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Jigsaw–-Part 3 (Conclusion)

Friday, June 15th, 2012

A Lloyd Fiction Series

Written by Trish (@GimmeUnusual)

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Today is the day of my listening party. I’m excited about it. I’m hoping it will bring me outta this funk I’ve been in. I stopped calling Ivy but I still think about her constantly. It’s been 16 days and she hasn’t called or come to see me yet. Kind of lets me know she didn’t really love me. I’m starting to wonder if she just wanted the money…I don’t know what I’m saying…she had access to plenty of money already and she didn’t take none of it with her. I know it wasn’t the money but I just can’t understand it. Was it really just the marriage and kid thing? I don’t understand how it was so easy for her to walk away and I’m struggling like this. I’ve been trying not to fuck anybody else just in case she came back around, but I’m starting to think the best way to forget about her is to fall into someone else…




The house started to fill up. Angie did a great job; she even hired parking attendants, a DJ, and a bartender. I didn’t think about that shit. Guess I was just gone press play on my iPod and let the shit rip through the crib’s built-in stereo system. Greeting everyone started to cheer me up. I put my fake smile on and before long I wasn’t faking it anymore. Might have a lil something to do with the patron in my glass or the pretty women walking into my spot, but whatever it was, I was just glad to genuinely smile.


Polow greeted me with a hand shake and half hug, “What up bruh? You got it set up nice. Ivy did this?”

“Naw…you did this,” I joked.

“What you mean?”

“Yo idea…yo money. Put this shit on the Zone 4 account,” I emphasized.

“Aw that’s cool. We needed this. It’s filling up nicely. How many people you invite?”

“50…they’ll be cool. The speakers loud enough to reach any part of the house and the house will definitely accommodate 50. Plus I don’t expect everybody to show up.”

“Release party, free food, free drinks…shit they all gone show up and bring others with them. I hope you ordered enough food,” Polow teased.

“Don’t tell me that shit. Dayum I didn’t think about that.”

“How much food you order?”

“Enough for 60 and that’s it. Shit…Imma run outta food.”

“Don’t stress. They eat what’s here…when it’s gone they drink and when that’s gone they carry their asses home. What’s wrong with you? Seem like you been out of it lately. Like you stressed.”

“Me and Ivy broke up.”

“Word? When and for what?”

“Almost three weeks ago. She ready to get married and have some babies. I ain’t ready though.”

“Damn, that’s fucked up. Y’all were good together. Hell y’all already acted like y’all was married, why not make it official?”

“Same shit she said.”

“Well it’s plenty of hunnies here. Find one and get ya mind off her.”

“That’s exactly what I plan to do too.”

Shaking hands, “Stay up bruh.”

“Aye you too man.”


I circulated around the room thanking everybody for coming. My boys KB, Mitch, Ryan, Big Matt, and Kelo all showed up. My brother Chuckie walked in later too. I was glad to see them because they kept me laughing. It was just the distraction I needed. You know my mama and sissy Brandi made an appearance too. They really lifted a nigga up. Everybody seemed to be enjoying themselves so I was happy. About 30 minutes into the gathering Polow got on the DJ microphone and introduced the new music. The DJ put it on and I was proud of the fact that everyone was grooving to it. They were rubbing on my shoulder telling me how good it was.  For the first time I finally stopped thinking about Ivy until I spotted Charmaine in the crowd. Charmaine is Ivy’s best friend. They grew up in church together so they say they’re sisters, but they ain’t. They been around each other for so long though that they’re starting to look alike. They can actually pass for sisters. I made my way over to her, wondering why she was here because I showl didn’t invite her.


I pulled on her arm, “Yo, what you doing here?”

“Hey. My cousin invited me at the last minute. She was supposed to bring somebody else but they got sick and couldn’t make it. She called me at about 7 and asked me if I could come.”

“Does Ivy know you here?” I asked.

“I didn’t have time to tell her. It was all last minute. How you been?”

“I’m good. How is Ivy?”

“She’s not doing as good as you obviously. You look like you got your life back together. She, on the other hand, is still a mess. Why won’t you marry my girl? She loves you so much.”

“I love her too. I’m fuckin’ miserable without her. She the one that kicked me to the curb like last week’s garbage.”

