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The Male Escort

The Male Escort (Bonus)

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

A Trey Songz Fiction Story

Written by Syreeta (@Only1ME_Syreeta)

When We Make Love

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As I looked into London’s eyes and really thought about how she’d been imagining this moment I really wanted to make it special for her. I mean it damn sure was gone be special but I didn’t wanna just do it like this. I wanted to romance her and make a night out of it. She was so special to me and for something as significant as this I wanted to make it even more than what she imagined. She started pulling me once more into her bedroom.


“Baby wait a minute.”


“What? What is it now?”


“I’m just saying won’t we do this after I done fed you and we shared a nice evening together.”


“You mean after you’ve burned up my food?”


laughs “There you go.”


“Tremaine things don’t have to be set up all perfect for me to know that I’m gonna enjoy all we have to share together. When We Make Love I know it‘s gonna be special. This is special right now and besides, I don’t want to wait any longer. I’ve been waiting my whole life. I want you…now.”


Well I did tell her I wasn’t gonna deny her if she wanted it, so since she does…leggo! We looked into each other’s eyes as we stood in front of her bed. I kissed the side of her face first. She looked at me and smiled. Then she started unbuttoning her top. I couldn’t take my eyes off her hands as they undressed her. The unveiling was everything I imagined.


Her body was so beautiful. She grabbed the bottom of my shirt and slowly pulled it up and helped me to get out of it. I watched her eyes as they studied my chiseled chest, wandering looking at my tattoos. She put her right hand on me feeling every ripple and curvature in my muscles. I watched her intently. I started getting tingles. I couldn’t wait to feel her hands on me and now my wait is finally over. She wrapped her arms around me wanting to get close. She looks up to me and I kiss her forehead. I could tell she was nervous. Her breaths were heavy but her eyes were telling me something different. She still wanted me. I was already prepared to move at her pace. She blinks, but this time she looks to me letting me know she was ready.


I put both of my hands on her waist and got down on my knees in front of her. I unfastened her jeans and when I saw her navel I took a moment to lick it and lightly kiss on it. It was so pretty I couldn’t resist it. I could tell she was starting to feel a little more relaxed. She rested her hands on my shoulders affectionately putting pressure on them. (L) thinking “God his tongue feels good.” I felt her breaths getting deeper and deeper as I kissed on her body. Next I took my hands and put them on her ass pressing gently as it filled my palms. Her pheromones were definitely penetrating my senses. I just was drinking her in. I started rubbing my face up against her soft skin while gradually sliding her jeans down. She steps out of them. Her figure was impeccable. I had to take a second to admire it. Bashfully she smiles and playfully covers my eyes. Shit her body was so engraved in my brain now, I really didn’t needa see for what I was gonna do. My memory served me well, although the scenery is damn sure more preferable I could still make love to her wit my eyes closed.


I continued on my journey and showered her thighs with tender kisses. London removes her hand from my eyes and leans her head back allowing a soft moan to escape her lips. Her legs were quivering, unyielding to my approach. I stood up and unfastened my pants watching her eyes as they followed my every movement. (L) thinking “Oh my God! What is he about to do?” Once I was stripped down to nothing I unhooked her bra. She wasn’t even paying attention to my hands anymore she was looking in another region. (L) thinking “Well damn! What have I got myself into…shit…takes deep breath…ok London you can do this.”


It get’s ‘em every time. I picked her up and laid her on the bed. There was still one piece of clothing that needed to be removed. I let my mouth do the honors and grabbed it with my teeth like an animal gradually pulling them away. Her focus was on me the whole time. I was about to give her a moment that she would never forget. I started from her feet putting her left foot up to my mouth and licking her toes one by one. (L) thinking “Oh God help me. What is this man doing to me?” 


gasps “Huhh!”


While her leg was lifted I began to kiss up it again nibbling on her thigh. The real beauty in the middle was calling me but I knew I had to take my time when the moment came to go to work on her. I gave her a nice wet kiss real quick to let her know her time to cum was coming.


(L) moans“Mmm…yesss!”


Now London’s hands were hastily rubbing on my head and my neck. One kiss wasn’t enough. I could tell she wanted more. More is what I gave her. Loving kisses were given first on the outside of her well manicured pussy. Then I spread her legs open even more and licked her parted lips getting my first taste of her essence. Diss some good eatin right here I thought.


(L) airy voice “Huhh…Tremaine baby…”


I had dat pussy wet up and her body feverishly hot. Her taste was as sweet as a honey suckle. I sucked her clit.


(L) “Jesus!!! God!!!”


Then I kept my tongue in that one spot for a minute flicking it, ingesting her sweet secretion as it fell in my mouth. By the time I was done I had her thirsting for me. My tongue licked inside of every crevice. I had her in overdrive while I remained on cruise control.


(L) “Mmm baby love me…I wanna feel you…”


(T) “You wanna feel me…how bad you want it…”


(L) “NOW!!!”


