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Bad Boy

Bad Boy

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

A Zoe Saldana Fiction Story

Written by Tricia (@GimmeUnusual)

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Jonathan: Oops *grabbing her arms so she wouldn’t fall*…I’m sorry! You okay?

Zoe: *Wiping off her Steve Madden pumps* Yeah, just watch where you’re going next time.


She rolled her shoulders to release herself from his embrace and finally looked up into his face. His eyes caught her attention immediately. They were blue, so blue that she could see her reflection in them. They swayed like the ocean and she found herself drifting off in them. She gave him a half smile and he smiled back and walked away.


Zoe fixed her purse that had been knocked from her shoulder and began to walk away. She couldn’t help but to have a second helping, so she turned her body half way around to watch him walk away.


He made it to the stop light at the corner and was standing with both hands in his khaki pants pockets. His briefcase slightly covered his ass but she saw enough to know he was fit. He had on a blue short-sleeved polo shirt that revealed his tattoos. Right when the light turned green, he looked back and saw her staring at him.


Zoe quickly turned around and picked up the pace to get to her appointment.




Zoe:  Mr. Lonestar, I understand what you’re saying but I want to diversify my portfolio to get more of a return. Can you help me pick out some other investments?

Mr. Lonestar: Zoe how many times do I have to tell you to call me Harold?

Zoe: I’m sorry Harold…it’s just the way I’ve been raised.

Harold: You should teach a course to some of these young ones around here…pants sagging, no respect for their elders, it’s a terrible shame.

Zoe: I agree with you.

Harold: As for your investments, I would advise you NOT to be so aggressive, there’s no need. Let’s change some of your allocations, maybe less international equities and more domestic. What do you think?

Zoe: Mr. Lonestar…

Harold: Harold.

Zoe: *Smiling* Harold. This is the perfect time for me to be aggressive. I’m young, I have no children, but I’d like to have a nice stash set aside for my future children…my grandchildren…

Harold: Well maybe in my old age I’ve become more conservative…the bottom-line, I’m just your investment consultant. At the end of the day, you tell me how you want it allocated and I will make that happen.

Zoe: Finally, we’re in agreement. Great seeing you again Harold. *Shaking hands*

Harold: You too Zoe. Tell your mom I said hi.

Zoe: I sure will. Have a great one.

Harold: You too.


Zoe lived only three blocks from Fidelity in a beautiful high-rise condo. She ran down the long staircase and headed in the direction of home.


Jonathan: *Holding one single sunflower up to her face* I owe you a shoe shining.

Zoe: *Taking the flower and smiling* Thank you.

Jonathan: I don’t want you to think I’m stalking you or anything because I waited out here for you…well I am…but I think you were stalking me first.

Zoe: How you figure?

Jonathan: I saw you checking my butt out.

Zoe: *Laughing* You are full of yourself…I did no such thing.

Jonathan: Look me in my eyes and tell me you weren’t checking out my butt.

Zoe: *Looking down playing with the petals in her flower* You have it twisted; you were checking me out.

Jonathan: Guilty as charged. *Extending a hand* I’m Jonathan.

Zoe: *Shaking hands* Zoe.

J: Can I treat you to that shoe shining right now and perhaps lunch? *Extending his arm to point the way*


Zoe smiled and followed in the direction of his arm. They walked about a block and a half to a shoe shine station where Jonathan knew the shiner. They shook hands in only the way a real man shakes hands with another man, and then Jonathan surprisingly lifted Zoe by the waist up off the ground and sat her in the high chair. Damn, a manly man!


Jonathan: Bobby I need you to take very good care of this young lady here. See…I messed up. I was blinded by her beauty and fumbled…stepping all over her shoes.

Zoe: *Laughing* You’re so cheesy.

J: *Holding his heart* Cheesy? You breaking my heart baby girl…I would have you to know that that was my best pick-up line right there. Aye Bobby, I don’t know much about shoes but those look a lil’ expensive to me so I need you to save me from a lawsuit.

Bobby: Man these are some top of the lines shoes right here. *Looking at Zoe* Don’t worry darling, I’ll have em’ looking brand new again.

Zoe: Thank you.


Zoe watched Jonathan and Bobby’s banter…they joked and teased each other. Jonathan was refreshingly funny and outgoing. He was also very polite. He offered his seat with no hesitation to a lady wanting a shoe shine. He made direct eye contact with Zoe every time he spoke to her…he was confident and believable.


J: What do you have a taste for Miss. Zoe?

Z: “You,” her thoughts said. I’m not picky…whatever you have a taste for.

J: It’s a nice, lil’ café right around the corner. They make the best Rueben sandwiches. They make their bread from scratch every morning and have a homemade sauce they use…*kissing the tips of his fingers* Perfecto mundo!

Z: Locali’s…I love that place.

J: You’ve been there…GREAT!


Jonathan put his hand on Zoe’s lower back and guided her in the direction of the deli. They took a seat and ordered their meals. His conversation was interesting. He talked a lot, but it was far from annoying. His face would light up every time something excited him and in turn he made her laugh. He was silly and engaging…she found herself staring at his lips as they moved. They looked so soft.


Zoe: What’s wrong?

J: Nothing…why?

Z: You stopped talking.

