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It Would Be You

It Would Be You – Part 9 (Conclusion)

Saturday, August 11th, 2012

A Trey Songz Fiction Story

Written by Trish (@GimmeUnusual)

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Trey searched Julie’s eyes in return for a brief moment and then he looked down as though he was in deep thought.


“I hear whatchu sayin but I…I just dunno,” Trey said as he leaned his back against the door.


Julie grabbed one of Trey’s hands, “Trey just answer this one thing for me. Back in Miami when we were in the car, you told me it would’ve been me. What did you mean by that? Those words have been playing in my head ever since you said them.”


“It doesn’t really matter anymore,” Trey replied.


“It matters to me. Tell me…please.”


Trey pulled his hand away and walked about 10 paces away before turning back around to look at her. “You had me. You had me,” he repeated as he neared Julie who now had her back against the door. “I wanted you so bad…enough to give up ever’body else. I’ve never had a woman intrigue me as much as you did. Shit I pulled out all the fuckin’ stops for you. You think I rent out yachts n’ shit for ever’body? You think I turn around and keep pursuing a woman that brushes me off…telling me she got a nigga n’ shit? You think I just fly anyone down to Miami to spend a fuckin’ day with them? Hell naw! But it was something about you that made me want to go as far as I did. Have you ever wanted something so bad you could taste it?” Trey watched Julie wipe a tear from her eye and shake her head up and down. “And wouldn’t you have done anything, gone anywhere to get it?”


Julie sniffed and nodded yes.


“Well that’s how I felt about you. Even after that stunt at the game, I’m back here in Minnesota, trying to get what I wanted…but you have yet to show me that you want me in return,” Trey said.


“I’m here now…right now…I’m standing before you letting you know that I was wrong…that I’m sorry…and that I don’t want to be what was but what is. I don’t wanna hear you tell me how you felt about me. I wanna know what you feel for me. I don’t wanna be the woman you would’ve given up everybody else for, but the woman you will give up everybody else for. I’m here now…ready…willing…and able to give you everything that you’ve been asking of me.” Julie stretched her arm out and placed her hand on Trey’s cheek. “I’m not leaving without you Trey.”


“I mean that sounds good n’ ever’thang but what about ole’ boy?” Trey questioned.


“It’s over between us. It’s been over; it just took you coming into my life to let me know that I can’t be harboring resentment for him. I gave him too much power over my life but I’m taking it back right now. I promise you that I don’t want him anymore. Trey…if I can have anything, I put it on everything, that it would be you. I just want you.”


Julie closed the space in between their bodies, forcing Trey to straighten up. She stared up into his eyes and he looked down into hers.


“I just want you,” Julie whispered.


Trey’s arms went around her body, pulling her even closer.


Julie’s head tilted further up and she slowly closed her eyes.


Trey smiled and moved a wayward strand of hair from her cheek. He lowered his head…hovering his lips over hers.


Julie opened one eye and looked at him. His face was lit with laughter. “You better kiss me,” Julie smilingly threatened.


Trey laughed and pressed his lips down onto hers. The atmosphere quickly turned from amusement to excitement as the fire between them began to crackle. Trey gripped the back of Julie’s head, intertwining his fingers into her hair. His mouth opened, drawing her lips inward. He pushed her up against the front door and Julie let out a whimper. She held his neck as his tongue pressed passed her lips and touched her tongue.


The temperature in the room continued to soar as Trey’s hands moved from her head and began to slide down her body, resting on her hips.


Julie clung to his body as his kisses began to paralyze her. The voices in her head telling her to slow down became a distant murmur in the wake of her thumping heartbeat and her raging hormones. She wanted him so badly…she could taste it alright…her thoughts got quickly interrupted from the sudden position change.


Trey lifted her up from the floor by her ass and wrapped her legs around his waist. It was in that moment that she could feel the bulge in his shorts. Trey walked her into his bedroom and climbed onto the bed with her. He ardently kissed her as he gripped the material covering her waist. His hands moved up her bare arms and rested on her shoulders. He moved his kisses over to her cheek and down her neck.


He noticed that she had one leg propped up which made her dress lift up to reveal her thigh. He lifted up from her body, removed his tee, and then grabbed the hymn of her dress. He looked into her eyes, almost as though he was asking for permission. Julie gave it to him…lifting her ass from the bed so he could raise it up over her head. He slowly moved the dress up over her head; caught off guard by the beautiful breasts she displayed…no bra.


He looked into her eyes and then allowed his eyes to trail down her body. He smiled, almost to the point of laughter.


“What’s so funny?” Julie inquired.

Trey snickered before answering, “You do have pretty panties.”

“Oh shut up!”


Trey laughed before lying back down on her and kissing her again. His hand cupped her breast and massaged. Julie could feel the moisture building up in between her thighs. The way his body felt on top of her was better than she had imagined.


