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Dance For You

Dance For You

Saturday, May 12th, 2012

A Beyonce Knowles Fiction Story

Written by Syreeta (@Only1ME_Syreeta)

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I reluctantly walk to take a seat on this plane. It was storming big time out but my baby is always up to something and this was his bright idea. He didn’t want us to see each other until we met in a secret location so I decided to play along. I sat down shaking my head as I looked out the window. Fifteen minutes went by and still no take off.


(thoughts) Oh is this plane gonna ever get off the ground. From the looks of things outside this storm doesn‘t seem to be letting up at all…looks at watchsighs…huh…God I can’t wait to get out of here. Suddenly the captain’s voice comes through the intercom.


“I’m sorry bout the delay Ms. Knowles but as you can see this weather is causing a bit of a problem as far as take off. We’re dealing with some night time fog as well. We shouldn’t be grounded for too long.” Great! I thought. Out of all times for me to be on a private plane about to start my vacation and I get stranded. I gotta get to my boo. The captain interrupts my thoughts again.


“We should be able to take off in about 20 to 45 minutes at the most depending on the direction of the storm.”


Forty-five min…huffs…might as well pull out my ipad and get comfortable…No, let me call him first…dials numberhums while it rings…“That’s strange. I wonder why he’s not picking up.” I decided to kick my heals off and stretch my legs so I took my seatbelt back off and got out of my seat. I walked around exploring the plane brushing my hand over all the little details and imagining if you were here. It was kind of nice having the plane all to myself. The thunder rolling in the background and the sudden flicker of the lightening. The sound of the rain drops as they fell on the wings and hit the top of the plane. It was oddly romantic but you were still missing. I decided to turn on some music. “Ahh! They’re playing my song…singsTonight I’m gonna dance for youuu (oh whoa ohh).” I break out into a little routine. Then my phones rings. It’s him. My little secret.


“Guess what…I’m stuck on the plane.”


“Damn babe. You have any idea when you gone get here?”


“No. I don’t even know when we’re going to take off exactly. Of all times to be flying private and I can’t even get to you.”


“Oh you‘re gonna get to me alright.”


“I wish we could’ve flown together.”


“You didn’t enjoy being surprised with the private plane and having to meet me at a secret location?”


“Baby I love it. I love it all. I just wish we could’ve did it together.”


“Don’t worry it’s a whole lot of other things we’re gonna do together.”


“I can’t wait to see you. I have something I wanna do for you that I haven’t done in a long time.”


“Why you teasing me like that?”


“You’re not the only one who’s full of surprises.”


“Let me talk to the captain.”




“Just let me talk to him.”


“Baby what are you going to say?”


“I just wanna tell him something. Let me talk to him.”


“I’m not gonna do that.”


“Why not? I’ma be nice. Shit! He carrying precious cargo. Just let me talk to him. Hurry up before you end up having to prepare for take off.”


“Baby the way this rain is coming down with this storm, I doubt that happens anytime soon.”


“Well just let me talk to him…come on.”


sighs…“Ok, but be nice.” I walked up to the front and knocked on the door of the cock pit. The captain opened it.


“Is everything ok?” I’m steady smiling as he sees my phone in my hand. I was a little embarrassed to even tell him someone on the phone wanted to talk to him. But I did. He obliged and took the call. Of course I only could hear the captains end of the conversation which was “yes sir”, “no we wouldn’t want that to happen”, “as soon as possible” and “I heard you loud and clear.” I just shook my head. I knew my baby was questioning that man way too much. But he wanted me where ever he was and believe me I wanted to be there. The captain handed me back the phone but it was hung up. I was surprised. He didn’t even get back on the phone with me.


“He told me to tell you that he has all the faith in the world that I’ll be able to get you to him tonight so he’ll see you later.”


“Realistically will I get to where he is tonight?”


“Don’t worry Ms. Knowles you two will be together.”


Well if he was so sure about it then I wasn’t going to stress over it. I went back and got comfortable on the couch. I picked my ipad up and decided to listen to my song “Dance For You.” Why not work on what I wanna do for my man tonight. This was the perfect opportunity. As soon as I was about to play it I got a text message from him.


>I can’t wait 2c u…let’s skype…now! Sign in.< I clicked on the icon and signed in. He was on and waiting. It was so good to see his face. It had been two days.


“Hey daddy.”


“Look at my sexy lady. I couldn’t wait. I cheated.”


“Wait a minute. Where are you? How come I can’t see your surroundings? Baby where are you?”


“I can’t give the secret location away.”


“Hmm…you can be so sneaky sometimes. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad one.”


“Well believe this, when it comes to you it’s all good. What were you doing…let me guess…catching up on work instead of relaxing?”


“Something like that.”


“You said that with a little mischief in your voice. What are you doing Bey?”


“It partially has to do with work, but it’s the kind I like to put in on you.”


“You being freaky on that plane without me?”


I smile “No…you would like that though wouldn’t you, especially the way I‘m feeling.”