J: Humph…I don’t know how to take that. I think I’m slightly insulted…you tryna say I talk too much?

Z: *Laughing* NO! Not at all! I enjoy listening to you.

J: Are you always this quiet or is it because I haven’t let you get a word in?

Z: The latter one…*laughing*…I’m just kidding. I’m pretty quiet…a little.

J:  Quiet people are observers. What have you observed about me?

Z: Ummm…a lot.

J: Such as?

Z: Your nose bunches up every time you get excited. You have a dimple in your chin that only comes out when you tuck your lips inside your mouth. Sitting here…right now…you have a wrinkle in your forehead. You’re slightly amused because you know I’m right. And you light up every time you talk about your job. I can tell you love what you do.

J: I do. What else?

Z: Your nails are manicured…you haven’t done an ounce of hard labor.

J: *Laughing* I’m a computer analyst…no hard labor involved in that.

Z: You’re a very bad boy.

J: Me??? Never! I’m all good.

Z: I don’t believe that…you have a tribal tattoo going up your arm…definitely something a bad boy would do.

J: Hmmm…well I must be the devil then because I have a dragon on my back. *Putting a fry in his mouth* What you think about that?

Z: Sounds interesting.

J: It is…a work of art. So you like bad boys?

Z: *Grinning*

J: Yeah you do.

Z: No, I wouldn’t say I like bad boys. I like good men…uhhh…with a little naughty in them. Excuse me for a minute…*taking her napkin out of her lap and placing it on the table* I’m going to the ladies room.


Jonathan nodded and watched her knee-length skirt rock back and forth as her hips swayed to the rhythm of her heels clicking upon the linoleum.


He waited a brief moment…debating his next move. He pulled out his wallet, left $30 to take care of the bill, and headed towards the bathroom. In his mind he saw this backfiring…he spaced out for a moment imagining an unknown woman screaming, “Get outta here!” as he opened the door.


He snapped back to reality and cracked open the door to the ladies room. Zoe stood leaning on the sink, staring at her reflection in the mirror. She stood straight up and turned around to face him when he entered. He looked at her intensely before breaking eye contact to observe the two stalls. Both doors were open so he knew they were alone. He looked back at Zoe who stood motionless, almost frightened. He locked the door behind him and began walking toward Zoe who retreated…backing up until she reached the wall.


He stood directly in front of her, aligning his body with hers…so close that he could feel the warmth of her breath. He stared into her eyes, lowering his head to reach her lips. When their lips met, Zoe slid her hands up his chest and around his neck. Jonathan pushed his tongue into her mouth as he subdued her. He lifted her from the floor and Zoe instantaneously wrapped her legs around his waist.


He set her up on the sink and pulled her body close. Their lips briskly divided and they both stared into each other’s eyes again…contemplating…wondering…daring to continue. Their eyes must’ve said yes because Jonathan lifted Zoe’s arms into the air and lifted off her double tees. Zoe followed his lead…lifting off his polo shirt. His body was the business…perfect tides down his stomach, strong biceps, and rigid pecks…a god indeed.


Jonathan hungrily kissed Zoe…trailing his fingers up her dress and around her panty-covered ass.


Zoe began to unfasten his pants as Jonathan rubbed her breasts and kissed on her neck. Zoe pushed up from the sink to lift her ass while Jonathan removed her panties. He reached into his wallet and pulled out a condom. He quickly put it on and pushed up her skirt a little higher. He lifted Zoe’s left leg up on his shoulder and eased inside her begging pussy. He started off slow but soon picked up the pace. Zoe moaned in his ear as he rocked her body with pleasure. He hit it hard, making her body drip.


Jonathan took her other leg and placed it on his shoulder, and completely lifted her from the sink. He put her back up against the wall and fucked her good. Zoe attempted to brace herself by leaning on the towel dispenser. Failed attempt as it came crashing to the floor. The loud thump as it hit the floor was lost to Jonathan; he continued banging her out aiming for the homerun.


*knock knock knock*


Worker: Who locked this door? What’s going on in there?

Zoe: *Out of breath* Jus…just a…just a minute!


Jonathan didn’t stop and Zoe didn’t want him to. He was fucking her into oblivion. Zoe squealed, unable to hold her cries of passion inside. She held onto his neck as her pussy tightened and ripples began to rumble through her stomach. She screamed as she climaxed…


*knock knock knock*


Worker: You have to come out of here…NOW!

Zoe: *Breathing heavy* One moment…

Worker: No, NOW! I’m going to get the key.


Jonathan wouldn’t stop…he was almost there. He continued driving in and out until his body exploded. His dick pulsated inside of her as it jerked out all its love.

Zoe: She’s about to come in here…let me down.


Jonathan put her down and she hurriedly threw her tees back on. She threw her panties into her purse and helped him get his polo shirt on while he fastened his pants. They both walked out together as the worker was looking for the right key.


The few customers that were in the restaurant gawked at them…


Customer: You should be ashamed of yourselves!


Zoe put her head down and ran out the restaurant. Jonathan followed behind her…

J: I guess you were right; I’m a very bad boy but I was right too…you like them bad boys.


Zoe spanked him on the ass and he pulled her into his arms, planting a kiss on her cheek.