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Thursday, April 5th, 2012

A Zoe Saldana Fiction Story

Written by Tricia (@GimmeUnusual)


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Zoe: Hello?

Byron: Hey.

Z: Hey.

B: What you doing?

Z: Lying in bed watching TV.

B: That’s what’s up…what you wearing?

Z: *Looking down at her oversized t-shirt and flannel pajama pants* A t-shirt and panties.

B: Sounds appetizing. I’m on my way over.

Z: Byron no…didn’t we agree?

B: No I didn’t agree to that shit. You commanded and I abided.

Z: Same thing…

B: Zoe stop playing games…I miss you.

Z: What exactly do you miss about me?

B: Hmmm…I miss…the way you beat me up every time I see you…you know, your love taps are not that soft. Umm…I miss playing in your hair. I miss hearing my name roll off your tongue…it sounds soooo good. I just miss you…everything.

Z: *Long silence*

B: Are you there?

Z: Yeah.

B: Can I come over?

Z: Alright.


Zoe cleared the snacks from her night stand, straightened the bed and quickly jumped in the shower. She moisturized her skin and put on an ivory tee with matching panties. She sat on the bed awaiting his arrival, longing for his firm hands against her body. Byron made her weak. The more she tried to come up for air, the more she sank deeper and deeper into his raging rapids. Byron was beautiful. He was half Black and half Puerto Rican. He had low curls, dark eyes, and a goatee. He had his name tattooed in calligraphy up one arm and his deceased mom’s name on the other arm. One night he laid in Zoe’s arms telling her stories about his mom…that was the night she fell in-love with him.




Z: *Opening door and smiling* Hi!

B: *Hugging Zoe* Hey baby girl. *Pushing her chest away while still gripping her arms* You’re glowing…gorgeous as always.

Z: *Smiling* Thank you…so are you. I see you’ve put on a little weight.

B: *Flexing* All muscle though. See!

Z: *Laughing* It looks good on you. For real…you look really good. You wanna sit?


Byron pulled off his jacket and laid it on the bench in the foyer. He followed behind Zoe and took a seat on the sofa.


B: Tell me something.

Z: What?

B: How long did it take you to get out of those flannel pajamas?

Z: *Hitting Byron*Ohhh shut up!!!

B: OUCH! See…told you them love taps ain’t soft. How long?

Z: I don’t know what you’re talking about and what makes you think they’re love taps?

B: How long have we been knowing each other Zoe…2 ½ years??? Girl I know you. You were relaxing and your idea of comfort is those big ass pajamas.

Z: *Pouting and crossing her arms over her chest* Leave me alone.

B: *Putting a hand on her hip* Bésame.


Zoe loved when he practiced the little Spanish he knew on her…it turned her on. Byron was only 6 years old when his mom passed away. The Spanish he had learned quickly faded away from a lack of practice after his dad moved them both to another state and away from his maternal family.


Zoe eyed his lips fleetingly. She remembered them to be soft and plump…and in that moment it was as though they were calling her name. He bit his bottom lip and grinned. Zoe felt her body leaning in to him.  When she looked back into his eyes his pupils had doubled in size and were filled with hunger.


She slowly moved in closer, obeying his command to kiss him. His firm hand squeezed her hip as he received her tongue. Her hands moved from his cheeks and up into his curly hair. She climbed on top of him continuing their passionate kiss.


Byron moved his hands inside her tee and ran his fingers up and down her torso. 


Zoe pulled away and looked into his eyes. He intensely looked back at her. Zoe lifted his sweater up over his head. He rubbed her cheek and followed once again in her lead. He pulled her tee up over her head and threw it to the floor.


B: Got damn girl you’re beautiful.


Zoe smiled and grabbed his face again…kissing him roughly.


Byron squeezed her ass…guiding her grind against his manhood. He unbuckled and unfastened his pants as they kissed. He kicked off his boots and slightly lifted to pull off his pants.


Zoe broke free of his lips to assist. She pulled his jeans completely off and took over where he left off with his boxer briefs. He managed to get them half way down his thighs…Zoe took them from there and removed them.


She stared at his pretty dick for a moment. It slightly curved to the left…erect…swaying back and forth as though it was trying to balance itself.


B: *Chuckling* What are you doing?

Z: Nothing.

B: You looking at it like you ain’t seen it before.

Z: It’s been a long time.

