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Two TNT = HOT Part 12 (Conclusion)

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

Home Again

A Trey Songz Fiction Story

Written by Syreeta (@Only1ME_Syreeta)

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Tracy: “Well, well, well stranger. Long time no see.”


She was right. It had been a long time. I gave her a snug hug.


Trey: “Baby how you doin? I ain’t seen you in eons it seems.”


Tracy: “I know. Gosh! I can’t believe I ran in to you.”


Trey: “Yeah what a coincidence. So whatchu been up too girl? What you been doing witcha self cause what ever it is it looks good on you.”


Tracyblushes “Thank you! I’ve been doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that so to speak. Still trying to do the acting thing, trying out for different roles and honing my skills in the meantime till I land a lucrative one.”


Trey: “You will, just keep doing ya thing.”


Tracy: “What have you been up too and how’s Trevor?”


Trey: “I’m still working at the shop making my money…Trev he cool doing the same working, being on his grind.”


Tracybites bottom lip “You really look good Trey. It’s really good to see you.”


Trey: “Yeah baby you too. Where you been at? It seems like you disappeared after we broke up.”


Tracy: “I stayed in Los Angeles looking for work after…well you know. I’m actually gonna be moving there.”


Trey: “Really? Aw that’s great Tracy. Congratulations baby! I’m happy for you. Things going pretty good for you then.”


Tracy: “They are. I can’t complain. Well maybe I do have one. It’s not a complaint, but more like a regret.”


Trey: “What’s that?”


Tracy: “That we couldn’t make it work.”


Trey: “Aw here you go.”


Tracy: “I haven’t had a serious relationship since we broke up.”


Trey: “That’s cause you ain’t want one.”


Tracy: “Maybe not; then, but things change you know. So what about you? Is there a special someone in your life at this point and time?”


Trey: “You could say that. She’s not in my life right now but she was.”


Tracy liked that and smiled. I guess she thought I was talking about her. After I thought about it the way I said it would of gave any female that I was no longer with that impression. Out of nowhere Michelle ends up walking toward the bank and sees the two of us standing there and Tracy wearing that big smile on her face. Our eyes caught each others and then she looked away. I couldn’t believe this shit. Of all times for me to run into her. She kept walking right by us and into the bank. Tracy noticed her glare and asked me about her.


Tracy: “Why’d she look at you like that? Do you know her?”


Trey: “Yeah I know her.”


Tracy: “Well she didn’t look too happy with you. Was it because you were talking to me?”


Trey: “Probably that and some other things.”


Tracy: “Ut oh! Who is she Trey?”


Trey: “Somebody I really care about?”


Tracy: “Oh is she now?”


Trey: “Yeah.”


Tracy: “But I thought you said you didn’t have anyone special in your life right now?”


Trey: “I know. It’s complicated but it was good seeing you Tracy. Good luck with everything and take care of yaself.”


Tracy: “Just brush me off I see.”


Trey: “Baby it’s not even like that. I just need to talk to her when she comes out.”


Tracy: “I understand. We had our run right?”


Trey: “Yeah…and it could of been even longer if things were different, but it was good while it lasted.”


Tracy: “It was more than that and even though you did me wrong I still love you.”


Then she laughs. I thought she was serious at first. She knew good and well she did me wrong. I just brushed it off and laughed along with her as I hugged her. I went to kiss her cheek but she turned her face and I caught her lips. I pulled back and looked at her. Then told her goodbye. Michelle would have to walk out of the bank at that moment to see our embrace. I didn’t know if she saw the kiss or not. She never said anything and walked right past us. I said goodbye to Tracy again and then went after Michelle.


Trey: “Aye!”


Michelle: “I have nothing to say to you so I don’t even know why you came over here.”


Trey: “Maybe it’s because I have something to say to you.”


Michelle: “Save it Trey! Go finish talking to that girl because you obviously didn’t have any conversation for me while she was around or even before you saw me. Now you wanna talk. I don’t think so.”


Trey: “Yeah now I do wanna talk. When you gone stop being like this? Acting all hard n’shit like you don’t care anymore. Is this really how you feel Michelle? You want me to go?”


I guess my words struck a nerve with her because as her eyes looked into mine I saw a stream of tears start to run down her face. I wasn’t prepared for that shit at all. I didn’t think my question was so wrong. Not unless the tears was because her response was gonna take me for a loop. I didn’t know what to expect.


Michelle: “No Trey I don’t want you to go.”


Treytouches face “Whoa…hey…where is all this coming from? Why you crying on me?”


She wipes her tears away.


Michelle: “Do you know how hard it is for me to see you talking to other women? How each day that passed I’ve thought about you and wanted to call you. But more than that hoped that you would’ve picked up the phone and called me, but that call never came. Then I come here and what I feared the most was staring me right in my face…”


Trey: “But what you saw was not even…”


Michelle: “Hold on Trey I wanna say this. I’m not gonna pretend that I don’t care because I do. I want us to work. I know it seems impossible but I don’t wanna give up on us. I also don’t want us to fuss and fight and have you getting upset with me. Yes I may go overboard when it comes to my sister and even a lot of other things that may seem trivial, but Trey please understand that this is how I am. This is how I love.”


Trey: “So are you saying you love me?”


Michelle: “I’m saying that you have a big piece of my heart.”


Trey: “You love me don’t you? Just say it.”


