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Good Kisser

Saturday, May 17th, 2014

Good Kisser

An Usher Raymond Fiction Story

Written by Syreeta (@Only1ME_Syreeta)

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OK! OK! Lemme… Baby I’m tryna… Baby… uhh… I’m… oh damn baby… mmm… ahhh… yeah baby just like that… uhhh shittt… I couldn’t help but to rub the back of her head, bob it into me, and pull on her hair after I took both hands off the wall in the kitchen. She let her mouth take control of me damn near putting me in a stupor. Either way, I was a goner.

 “Mmm…” I moan from the thought while I’m sitting in my office.


“Huh…what?” I say startled.

“Am I interrupting something?”

smiles “Oh nah, I was just… anyway what’s up?”

“You sure because you were sitting there thinking hard moaning, OUTLOUD I might add.”

smiles “Alright, you got me. I was thinking about Porsha, but we not gonna get in that. So uh, what were you saying to me?”

“Are you listening?”

“Yeah man, I’m focused. Talk to me.”

“You got the video shoot scheduled for Scream, and you still haven’t picked out the leading lady yet.”

“I know. When do we have more auditions coming? Or do we even have anymore?”

“No, remember we narrowed it down to five ladies.”

“That’s right.”

“You were supposed to decide who you wanted once we did the final run through with you. What’s up with you man? You’ve been really distracted which is not like you.”

“It’s Porsha man. Ever since we been seeing each other things just been re-dick-u-lously incredible. You feel me?”

“Porsha seems more adventurous then Leslie anyway, so I can see that.”

“Scooter man, the things this girl does to me…shakes head in thought…I can never stop thinking about her.”

“So are you thinking about making things more serious with her or what?”

“The jury is still out on that, but she definitely could be a keeper. The girl is one of a kind. Her sex drive is off the charts. I never know when she’s gonna want to fool around or even where.”

“Sounds like it could be love to me.”

“Oh yeah? More like a love of the things she do to me,” I say with a slick grin. “But seriously, I guess I do care about her a lot…a great deal even. Now CAN I say that I’m in love with her OR is it more of me loving what she does? That’s my struggle. I mean I recently had feelings for Leslie resurfacing, but then that turned out to be old feelings that I just needed closure on. I don’t want to make the mistake of misconstruing lust and love when it comes to Porsha. I really need to be sure.”

“Well in my opinion, if she’s already interfering with YOU getting work done. It has to be love,” he says light-heartedly. “But on to business I’ve scheduled for the five ladies to come in today at noon. Will you be ready to check them out and make a decision?”

“I’ll be ready.”

“Good. Alright, that completes my business with you for now. Go ahead back to daydreaming.”



“Okay ladies we’re gonna get started. Where’s…”

As soon as I was about to call the first person that I was gonna dance with Scooter brings in another person. I froze when I saw her. I knew who she was right away. Seductively her eyes stare at me with a hint of a smile. All I’m thinking is I hope my face is not giving me away as I’m looking at her, but I never thought I would see her again.

“Usher, this is Rain Robinson. I know she’s not a part of the initial five, but I thought you should see her audition too.”

She sticks her hand out.

“It’s nice to meet you Mr. Raymond. I’ve been a fan of yours for some time.”

I reciprocate.

“It’s nice to meet you too, Ms. Robinson.”

I like the way she kept it professional. Definitely a change from the way we met the first time.

Thinks back…

(R) “So you’re the owner of this black beauty?”

“Yeah this me…is there a problem…what‘s your name…I don‘t want to be rude or anything.”

(D) “I’m Dimples and she’s Rain.”

(U) “Ok Dimples and Rain… now you ladies are the black beauties.”

(D & R) “Thank you.”

(U) “Well Dimples since you seem to be leaning on my car…what’s the problem?”

(D) “Only that you’re blocking me in so we can’t leave.”

(U) “You ladies can’t be leaving already…I just got here.” Dimples looked at Rain. They got the response they were hoping for.

(D) “We have a confession.”

(U) “I’m all for confessions…smiles…What’s on ya mind?”

(D) “We just wanted to get you alone.”

(U) “Well I‘m here…what’s up?”

(D) “We want to fuck you.” I was wondering if I was hearing her properly.

(U) “Hold up…you said we?”

(D) “Yes we.”

(U) “Just like that?” Then Rain responds.

(R “We’ve been waiting for you. Now that you’re here why waste time…”

puts mind back on current moment…

“So uh, won’t you go head over there with the other ladies and when you’re called you can show me what you got.”


I danced with each of the ladies in the order that they were listed, Rain being the last one. I knew she could move, but this girl had moves I wasn’t even aware of out on the floor. The way her hands glided down my arms and around my body was smooth. I guess too, she had an advantage. She already knew my body in ways the others didn’t. She wasn’t afraid to touch me at all. She went in. I normally sweat anyway when I’m real active, but she had me sweating when I wasn’t even dancing no more. She had me impressed once again. I had made a speech to all the ladies and told them to expect a call if they were picked. Our dance session was recorded so I needed to look over the footage and see how I meshed on screen with them first to make my final decision. I gave each of them a hug then they got their things and started to leave. I see Rain taking her sweet time gathering her stuff. I was gonna wait and see if she was gonna ask to talk, or be on her way. She puts her purse on her shoulders then gives me a lustful look-over.

“I hope to hear from you, even if it’s not regarding this video.”

She heads for the door.

“Wait a minute.”

She stops and slowly turns to me grinning. I knew my stopping her was what she was secretly waiting for.