“Show daddy how you feeling.”


“I can’t.”


“Why not?”


laughs “I’m on a plane with the captain a few feet away…or have you forgotten?”


“Come on please…do something for me. Go in a more private area just for a little bit.”


I’m steady grinning at him shaking my head. Only this man could make me misbehave. There was another spot that I could go to so I went.

“Ok hold up for one second.” There was a room in the back and the best part about it was it had nice floor length three way mirror. My man was in for a show.


“Babe what are you doing?” I queued up the music as I carried him in my arms.


“Baby can you hear that?”


“Yeah. Aw shit! What my baby bout to do for me?”


“Sit back and watch.” I quickly took my ipad and placed it on a stand that was a few feet away from the mirrors, leaning it up against the wall. I stood in front of the mirror making sure my man still had a visual of me.


“Can you see me ok babe?”


“Damn right I can see you.”


“Welcome to the pre-game show.”


He was about to see Bey in 3D. I had my backside facing him with my body partially turned while I peeked back at him. I was about to show ’em how much I appreciated him. With my legs spread wide apart I rubbed my thighs and slowly dipped down and rocked my hips as I came back up. Swiftly I hugged my waist with my left hand steadily working my hips as they swayed from side to side.


“Oo yeah work it baby.”


I was gonna work it alright. I ran my hands through my hair then flung it around on my neck. Then I took my hands and glided them down my sides lastly resting them on my ass…working it around and around and around…


“Damn baby my dick is hard as shit! All that ass, ass, ass! I need that ass in my face!”


I finally stayed facing him and smoothly came out of my shirt. I brushed my arms lightly with my hands hugging them while wildly whipping my head around in circles then transitioning my hands into cupping my breast. I kissed the exposed skin of each one and then I pushed them in close gliding my tongue down my cleavage. Then seductively I ran my tongue over my lips as I stared at my baby. As I watched my man I turned more friskier. I took my palms and glided them down my stomach feeling for the zipper to my high waisted shorts. I wasn’t the only one feeling more frisky. My baby was definitely excited and he showed me just how excited he was. My golden yellow rock was out on full display dancing for me. I teased him as I rocked from side to side inching out of my shorts. He couldn’t wait to get a glimpse of his jewel. His wait was over. I was down to nothing but my thong and bra. I suddenly dropped it like it’s hot and wiggled like a worm as I came back up.


“Mmm yeah baby work dat ass like it was on my dick.” I winked at him.


I crouched down and slowly crawled in his direction sliding my tongue all over my lips and puckering them for him. Once I was a little closer I rolled onto the floor laying flat on my back with my legs bent. As my hands lay flat to my sides I pumped my ass up and down popping it to the beat. Giving him front row view of his sugar mama. I wish he was literally here for things to really go down but I’m all for encores.


Knock! Knock! Knock!


“Shit!” I whispered. I jumped all of a sudden and looked at the door.


“Ms. Knowles!” I sit up and respond trying to sound as normal as possible.




“We’re about to take off. I’ma need you to be in your seat. Just for take off and then you can come back in here.”


“Ok. I’ll be right there.” My heart was beating a mile a minute. My baby was laughing at me, one because I had an embarrassed look on my face and two I was quickly trying to get dressed. I looked at him shaking my head. “I’m gonna get you for this. You wait.”


“I am waiting baby. Come and get daddy we waiting for you.”


“You lucky you’re on that screen right now.”


“Look I gotta go anyway. Don’t worry we will pick this back up. I’ll see you in a few.”


“Bye baby.” I blew him a kiss and then picked up my ipad to go back to my seat. I fastened myself in and was just sitting there with nothing but a smile. I had to laugh at myself thinking back at my reaction to the captains voice as he startled me while I was in the middle of my act. That was so funny now that I think about it. He’s so in for it when I see him. The next thing I see is the captain opening up the plane door and seconds later my baby walking through it. I couldn’t believe it. I took my seat belt off and stood up shocked. He came walking toward me. I”m sure I had the oddest look on my face. I really couldn’t believe he was here.


“Now what was that you were saying a minute ago?”


smiling “We were waiting for you weren’t we?”


“All apart of the surprises.”


“Ok wait a minute. Where were you just now when I saw you?”


“I was in the stretch.”


“You was doing that in the car?” He pulls me close.


“You make me naughty anywhere.”


“I surely hope the driver didn’t see you.”


“If she did she got a show too.”


“If she did she’s gonna have a problem.”


“She ain’t see me. She was too busy paying attention to the road. It was dark anyway.”


“It’s not hardly dark.” he laughs.


“You know what I mean.”


“You know it’s about to go down right?”


“Oh I know…and you’re gonna finish showing me that dance too, but this time on me.” kisses


“Mmm I will now that my pole is here. The dance works better with equipment.”


“I got a Dance For You too. It’s with my tongue.”


God I loved this man. Too bad the world won’t know who he is right now. A girl has to have some privacy so for now he’ll stay my little secret.