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Lil Freak

Lil Freak

Monday, April 16th, 2012

A Usher Story

Written By Syteeta (@Only1ME_Syreeta)

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Usher finally arrived at P. Diddy‘s Last Train to Paris album release party. Everyone was there. He had just got finish performing and was ready for some action. The first person he bumped into was Trey.


(T) “Mr. OMG has entered the building…what‘s up man?” gives each other dap


(U) “What‘s goin on…I see the ladies are on a poppin up in here.”


(T) “Crazy ass and pussy throwin up in this bitch.” Usher liked that…just what he needed.


(U) “Where Diddy at?”


(T) “Drunk somewhere ‘n shit…he probably still tryna show off his baby pictures.” They both started laughing.


(U) “My man go hard when he drink…I guess I’ma go grab me a drink along wit a lil freak and…you know…do my thing.” They smack hands and Usher walks off. He gets himself some Cocoloso and then walks through the crowd to scope out the ladies.


Female “How you doing daddy?”


(U) “What’s happenin lil mama?”


Female “You want me to get you something daddy?” raises eyebrow


(U) “What you tryna do for me baby.”


Female “Whatever you want…you seem to be looking for something.”


(U) “You tryna fuck wit me tonight?”


Female “Depends on what you tryna do daddy.”


(U) “If you fuckin wit me…I mean really tryna fuck wit me tonight…go get some more girls like you and bring ‘em to me…then we can talk.


Female “What you see is not enough for you daddy?”


(U) “I need more than one freak tonight…can you handle that?”


Female “Damn daddy I wish I could but this pussy only has room for a dick but whenever you‘re not lookin for a minaja do come find me.”


She kisses him on the cheek and walks away. Usher continues on the prowl grabbing another drink along way. He makes small talk here and there but nothing really catching his eye as of yet. Suddenly he’s tapped on his shoulder. He turns around.


2nd female “Excuse me but do you have a black Lamborghini?” Usher’s eyes searched this beauty that stood before him before he responded.


“Yeah that’s my ride.”


2nd female “You might want to come with me.”


Curious about her line of questioning about his car he followed her outside. As she walked in front of him Usher studied the way she walked and her curves on her body. She was sexy in all the right places, gorgeous face, beautiful skin tone, inviting lips. She certainly had his interest. They had a bit of distance to walk since he had gotten there late and had to park further in the back. As he got close to his car there was another woman leaning on it. His curiosity really went through the roof now. Another beauty that stood before him. She was leaning on the car with her arms folded. She looked at Usher.


3rd female “So you’re the owner of this black beauty?”


“Yeah this me…is there a problem…what‘s your name…I don‘t want to be rude or anything.”


“I’m Dimples and she’s Rain.”


(U) “Ok Dimples and Rain…now you ladies are the black beauties.”


(D & R) “Thank you.”


(U) “Well Dimples since you seem to be leaning on my car…what’s the problem?”


(D) “Only that you’re blocking me in so we can’t leave.”


(U) “You ladies can’t be leaving already…I just got here.” Dimples looked at Rain. They got the response they were hoping for.


(D) “We have a confession.”


(U) “I’m all for confessions…smiles…What’s on ya mind?”


(D) “We just wanted to get you alone.”


(U) “Well I‘m here…what’s up?”


(D) “We want to fuck you.” Usher was wondering if he was hearing her properly.


(U) “Hold up…you said we?”


(D) “Yes we.”


(U) “Just like that?” Then Rain responds.


(R “We’ve been waiting for you. Now that you’re here why waste time.” Rain opened up the car door to Dimples red Mercedes Benz convertible and stood by it. Usher noticed that was not the car that was being blocked. He knew he had been set up. He walked over to Rain.


(U) “What you tryna take me somewhere?”


(R  Shakes her head no


(U)“You want us to get busy in the car?” Dimples comes up behind him and talks by his ear.


(D) “You gotta problem with that?”


(U) “Do I gotta problem with fucking in a car…Hell no!”


