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Hard to Walk Away

Thursday, December 25th, 2014

A Trey Songz Fiction Story

Written by Trish (@GimmeUnusual)

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The doorbell buzzed. I pressed pause on the PlayStation 4 and ran over to the door, pulling up my basketball shorts in the wake. I peered through the peephole and quickly turned the lock counterclockwise and then the door knob.


“Package for Mr. Neverson?” breathed an intoxicating caramel woman. My breath snagged as I took her in – eyes starting low and trailing up – blue and white New Balance tennis shoes, blue shorts that stopped above her knees, black belt, light blue short sleeved shirt tucked neatly into her shorts with the inscription ‘United States Postal Service’, black fingerless gloves and a baseball cap with her ponytail hanging from the back. Her right dimple brought me back to reality. I smiled at her and she blushed.


“Package for Mr. Neverson,” she repeats. “Can you sign for it?”


“I’m Mr. Neverson…uh…Tremaine,” I muttered as I took the clipboard, scribbled my name and handed it back to her. She grabbed it with her free hand and then pushed the box at me using her chest and left arm. I grabbed it, brushing against her breast and bare arm. A sharp electric current went through my body and when I glanced at her, I knew she felt it too. Her smile had dissolved and she looked at me with hungry eyes. She slowly closed her eyes, long lashes displayed across her cheeks and swallowed. When they fluttered back open I could tell she had recomposed herself.


“Trey, who is at the door?” Naya asked.


I turned in the direction of the voice and she was standing in the middle of the staircase in her pink cotton robe with a smirk on her face and her hands on her hips.


“It’s a delivery for me,” I coolly replied.


“Mmhmm,” she frostily mumbled.


I sighed, rolling my eyes as I turned my attention back to the USPS worker. Her expression had flipped like a switch. She eyed me with contempt. “Have a pleasant day Mr. Neverson…Tremaine,” she said with a sneer as she turned and stalked down the stairs.


I shut the door and turned toward Naya. She eyed me suspiciously while rubbing her arms for warmth.


I climbed the stairs to her, standing one step below her. “What’s yo problem now?”


She waves her arms all flamboyantly at me. “You were gawking at her like you were the fucking Cookie Monster ready to eat up all her got damn cookies.”


I rolled my eyes again and waved my empty hand in the air as to say ‘WHAT?’ “Here we go again with this bullshit Naya! She was dropping off a package.” I shake it in the air at her. “Stop being so fucking insecure!”


Her hands moved back to her hips and she’s thrown in neck rolling now. “Well I wouldn’t be insecure if you’d stop fucking around on me. I swear to God I will LEAVE YOU TREY!” She screams the last part making my eyes grow large.


“Ohhhh!” I growl as I threw my hand in the air and turned to walk back down the stairs. “I’m tired of this shit.” I mumbled under my breath.


When I got to the last step I looked back at her. She had her arms folded at her chest and was pouting.  “THERE IS THE FUCKING DOOR!” I signaled with my hand. “Ain’t nobody tying you down to the ground. GO!” I scoffed at her and then crossed into the family room.


I sat down on the couch and opened the box. My fingers maneuvered through the plastic with ease, pulling out my new Beats by Dr. Dre. I eyed them thoroughly, flipping them over and glancing at each side to make sure there were no defects. I fitted them to my head, adjusting them to my comfort. Finally I set them to the side and picked back up the controller.


I un-paused Grand Theft Auto V and continued my game. I got lost in the action until I was interrupted by a flying object passing my head. I looked to where it had landed and it was a key. With my face frowned up I looked in the direction of its origin.


Naya had two roller bags – one in each hand, a duffle bag thrown on her left shoulder and her purse on the right. “I’m going. Bye Trey.” She grabbed the lock and turned it but before her hand could reach the knob I was at her side, turning her to face me.


“Naya, I didn’t even do shit! You trippin’ over the delivery bitch?!?!” I soften my tone. “Don’t you see how ridiculous that is?” I rubbed the back of my hand across her cheek.