B: A month…that’s not that long.

Z: To me.

B: Well don’t just stare at it…touch it or something.


Zoe grinned and then grasped it. The fact was…she hadn’t been with anyone since him and she just wanted to slowly etch every indelible moment of this on her mind. She gently stroked his dick up and down as she kissed his belly button. She kissed the three-inch scar that had been carved into his side, cursing the coward that unrightfully wanted his wallet. He met his match with Byron…he didn’t get a dime from him, just a cracked jaw, broken nose, and 25 years in a state penitentiary for robbery and attempted murder.


Byron basked in her warm kisses and her soft hands rubbing his shaft. He moaned from each touch.  He lifted his back from the sofa and reached down into his pants pocket that lied on the floor. He pulled out his wallet and reached inside for the condom. He graciously laid Zoe across the sofa and removed her panties. He rubbed his dick across the lips of her pussy…smacking her clit with it. He put the head of his dick against her clit and moved it in a circular motion for a short time. She dug her nails into his arms. Byron decided to do a little digging too. He slightly dipped his dick inside her pussy to wet his head…he placed it back on her clit and continued the motion.


Zoe groaned in delight. Her legs began to tremble as her body began to ascend. 


B: Not yet…


Byron tore open the wrapper with his teeth. He placed the condom on and slowly entered her. She was so tight that he couldn’t enter completely with one thrust. He briefly retracted and pushed further in. After two retractions he fully entered her. Zoe held him close around the neck…grinding her hips to his tempo. He rocked her body gently…nibbling on her neck…planting kisses allover her face…clutching her thighs…


His tempo sped up the wetter she got and Zoe’s moans had turned into full-fledge screams of passion. He pushed her feet up to her head and hit it faster and harder. Zoe’s body began to shiver all over as her nails pierced his shoulder blades.


B: Owww…mmMmm Zoeee…

Z: Uh, uh, uh, uhhhhhhh…


Byron lowered her legs…wrapping them around his waist. He lifted her from the sofa and headed toward the bedroom. Zoe didn’t want the sensation to stop so she continued to grind on his dick as he carried her. Zoe must’ve hit a sensitive spot because Byron threw her back up against the hallway wall and dug deep inside her over and over again. He brought his arms underneath her thighs and began to bang her pussy out. Zoe exploded all over him as her body jerked and contorted under his thrashings. Her screams filled his ears and her cries for mercy sent him over the edge. He joined her in ecstasy…spasms consuming his body…dick pulsating as it pumped out his seed…heart racing…his breaths quickening…


He had her pinned against the wall as he rested his head against her chest.


Z: Let’s get in the bed.

B: Ok…I’m not gone stay long…me and the boys are getting up early to hoop.

Z: Bryon.

B: What? I said I’ll stay for a bit. Come on.

Z: Why do you keep doing this to me?

B: Doing what?

Z: Treating me like I’m some whore.

B: I have not treated you like a hoe Zoe.

Z: That’s how you make me feel.

B: Let’s just lay down.

Z: No. If you don’t want me…if you don’t really want me why don’t you just leave me alone?

B: I do want you…I just don’t want a relationship. What we got going on is perfect.

Z: For whom? Certainly not for me.

B: It was in the beginning…we both agreed. You’re always traveling and I’m always gone with my team.  What happened?

Z: I’ve changed…I want more.

B: I can’t give you any more than this right now Zoe.

Z: Then walk away from me Byron. I…I love you…I may always love you and for that reason I don’t have the strength to leave you. If you care about me and I know you care about me…let me go…just let me go and I’ll let you go too.


Byron let out a heavy sigh. All the other times she ceased things between them he knew she never really meant it…this time was different…guilt consumed him. She deserved everything her heart desired and he wanted to give it to her. He just couldn’t wholeheartedly give it to her right now. He went back into the living room and got dressed. Zoe stood against the wall hugging her body. When Byron appeared from around the corner he was fully dressed and his face was saddened. He kissed Zoe on the forehead, grabbed his jacket, and closed the door behind him…


Final Thoughts: Every relationship is not good for us. No matter how much we like someone or wish they were ours, God just may have something better in store. To access it we must let that old thing go.  Gain the strength to let it go…ask God for that strength and thank Him in the midst of it all. Deep down you know the difference between what’s good TO you and what’s good FOR you. Accept only those things that are truly good for you.