“She was hoping you would come around and step up to the plate. She told me you stopped calling her.”

“She wouldn’t return any of my calls. Why da fuck Imma keep calling for? Obviously she wanted to seriously move on so I was gone let her.”

“She doesn’t wanna move on Lloyd. She wants you to go over there and propose to her.”

“Well I ain’t doing that. I’m not ready for that.”

“Well at least go talk to her. She would be glad to see you.”

“Every time I go over there her mom tells me she ain’t home. I ain’t got time for these games. Either she loves me or she doesn’t.”

“She loves you. Trust me…I’ve been listening to her cries since y’all broke up. She loves you more than anything. You just need to show her that you love her just as much as she loves you and that y’all gone be together.”


Charmaine made a good point…it was time for me to show my commitment to her. Charmaine knew Ivy better than anyone so if she thinks she still loves me, then she must. I want my baby back so I’m willing to give her all of me. I wanted to leave my party and drive over to her house, but I couldn’t…not cause I needed to be at my own party…my ass was just too drunk to drive. I needed to be at my best when I get her back so I figured I’d wait a day. Plus, I need to get to a jeweler and get my baby a ring.



Next Morning


I got up early the next day to get over to the jeweler. I wasn’t sure of her ring size but I kind of remembered her putting my ring on her ring finger and it being just slightly too big. They took my ring measurement and went a size below. I spotted the ring I wanted for her immediately. They told me it would take about an hour for them to resize it and engrave it for me. I told them I’d come back to pick it up. I had some other errands to run. I stopped at Victoria Secrets to get her a matching panty and bra set. Then I stopped at the florist to pick up some Begonias for her. That’s my baby’s favorite flower. I know all my baby’s favorite things. Afterwards I went back and scooped the ring up.


I was sweating bullets as I began my drive over to her house. I knew her mom would be at work so I wasn’t worried about that; I was worried about her saying no.


I was glad to see the Benz in the driveway. I walked up to the door and rung the bell. I saw her peek through the blinds in the window and then walk over to the door to open it. Her hands covered her mouth and nose, and tears streamed down her face. She hopped into my arms. I held her so tight…I couldn’t, didn’t wanna let her go. I was mad at myself for letting my own tears drop…but shit I missed her.


“I thought you didn’t love me anymore,” she cried.

“I’ve never stopped loving you…I won’t ever stop.”


We stood silent just holding each other for a while. She had my shoulder wet with her tears…all I could do was hold her close.


I finally let go, “These are for you.”

“Come in,” she invited.


We sat on the couch and I watched her open up her Victoria Secret’s box. Her face lit up and she gave me a peck on the lips to show gratitude. It was the sweetest taste…those lips had been absent way too long from mine. I wanted more but she gave me the courage to talk. Now I know she loves me too…


“Ivy the day that you left, you took the very best of me away. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t think…you were my mind, my spirit, and my heart…without you I couldn’t live. I was just a shell of a man stumbling around on this Earth lost without its essence. I want you back…I need you back, and I’m realizing now that it’s nothing I wouldn’t do to become whole again. I promise you that you are good enough for me. You are good enough for any man walking this planet, but I guarantee you that God made you only for me. I promise you that I won’t neglect you, forsake you, or diminish just how much you’re appreciated. I promise to be true to you and to always show you just how much I love you. I promise to always give you the very best of me. And I promise to not make any promises that I cannot keep. I bought you a ring baby. Last night when I thought about giving you a ring, it was going to be a promise ring. This morning when I went to the jeweler, God said no…it needs to be an engagement ring because I can’t afford to lose you and baby He is right, I can’t afford to lose you. I love you with every breath I breathe. So Ivy Senne Robertson, we both been walking around the last three weeks in pieces and that ain’t cool. It’s time to reconnect. Will you join your heart, your soul, and your life with mine so that we can become one love? Will you marry me?”


In between her body-shuddering cries, I heard a “yes” seep out. I placed the ring on her finger and it fit as though it was always supposed to be there. She gave me more of them juicy lips that I had been craving and then she took me upstairs and made love to me more than once. A nigga was GONE! By the way, the engraving inside the ring says, “Our Love One Love”…I can’t wait till she discovers it…