Her eyes are bloodshot from crying and she sniffled, “Trey, you made a good point.” She turned her head to disconnect from my touch. “I don’t wanna do this anymore. I don’t wanna wonder what you’re doing and who you’re with all the time. I don’t want to be insecure. I never was before…you know…it’s driving me crazy.”


I pressed both my hands together as though I was praying, trying to reason with her. “You told me you forgave me for that. It was one time and one time only. Did you not mean it?”


She lowered her head and shook it out of exasperation. “I thought I could forgive you. I tried.” Finally looking at me, “You know I tried like hell!” She choked back a sob, covering her mouth as the tears began to flow.


I grabbed the sides of her face and kissed her moist cheeks. “I’m sorry baby. Please don’t give up on me. I love you!” I whispered.


She shook her head again trying to rattle the thoughts away. “Maybe we should take a break.”


I tightened my grip, pulling her head up forcing her to look at me.  “Who needs a break?”


“I do!” she cried.


I slowly nodded, maintaining my hold on her face as I stooped to meet her gaze. “Nah girl…this ain’t over.”


“Trey, just let me go,” she pleaded, pushing my hands away and stepping back. “We need to re-evaluate our relationship and time apart will help you figure out what you really want.”


I step closer and she takes a step back. I hold my head down and grin. You play too much, I think. I look at her. Our eyes burn into one another, neither one of us giving in. I step forward slowly and I can visibly see her body stiffen. Taking another step I close in on her. I slowly reach up to her shoulders dragging the duffle bag and purse downward.


She took a deep breath, wiped her tearstained face and swallowed.


I placed the palm of my hand on her collarbone and slowly ran my hand up around her neck. With my other hand I circled her waist and simultaneously yanked her neck and waist towards me. As we stared into each other’s eyes, breathing the same breath I could see her reluctance gradually dissipate. “I don’t want you to go,” I shook my head in disgust at the thought. “But if you must…if you think it’s best for you…I won’t stand in your way. All I ask…” I put my index finger up to indicate ‘one.’  “Just one thing…please let me make love to you one last time.”


She squirmed aversely in my arms but her eyes betrayed her. I released my hold and grabbed her hand. Our fingers entangled and I lifted her hand up to my mouth and press a lingering kiss on it.


I lead her into our bedroom and turned to face her, grabbing her hips and bringing her into me. Her arms stowed defiantly behind her back. I gripped them, bringing them forward and placing them on my chest.


Her eyes silently begged for mercy, making me close my eyes in reprieve.  After a beat I opened them with renewed purpose…if she wants to leave, she can leave…but I’m gonna make it hard to walk away.


I pushed her up against the door, closing it in the midst. Our lips thrashed with the strength of thunder, crackling and rumbling across the sleeping airwaves. My hands gripped her hips and moved down to her ass, crushing the space between us.


She moaned in my mouth as her hands fiercely ran back and forth across my scalp. She thrust her hips at me, grinding on my hardness.


I pushed her back against the door, holding her at arm’s length. We both gasped for air, trying to steady ourselves.


I dropped to my knees and looked up at her. She penetrated me with hooded, sultry eyes.


I wrapped my arms around her waist and cradled my head on her belly. “God I love you,” I breathed. “I’m sorry that I failed you.”


I lifted the hem of her dress and kissed the thin material of her panties. I nuzzled my nose at the peak of her thighs and inhaled her delectable scent. Feeling her hands wrap around my head was my endorsement. Gripping her right thigh, I placed it on my shoulder and pulled her panties to the side. I sucked in her clit…holding it firmly between my top and bottom lips as my tongue teased and taunted it.


Her body instantaneously convulsed. “Mmmm,” I moaned. “You taste so good baby.” Her heel dug into my back and I took my index finger and slowly inserted it. In and out…in and out… I smiled. Her body was ready for me. I sucked her clit in once more and then circled my tongue around it. Her breathing became more rugged and her body began to tense.


“Not yet baby.” I shrugged her leg from off my shoulder and quickly clutched her hips, giving her an opportunity to catch her equilibrium. Her eyes were closed as she leaned against the door panting. I stood up, lifting her dress up with me and discarded it onto the floor. Grabbing her hips again, I pressed my tongue into her mouth and pulled her from the door. Unfastening her bra and pushing her over to the bed, stopping once the backs of her knees touched the edge of the bed.


