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Put It In

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

“Put It In”

A Sammie Fiction Story

Written by Trish (@GimmeUnusual)

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It’s nothing that I like more than a woman who will take control…push me to my limits…send me on a mission.




I was sitting up in bed, propped up on some pillows, humming as I wrote a few lyrics down. I heard the shower stop and shortly afterwards the bathroom door opened and Callie walked out. I had to tell myself to close my mouth before I drooled. She caught me all off guard. Her silky hair was pinned up with a few wet tendrils stuck to her neck. She held the towel at her breast, a towel that missed its purpose of drying her off. Water dripped from her body and one particular stream had me spellbound. I could only imagine its beginnings, starting from her love and seeping out. Why would you ever wanna leave? It ran down her inner thigh, seeming to stall a bit, taking its time to bask in that area. It completed its’ slow trail down her thigh, continuing pass the side of her knee, and moving fast down her leg before it disappeared into her ankle.


I wanted to be that stream of water.


I guess she noticed me staring at her because she glided over in my direction, reached down and took my notebook outta my hands, and placed it on the nightstand by my bed. She moved the comforter to the side, dropped the towel, and straddled me.


“I see you like it,” she said as her thighs gripped my sides and her arms went around my neck.

“I love it,” I replied.


The palms of her hands grasped each side of my face and she drew me near to her lips. I squeezed her hips firmly as her lips grazed across mine before she sucked in my bottom lip. She teased it, rolling her tongue around it, pulling on it, and biting it. When she had me just where she wanted me…on the edge and hungry for her, she pressed her tongue to the back of my throat and made me jerk with anticipation.


I grabbed her up and laid her on her back, making her head dangle off the end of the bed. The stream of water that manipulated her body came back to mind. I decided to trace it in reverse. I started at her ankle, circling my tongue around the bone and nibbling on the soft spots of her lower leg. I traced my tongue up her leg, sipping up her Caribbean aroma. When I got to her thigh, I slowed my maneuvering…subduing the quest, relishing in the journey, and anticipating my dive.


I spread her legs apart so that I could explore her love garden. I kissed her flowerbed and licked it from beginning to end, wetting each petal. I dug my tongue deep inside and it quickly became wet season. Her dew overflowed, spilling and melting onto my tongue. I sipped it up. She was my drink of choice. She tasted so sweet, just like my favorite candy.


Just then, she took control. She turned me onto my back and straddled my face. She put her love over my mouth and I continued to bathe it. She rocked her hips, picking up the pace as my tongue continued to swipe her clit. She pulled up and I stuck my tongue far out. She let it glide inside and began to pop up and down on it. She rode my tongue like it was a rodeo ride, bucking and screaming like it was a scary ride. When her cream came dashing out, I knew she was ready for me.


I let her stay in place, catching her breath while I lifted up to remove my boxer-briefs. She eased down off my face in slow motion, trying to regain her strength. I figured I’d take over to give her a break but her one hand stopped my chest from turning her over.


“Imma put it on you tonight,” she whispered in between each deep breathe.


I put my arms underneath my head and prepared for the show. She slid down the bed and took my dick in her hand. She shoved it to the back of her throat. I watched as she stuffed it in, taking little by little…squeezing it all in. Her jaws were puffed out and I could feel her spit running down it. Her tongue touched the base of my shaft, running up and down it. She sucked and squeezed it with her cheeks, slurping as she retracted and reinserted. I loved to watch her. She sucked and licked me like I was her favorite candy…a lollipop I suppose. After her jaws got tired, she worked me with her hand as her tongue licked and sucked my head. She gripped my dick with both hands, one stacked on top of the next. She twisted, simultaneously—one hand clockwise and the other counterclockwise—while she sucked on my head.


“Oooooooooo….SHYT BABY!” I screamed.


She had me slewed, on the verge of bussing.


Before I could let it out, she abruptly stopped.


“Not yet baby,” she said.


She climbed on top of me and grinded her pussy on it. It was still dripping wet. Shyt, she had me dripping wet too…perspiring all over the place. She made it hot, so hot that the walls began to precipitate. The feeling that she built up in me was unparallel to anything I’ve ever felt before. Her body moved like a snake, grinding, slithering, and rolling on me. She was my temptress, my weakness, the one thing that made my knees buckle and I was lost in her fortress.


“Baby put me in,” I pleaded.


My toes curled when she grabbed my dick in her hand, centered it under her hole, and slid down on it. She squeezed her pussy muscles as she sucked me in. She had a nigga gone. She went up and down on it at the slowest possible pace, each time with a squeeze. She was draining the shyt outta me. I gripped her so tight that she ended up pushing my hands away. She had my body in a V…I was so close to the edge that both my back and legs had rose from the bed. And just when I thought it couldn’t get no better, she turned around on my dick and began to ride me reverse cowgirl style. The skin around my dick twisted as she turned and before she could get one motion in, my mouth hit her back as I jerked all the way up and nutted in her.


She made me cum hard but I wasn’t…couldn’t be done until she got hers. I never went down immediately, so while I was still on hard I put her on her knees and entered her from behind. She fitted me like a glove, closing snuggly around me. I hit it fast and hard while I could, going hameth on it, hoping that she would hurry up and get hers in. I rubbed her clit, trying to produce a faster reaction. She began yelping, calling out for help, begging for mercy. I was impressed with the effect she had on my body…the sensation built back up in me and I was ready for so much more. My body responded to her love, craving it, thirsty for it, never satisfied.


I lifted one of Callie’s legs and held it as our bodies smacked together. My balls were hitting her clit with every thrust. She moaned, cussing me out under her breath while also telling me how much she loved my dick. She was serious ‘bout that shit too…made me wanna laugh.


“Mmmm I love your pussy,” I had to admit.


I didn’t expect her to work me that close that fast, but she had me on the edge the way she was throwing it back at me. She rocked her pussy with precision, never missing a beat.


“Cum fo…”


Before I could get my sentence out, she collapsed on the bed as her body jolted. I went down with her, feeling her cream run down my thighs. I continued to pump, trying to achieve her high. She pulled at the sheets, fighting against the intensity of it all. She quickly got me there, had me touching the moon and stars above.


My addiction, my remedy, the one that never failed to put it on me.