To Be or Not To Be


Thursday, March 1st, 2012

That is the question.

Rumor has it, Chris Brown and Rihanna are rekindling their romance. They were recently seen dancing together in an Orlando night club as “We Found Love” boomed through the speakers. This is  one of Rihanna’s favorite songs, so Chris Brown had to show his support by enthusiastically mouthing the lyrics to her.

In other reports they have been seen spending time together, including alone time in Rihanna’s Los Angeles home. As you may already know, they have beening singing together – “Birthday Cake” being a radio and club banger. The suggestive lyrics tell you it’s something brewing in the air!

Many people are opposed to this reunion after the abuse, but we ask…why shouldn’t they get back together??? Psychologists say that often the love is so great in an abusive  relationship that many times they end up back together in hopes of change. Chris Brown and Rihanna are both hot in the game right now. They both are turning out hit after hit and they both are maturing. Two years later…are we still not ready to forgive Chris Brown yet?

Or do we forgive him only to a degree?

Whose to say that they are not meant to be together?

What are your thoughts on this relationship? To be or not to be…

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