I quickly stepped back, pulling my t-shirt over my head and tossing it to the floor. Our eyes remained locked as I put my thumbs inside my basketball shorts, expanded and with a slight downward force they fell to my ankles. I tucked the palms of my hands into my boxer briefs, leaving my thumbs out and pushed down, bending over and stepping out to disengage my ankles.


Every sound heightened and I instantly heard her breathing cease and it replaced by her palpable heartbeat. Her eyes blinked rapidly and she conspicuously gazed at my hardness. She licked her top lip and narrowed her eyes at me.


Her hand swiftly took a hold of me catching me by surprise. She dropped to her knees and expertly sucked me in, twirling her tongue around the head as her hands twisted around the base.


“Uhhh,” I moaned as my head fell back.


She pushed me further down her throat, licking and sucking me almost senseless.


I had to regain the reigns before things got out of control. I grabbed her arms and pulled her up to her feet. “That’s enough.”


She licked her top lip again and smiled mischievously at me. I grinned and stepped forward pressing our bodies together. I wrapped my arm around her and used the other to gently lower our bodies onto the bed.


I sat up on my knees. “You won’t be needing these,” I say as I clasp the sides of her panties with my index fingers and thumbs. She lifts, giving me permission as I peeled them down her sexy legs.


I glanced up and down her body…a body of pure perfection. I smiled at the lips tattooed on her mound and bent down to kiss it.


Grabbing the baby oil on the nightstand, I squirted some in my hands, rubbed them together and started at her neck. Kneading my fingertips down and across her shoulder blades, her eyes closed. I continued my journey, massaging both breasts simultaneously as her nipples hardened beneath my touch. She groaned and I continued my decent. I rubbed my hand across her belly, skipping her love and moving down to her thighs. Applying pressure, I brushed my hands up and down as my fingers pushed and prodded her muscles into submission.


Bending over I circled my tongue around her left nipple as my fingers manipulated the right.


“Trey! Mmmm give it to me,” she begged. “Please!”


“Be patient baby. I need this slow,” I say as my tongue swept over her nipple again. “You wanna leave me…” I switched to the other breast. “…so I gotta savor this.”


Her back arched off the bed as she pulled up the sheets and growled.


I descended, kissing and nibbling down the center of her chest, across her belly and inserting my tongue into her naval.


“UHHHH PLEASE TREY!” she shrieked.


I climbed up, hovering over her by placing a hand on each side of her head. Her eyes are crushed closed and her mouth is parted as she heavily sucks in air. I gave her a sweet peck on her bottom lip and warmly slid inside her.  I closed my eyes and rotated my hips. Her arms and thighs circled me, pressing me firmly into her.  Once her body acclimated, I changed strides, digging in and out.


“Shiii-IT,” I hissed.


“Uhhhh…shit, shit shit Trey…TREYYYYYYY! Oh God!!!”


Her body tightened and her legs began to tremble against my sides. I continued with each purposeful thrust until her love exploded all around me giving me jolts of pleasure. With muscles clamped down on me and one heady tremor, I shattered into pieces, releasing my cum inside her.


Consumed and exhausted, I relax, discharging my entire weight upon her. I buried my face in her neck and stroked the top of her head. “I love you girl,” I whispered.


Her arms tightened around me and she kissed my forehead. “You ain’t slick. I know you did that on purpose.”


I could sense the humor in her tone and I looked up at her. She was smiling at me and I returned her gaze.


“Big head! Why can’t you be like that all the time?” she pouted.


“I’ll do better. I promise,” I said sincerely.


She nodded and gave me the sweetest kiss. “I love you too. My love for you is what makes it so damn hard to walk away.”


I laughed.


“What?” She frowned.


“You sho it ain’t this Mandingo dick? You know I. PUTS. IT. DOWN!!!” I emphasized with flagrant hand gestures.


She laughed her infectious laugh and rolled her eyes at me. I closed my eyes and bathed in the sweet melody. I couldn’t imagine not hearing that sound anymore. She caresses my cheek and I opened my eyes. For the first time I knew without a doubt, that I can’t risk our love again.