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Sweet Love

Sweet Love

Friday, June 1st, 2012

A Chris Brown Fiction Story

Written by Lady AJ (@LadyAJ03)

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When she walked into the room I couldn’t help but watch her every move, knowing that there couldn’t possibly be a better woman for me. Her beauty alone made everything fade into the background and after six months she was finally ready. It was going to be her first time and I was the lucky man to give her the time of her life. Admiring her soft curves and amazing legs as she climbed into the bed I wanted to pinch myself. It was as if I had been waiting my whole life to find a girl like her and now that I had the one made for me I didn’t know what to do with myself. Six months was a long time, I never waited that long for any girl but she was worth it and this was special. She climbed into the bed innocently and I started to unbutton my shirt slowly, staring into her eyes seductively while she bit her lip nervously with anticipation. With a smile I lit the candles by the bed and opened the doors leading to the balcony, allowing a smooth breeze to travel in, putting her favorite song “climax” by Usher on repeat.


Turning toward her I tossed my shirt onto the bed next to the spot where she rested with her hardening nipples poking through her silky nightgown. Pulling my shirt into her arms she took in the scent of my cologne, still watching as I continued to strip slowly, teasing her. I removed everything until I was completely bare, revealing the place she never seen before. Her eyes widened at the sight of me and I could tell the nervousness was taking over. I started in her direction and she stretched out on her back and crooked her finger at me, commanding me to come closer. Our eyes fixed on each other and we were connected in that moment, just like we were the day we met and every moment we spent together since. I edged closer until her hands gripped my arms, pulling me the rest of the way. One of her hands rested on the back of my head while the other went straight to my dick. She explored me, caressing softly, pulling me down until my lips touched hers. Kissing her was always an experience. Usually it was sensual and sweet but this time I felt her passion as our tongues danced. She sucked on my lip hard before nibbling hungrily and my hands found their way to her excited breasts, forcing her breath to quicken as I moved my thumbs over her nipples. My dick flexed with desire, ready to make love, throbbing in her hand.


Breaking our kiss she traveled down my body putting her mouth on every part of me. It was a first time for everything and I couldn’t complain at how well she sucked the head before licking all around it slowly, taking her time, listening to the sound of my moans for guidance and encouragement. The feeling was incredible; I closed my eyes tight and enjoyed the ride as she worked her mouth on me, eager to please, making my legs weak. I was so close to exploding when I decided it was my turn. Flipping her back onto her back I kissed her neck before sucking on her collarbone continuing to move down her body to her breasts and belly button before letting my tongue glide against her creamy thighs, dipping my finger into her honeywell. Sucking and licking her clit with my fingers still dipping deeper I worked her inside and out, until I made her cum for me, continuing to prepare her for my entrance. Then it was time, covering my hardness with a condom I entered slow and easy, stopping when I heard her let out a slightly painful sigh.

“ No…Don’t stop,” She said softly.

“You good?” I asked sweetly, pushing in a little deeper.

“Yes…Don’t stop…I’m ready,” She whispered before kissing my lips.


I looked into her eyes and saw her heart. She wanted to give it all to me and I felt so lucky that she chose me. Pulling out I entered her again, this time hearing sighs of pleasure mixing with the twinges of pain from before. I moved in and out and our breaths got heavier while our eyes remained connected. We said all we needed to say with our eyes and the feeling was so intense. Being inside of her tight sugar walls was amazing but the way our hearts felt made the feeling so much stronger. Pleasure began to take over because I felt myself getting deeper and her legs lifted, wrapping around my waist, inviting me in further.

“I love you Chris,” She cried out.

“I love you too,” I confessed between breaths.


Lifting her legs onto my shoulders, pulling her arms over her head I pushed all the way inside and it was as if her whole body melted around mine. Her moans grew stronger and I continued to move with her getting higher and going harder as we came closer to our climax. Her confidence grew and the freak inside was unleashed once she opened all the way up, I felt her matching my thrusts beneath me, trying to take control. So I let her. I pulled her on top and guided her down showing her the ropes on how to ride. Something clicked inside of her because she started working her hips like a pro in no time, throwing her head back in excitement. I sucked on her neck, gripping her ass while she popped against me. Once again we were climbing, so close to the peak, so connected and together every step of the way. Hearing her say my name louder and louder I joined in singing hers back holding onto my explosion until she got hers. When we go there we both savored the feeling. I left it all inside continuing to throb while her pussy continued to grip me, delivering aftershocks of sensation. We kissed again before she laid her head against my chest. I listened to her breaths as they slowly returned to normal, running my fingers through her hair. This was how it felt to make love for real. I felt so high and she was my drug, a drug I planned to binge on all night long. I guess she felt me beginning to drift off to sleep because she kissed my lips again to get my attention.

“Chris…,”she said sweetly.


“Yes baby…,” I answered.


“Teach me more?