Trey worked his attention down her body…planting kisses down the path. He kissed her nipples…sucked them in and then flicked them with his tongue. He kissed her belly button and then tucked his thumbs into the sides of her panties and pulled them off. He admired her exquisitely manicured fortress, kissing all around it, enjoying its floral aroma. As much as he liked her, going down on her from jump was a no go. He kissed her mound and climbed off the bed. He walked over to his suitcase and pulled out a box of condoms. He opened it and pulled one out. On his way back he dropped his basketball shorts and climbed out of his boxer-briefs.


Julie bit her bottom lip, trying her best to conceal her satisfaction. His dick was beautiful and the way he just took off his clothes right in front of her made her juices flow even more. He was so confident that it was sexy. Trey had the condom on by the time he reached the bed. He climbed right in between her legs, wet his dick with her juices, and rubbed her clit with the head.

Julie tilted her head back and closed her eyes as she arched her back. He was making her feel good and he hadn’t even put it in yet. He sucked on her chin as he continued to rub his head against her clit. Julie moaned. Trey dipped his dick in her opening to wet it a little more and continued rubbing her clit. Julie’s back arched more as she dug her fingers into his back. Her legs began to shake and that’s when Trey dug in. He pushed himself into her tight space. Julie jumped from the pressure.


“Where you going tho?” Trey asked as he positioned her back in place.

“Shheeitt,” was the only response Julie could muster up.


Trey watched her face as he pushed all the way in. He couldn’t tell if it felt good or if it hurt her. Her facial expressions were different from when he rubbed her clit. He started to circle inside of her and soon he got his answer…it was painful at first. Her facial expressions began to resemble the ones she made as he rubbed her clit. She was being pleased now and she showed it…licking her lips, huffing and puffing, and rolling her hips.


Once Trey made sure she was enjoying it, he allowed himself to enjoy it.


“FUCK!” Trey bit out. “Damn you tight girl.”

“Mmmm…I’m sorry. It’s…it’s been awhile.”

“Uhhh, shhittt. I see.”


Trey pulled out for a second.


Julie laughed.


“Now you can shut up,” Trey quipped.

“It’s okay baby. Don’t stop.”

“If I don’t…”

“I know. It’s fine. I just want you to stay inside me.”


Trey put it back in and his knees buckled on top of her. She squeezed him so tight that Trey could barely move inside of her. His legs could no longer work so he used his hips to continue. Her pussy wrapped around him like a swaddled baby and put his ass to sleep. She milked him dry, making Trey’s eyes roll to the back of his head as he curled his toes, jerked, and came.


He fell onto her chest and she rubbed his head, kissing him on the top of his head.


She could feel his heart beating fast against her chest with matching heavy breaths.


“Damn I fucked that up,” Trey finally said.

Laughing, “It’s okay baby. I loved it.”

“Naw…I ain’t going out like that.”


Trey got up off of Julie and pulled her ass to the edge of the bed. He knelt down on his knees and lifted her legs onto his shoulders. He went right in, feasting on her love. He licked her up and down, around her opening, and pressed his tongue inside. He retracted it before pushing back in.


Julie gripped the top of his head as her thighs simultaneously gripped the sides of his face. Trey continued to dip his tongue in and out of her and when he was done, he gave her clit a good licking. He stiffened his tongue and licked it firmly. With each lick his pace quickened until he felt her body shudder and she screamed out in passion. Her thighs closed around his face making Trey pry her legs open so he could breathe again.


Her body lied limp on the bed and Trey just watched her as she panted.


When Julie opened her eyes, Trey was smiling. She just shook her head.


“Yep, I did that,” Trey joked.

“You so silly.”


Trey climbed on the bed and pulled her up beside him. He put his arms around her and she lied in his arms.


They talked to the wee hours of the morning and when they couldn’t talk anymore, they made love again.




Next Morning


Trey opened his eyes and stretched. He looked to his right and Julie lied on her stomach with the sheets covering only her plump behind. Her bare back made something stir inside of him again.


She was so beautiful with her hair sprawled out over the pillows. He thought to himself, “I finally got you in my bed.”


He sat up in the bed and looked down at her as he began to reflect back to some of the conversations they had had. The words that she had said, the ones that played in his head like a melody—“If I could have anything, I’d put it on everything. That it would be you. I just want you.”


Trey began to hum a melody and then he began to sing it, “Girl don’t you move a muscle, Girl I just wanna touch you. If you ever took your love awayyy, I can truly sayyy, I’d die right here today. Don’t give me the worldddd. Nooo. I just want my girllll. If I could have anythangggg. I’d put it on ever’thanggg. That it would be you, you, you, youuu. I just want you, you, youuuu.”


Trey lied down beside her and song to her, “Pinch me if I’m dreaminggg.” Just then her body shifted and she turned to face him. Trey moved her hair out of her face and reached in for a kiss.


Julie’s eyes flickered open and she smiled.


Trey moved in closer, making their bodies touch. “Can I have you for breakfast baby?”


Julie grinned and shook her head yes. “For lunch and dinner too.”


“Mmmm that’s what I’m on,” Trey said as he pushed the covers back and climbed on top…