Usher gets in the back seat of the car and Rain and Dimples join him. They waste no time undressing him. While Usher’s laid back in the seat Rain takes off his shirt while Dimples pulls down his pants. Usher was loving their aggressiveness. Then Dimples scoots beside Rain and they both start kissing his face. Rain kisses his lips and Dimples kisses his neck and his cheek on the opposite side. They were certainly getting Usher ready. Then they started kissing each other. While Usher enjoyed their show he took that moment and was feeling on Rain. Rubbing his hands up her legs, letting his hands travel under her dress and squeezing her ass while she was on her knees. Then Dimples grabbed his gigantuous pole that was standing at attention and massaged it with one hand while she entertained his balls with the other. He was getting worked from the top and the bottom.


Rain pulled her halter dress down at the top and fed Usher a mouthful of her perky breast. He barely could suck and lick them because Dimples was taking care of him so good at the bottom. Then he felt her stick a condom on him and hops on. Once he felt her warm walls surrounding his penis he lost his composure. He moaned and distorted his face because her insides fit him so snug. Rain decided to give his lips a break from tasting her breast and letting them work on something else. She climbed up on the seat and squatted over Usher’s face being sure to face Dimples. She leaned her back against the door while Usher held her thighs to give better leverage while he licked and sucked her wet clit along with continuing to fuck Dimples. Dimples and Rain leaned toward one another and started kissing each other again and licking each other on the face. The back seat of that convertible was rocking and then here comes the real rain.


The top was down on the convertible but Dimples was feeling to good to care. It just added another element to the scene. There bodies were already sweaty and wet but now they were turning into soaked and wet. Rain finally reached a climax from the vaginal massage that she was receiving.  She had to force herself to climb over the front seat and put the top up. Usher was still pounding on Dimples and shortly after, they both ended up erupting. She got up and let Rain take over. She liked the rainfall so she put the top back down. Usher was laying there with a big ole smile on his face. Rain peeled away the condom and started to kiss all over his shaft. She was determined to make him hard again. Usher cursed and pulled on Rains hair as he watched her put her mouth all over him. She could tell he was on his way…he was getting excited again. Dimples finally had enough of a break and returned to the back seat and started kissing Usher giving him her tongue to suck. Then she started licking on his nipples and using her tongue to trace over his tattoos. She slowly moved over every inch of his body that she wanted to conquer. Then she got up and squatted over top of him leaning up against the door for leverage now wanting her turn. She didn’t need him to hold her up, she knew how to hold her own.


Finally Rain started sucking his dick…taking all of him in her mouth. Usher was filled with all this sexual intensity, he abruptly took his hand and jammed his fingers inside of Dimples pussy and started finger fucking her. She screamed from this sudden invasion. She was expecting a tongue thrashing. She welcomed it anyway and twirled her hips around moving on his fingers like it was a penis. She grinded on them to stroke herself into an orgasm. Usher had nothing but pussy and ass all up in his face. Rain put another condom on Usher and got her turn. She pumped him and kissed Dimples in the process. Dimples squeezed her friends breast as they kissed. Then she licked Rains nipples playing with her tongue on them. She repeated going from her lips to the breast until one by one they came. First Dimples and when she came she fell out on the back of the car hood. Feet resting on Usher while the top half of her body was laying back. Then Rain but she still had work to put in because Usher wasn’t done yet. He grabbed her hips and kept forcing her down on his dick until finally he came again. Rain fell forward right on him after that. Everyone was silent and drenched but feeling good.


(U) “Wooo…now that’s how you fuck wit some pussy. Who’s ready for some more?” Dimples pops her head up and her and Rain both stare at him at the same time with expressions that say you gotta be kidding me.

(D) “You’re not satisfied yet?”

(U) “I was definitely satisfied, but I’m thirsty for more.”

(R   “My body is going to pay for fucking in a car. Dimples you and your bright ideas. WE FUCKIN SOAKED!”

(U) “What’s a little discomfort…It’s nice to have that Lil Freak come out every once in awhile.”

(D) “And I fuckin love it!”

(U) “You know I’ve done it in a car before, but never doubled my pleasure.”

(D) “Welcome to your pleasure being twice as nice, but you ain’t seen nothing yet. Wait till we get you in a hotel room. The Lil Freak you saw in us…was only a preview.

(U) “So it gets better than this?” They respond in unison.

(D & R) “Much better!”

(U) “YEAH MAN!!!!”




The End