“Well… how you been?”

Her smile becomes even wider as she walks closer to me.

“I’ve been good.”

“How’s your partner doing? Dimples.”

“Dimples is good. She actually got married.”

“Good for her. It’s been a long time since I saw either one of you. So you are a dancer,” I stressed. “I knew you moved gracefully, but now I know why.”

“As I recall my occupation wasn’t the thing that you were interested in at the time.”

“In my defense we also didn’t do a lot of talking for me find out either.”

“You know that night was very special to me. I wish we could’ve linked up again and got that hotel room that was offered. It was a lot more kissing that I could’ve done on that chocolate stick.”

smiles “Yeah… that was some night,” I say with my eyes dazed still smiling at the thought of it.

Since she was standing in front of me, she moves a little closer looking up to my face, but staring at my lips.

“I was thinking maybe I could see you again and we could have a repeat of that night, only this time it would be a one on one session.”

“I’m flattered, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to mix business with pleasure you know?”

“I’m not taking no for an answer.”

“Rain, don’t get me wrong now, I too had a nice time with you, both of you, but I’m seeing someone.”


“And that means that I don’t need to be meeting in nobodies’ hotel room no more, unless it’s with her.”

She moves her head back looking surprised.


scratches head surprised with myself “Yeah man.”

“I can’t even temp you… just a little,” she asks with a hand gesture.

“Oh it’s tempting.” I touch her chin. “But we’ll always have that night right?”

“I guess we will,” she says disappointed. “Well, if I can’t have the pleasure of spending some time with you, hopefully I’ll at least get to work with you.”

“If so you’ll be hearing from us.”

“I guess this is goodbye again, but now that you have my number if things don’t work out with her call me. I’m always available for you.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

“You do that.”

I wave to her.

“See you Rain.”

She grins and leaves the room. I needed a shower. Not too many women can get to me like that, but none of them have yet to compete with Porsha. That I realized. I decided to call her. The phone just rang so I left her a message.

“You know you supposed to pick up anytime you see me calling…smiles…I was just thinking about you…wanted to hear your voice, but since you’re not answering I can’t talk to you. I’m at my label about to get back to work, so hit me back.”

It had been a long day and it wasn’t even over with yet. I still had the footage to look over and a decision needed to be made today. I decided to finish doing that first and then go home. That took another three hours of my time, but I knew who the lucky lady was going to be. I told Scooter who I wanted, and to make the phone call. I was finally leaving going home for the day. When I got there I found myself missing Porsha not being there to greet me. I’ve spoken to her; aside from today, but I haven’t saw her since our encounter a few days ago. I’ve been busy. She’s been busy. We just haven’t had the time. I went upstairs and got in the shower. As soon as I put my sweats on the doorbell rang. I looked out my window from upstairs and saw her car in the driveway. I ain’t heard from her all day, so naturally I was surprised she came over without calling me. I go answer the door.

“Hey baby!” She says excitedly smiling. We lean in and kiss each other.

“I thought I wasn’t going to get to see you today.”

“I know me too, but I had some time, so I went by your office and was told that you left. I wanted to surprise you…you surprised baby?”

I smile at her in awe.

“Definitely. I’ve been thinking bout you all day.”

“That’s why I’m here. I’ve missed you too.” She puts her arms around my neck kissing me again, but this time more passionately. We didn’t even make it out of my foyer. She briskly backs me up against the wall. I loved her lips and the way she gave me her tongue when she kissed me. Since I didn’t have on a shirt she started kissing on my chest. All I could do was let her. Her pretty lips were making love to me. Nibbling and licking on me exceptionally. I could feel myself rising ready to do more than just her kissing on my chest. Her hands grab my waist as her body bends lower and lower to the floor while her tongue sashays along too. I felt like my heart was about to jump out of my chest when her knees hit the floor. I knew what was cumming next and got excited. She pulls my sweats down only to find I was free-balling. She devilishly smiles at me before she starts kissing in between my legs and rubbing the tip of her nose on me getting me more aroused from teasing me. Then she licks my balls and plays with them with her tongue. I bit my bottom lip several times grunting and moaning from the way she was flicking it on them. I couldn’t help myself and started stroking my dick.

“Uhhhh…” my shit was hard.

She moves my hand away. She wanted full control. Next she takes her hand wrapping it around my shaft kissing the head followed by a little slither of her tongue on the bulls-eye. “Ahhh…,” I whisper as she has me slowly weakening. She drags her lips all around the head like she needed a mic adjustment or maybe putting on her favorite shade. Then she spits on it and puts me inside of her warm mouth. Now I’m really ready to open fire and spray her up real good. “Awww fuck…”, I yell. She has my knees buckling as she picks up the pace. All I kept thinking was don’t nobody kiss it like you over and over again. Her lips had me feeling so inspired they even fucked my mind. Her actions was that eternal.

With my eyes closed and body being leaned against the wall I just concentrated on holding off cumming. I never wanted her to stop. I never wanted to nut. I just stood there with my hand on the back of her head pushing my dick in her mouth wanting to forever bask in this feeling till I couldn’t take it no more. That’s when I looked at her. By my heavy breathing, body shaking and the eye contact I was giving her she knew I was about to erupt. I drizzled cum all in her mouth and on her pretty lips. Porsha took it all with a winning smile on her face. She stands up proud of herself and what she accomplished. She runs her tongue slowly over her lips. She moans.


“Damn you a fucking #GOODKISSER.”