This girl was losing her mind. She was all over the place, but that’s just the way I wanted her. Unexpectedly I moved up to her lips to kiss her letting her taste her own juices. I told her to lick my lips. She too enjoyed her goodness. She held me close while our lips went at it. We tongue wrestled for a minute taking turns sucking on each other’s tongue enjoying being intertwined and feasted on. She took her hands and cupped my ass pushing my dick closer to her pussy. I knew she was ready. I put a condom on. Then I took my dick and slowly tried to ease it inside of her taking my time. I had the tip in only a few inches. She jumps.


(L) “Wait!” takes deep breath 


(T) “I’ll go as slow as you need me too baby.”


Her legs were shaking. She takes another deep breath and gives me the ok again. I ease back out and slowly start to penetrate again. I could tell she was feeling a little pain because her nails was piercing deep into my skin, but she didn’t stop me yet. Suddenly she yelled.


(L) “Shit!” I stopped. “No! Don’t stop. Just keep going. I’ll be ok.”


(T) “You sure? Baby I don’t mind stopping. I want you to feel as comfortable as possible. We got all night.” She lightly touches my face. Then I see her eyes watering.


(L) “I love you.” This girl had my heart man. I knew I would do anything for her.


(T) “I love you too.”


She leaned forward and we kissed again. I proceeded to guide my manhood in a little further finally breaking through. Man she was so tight my shit was instantly in pussy heaven. I just wanted to run rapid up in there but I knew I couldn’t yet. London kept a hold on my shoulders. Slowly I worked my dick in and out of her. Her body was starting to feel less stiff and loosening up more and more by the second. Her hips started moving more matching my thrusts, then she started grinding her pussy on me. She speaks out of breath.


(L) “Baby…this feels so good…I can‘t…huhh…I can‘t take it!” I speak at a whisper in her ear.


(T) “So that must mean you want me to stop then…right baby?” I changed my stroke on her easing up just a little focusing all my attention on her.


(L) “No! I want it! Don’t stop…please…”


(T) “I think I’ma stop…you don’t really want this dick do you…”


(L) “Give it to me Tremaine! I wan…it…mmm…” I pick it back up just a touch.


(T) “You sure you want me to really give it to you…” strokes a little harder


(L) “Yeh..essss…yessss!”


(T) “Nah I on’t think you ready…”


(L) “I’m…reh…dy…Oh God I’m ready…”


I couldn’t do that to her at least not yet, but she gone really get it the next time. I just kept up with that same pace. Devouring her body as I made love to her. Making love to her breast as they teased my eyes. No part of her was off limits. I wanted my tongue to touch every inch of her. My hands to fondle and caress every part of her and my dick to be the first to touch every inch inside of her. I wanted her to feel my love from head to toe. I was gonna give her as much of me as I possibly could. Even though this moment was suppose to be about us in my mind it was all about her.


(L) “Tremaine…Tremaine…Tre…maine…I’m…NOOOH!!!”


I could tell the way she looked at me and held on to me that her body was about to buss. When London came and she sang out my name her song was so beautiful. Her body jerked several times as she let her emotions go. I held her in my arms and just kissed her face, waiting for her body to calm from all the excitement. Her breathing finally returned to its normal rate and her look was one I‘ll never forget. We then laid in each other’s arms.


(T) brushes hair back “God you beautiful…you okay?” I swear her eyes make me wanna melt the way she looks at me sometimes.


(L) smiles first “I’m better than okay right now. I don’t really know what to say. I mean it was so much more than what I imagined it would be.”


(T) “Well you know I aim to please and this right here was only the beginning.”


(L) “I loved being pleased. Your aim was right on target….quick pause…sooo how about you, are you ok?”


(T) “Yeah I’m cool.”


(L) “I know you didn‘t get a chance to get yours in yet and…” I cover her lips.


(T) “Shhh. Don’t worry about me. I’m good. I enjoyed loving you. I did get mine in.”


(L) “So you won’t be upset if I may need to wait a little before we do it again?”


(T) “I’m fine baby. I can wait. I want that thing right for next time anyway.”


(L) “Baby my walls are throbbing right now. I feel like my walk will never be the same. You done branded me.” Love was definitely in the air.


(T) smiles “I love you girl.”


(L) “I love you too…you know just because my pussy needs some time doesn’t mean my mouth does.” London gets up slowly and straddles her body across me. Then she soon realizes that position wasn’t gonna work so she opens up my legs and lays on her stomach in between them.


(T) “You about to be messing wit a time bomb. You might wanna proceed wit caution.”


(L) “This is one explosive I’ll take that chance with just don‘t choke me or cause me to have a Heart Attack.”


(T) “I only choke, heart attacks haven’t been linked yet.” She pinched my leg not liking my response.


(L) “Tremaine! You are so gonna get it for that comment.”


(T) “That’s what I’m hoping for.”


She took the condom off of me and just dove right in wit her tongue, licking my already hard dick. Dat shit was feeling so good it had my toes curling. Woo!!! Yeah she was in for an explosion…it was just a matter of time…tic tic tic tic tic…