Michelle: “I do love you okay! I guess that’s why I’m missing you like crazy when we’re apart and am terribly jealous of the fact that you show interest in talking to other women. When I see that I ache inside. I don‘t want any other woman capturing your attention but me.”


Trey: “Michelle I’m a man. Women are always gonna catch my attention, but baby you the only one that can keep it. This little bit of time that we been seeing each other I been putting up with a lot of ya shit. More than I ever would of with another female. I do it and I’ve done it because I love you and as much as I go through with you I don’t see me doing it with any body else. Good or bad, right or wrong I deal wit dat shit, because I care and I know we can make this work.”


For the first time she actually didn’t have a come back right away. She just looked at me like what I said to her was unexpected.


Michelle: “You love me too?”


Trey: “Why else would I put up wit all these changes you been puttin me through, but baby you need to calm ya ass down sometimes.”


Michelle: “I know and I will Trey. I’m really willing to work on my behavior. I’m sorry okay? I know I let my emotions get the best of me and just spout off at the mouth sometimes. But Trey when I said we weren’t going to work I didn’t mean it. I never should have said that and pushed you away. Then when I saw you talking to someone else I thought I’d really lost you and you were really through with me and got scared.”


Trey: “Maybe that’s whatchu needed. Ya ass needa be scared as far as I’m concerned.” Michelle looks away from me. “Look at me. I don’t wanna argue and fuss witchu either and I’m not gonna let you keep telling me to go every time we have an issue. You gone slip up and say it one time too many and I just might leave and not come back.”


Michelle: “You don‘t think I know that? The last thing I wanna do is push you away from me again. You were right. I shouldn’t have said anything that day when Trevor came to the house. I don’t know what came over me. Why I felt the need to say anything. I should have just kept my mouth shut and minded my own business…I was really out of line…sighs…I owe Trevor an apology too.”


Trey: “I think Trev would appreciate dat.”


Michelle: “I’ll apologize. Again Trey I’m really sorry for the way I’ve been acting. I promise to do better.”


I pull her close.


Trey: “You better or I’ma whip dat ass.”


Michelle: “I like your beatings so hmm maybe I won’t…giggles…no I’m just playing.” She gazes into my eyes and her look of laughter slowly fades. “Trey are you sure you’re ready to do this again with me?”


Trey: “You not getting rid of me that easy. Da pussy too good.” She smacks my chest and her beautiful smile reappears.


Michelle: “The funny thing is I know you mean that with ya nasty ass. You really do love me don’t you?”


Trey: “I do.”


Michelle: “I’m sorry for the way I said it to you at first. I love you baby.” She gives me a kiss. “So tell me now where you’re headed?”


Trey: “I still need to go in the bank and then I gotta head back to work. How bout you?”


Michelle: “Same thing. I gotta get back to the bakery.”


Trey: “A’ight well call me later.”


I smothered her body with a hug. She held me so tight. I could tell she really missed me. Our eyes locked in on each other once more and then our lips made a connection. My man down there was ready to lay her down so I had to let her go. She got back in her car and I finally walked in the bank. Michelle had no idea when she was pulling off that Tracy was following her. She had been there watching us the whole time.


When Michelle got back to the bakery she noticed how busy they were. She decided to put some gloves on and help out. Tracy walks in. Michelle recognizes her because she just saw her talking to me. While Michelle was assisting the customer that she had she was preoccupied staring at Tracy who was looking around. Once she was done she walked over to her.


Michelle: “Hi! Can I help you?”


Tracy: “Oh! Sure! I was interested in getting a cake for someone.”


Michelle: “Ok. Is it for a special occasion or were you looking to have it just for dessert?”


Tracy: “Hmm…I think it’s a special occasion.”


Michelle: “Didn’t I just see you talking to Trey?”


Tracy: “Yeah that was me.”


Michelle: “So are you a friend of his?”


Tracy: “Actually I’m his ex girlfriend.”


Michelle heard that and wanted to go off. Instead she kept her composure since she was keeping it professional.


Michelle: “Oh kay. Well then are you really here for some cake…I’m sorry what’s your name?”


Tracy: “It’s Tracy and yes I would like to get a cake. That’s not gonna be a problem for you is it since I’ve noticed this is your establishment and all?”


Michelle: “Why would it be a problem for me? I welcome any paying customer.”


Tracy: “I’m glad you feel that way.”


They walk over to the glass case that held some of the cakes in it. Michelle also let her know she had a book with cake designs too if she wanted to look through it and order one specially made. Tracy told her one of the cakes in the case was fine. She picked out a Strawberry Shortcake. Michelle personally handled the order and rang her up.


Michelle: “Well I hope you enjoy the cake. What’s the occasion if you don‘t mind my asking?”


Tracy: “I’m trying to win my ex back for one before I move to Los Angeles. Two he didn’t seem happy when I saw him so I figured I’d get him the kind of cake that he always liked when we were together to cheer him up.”


Michelle took a deep breath first then gave her the receipt and waited until she left off her premises before she had words with her. Tracy was putting the cake box on her back seat when Michelle walked up to her.


Michelle: “Tracy I just wanted to ask when you said “win your ex back” were you referring to Trey, just so I’m clear on what’s going on here?”


Tracy: “There’s no need in me hiding it so I did mean Trey. I just thought you should know, so don’t slip up because I’ll be right there.”


Michellechuckles “Let me tell you something. If you think coming here and telling me that you want Trey back is gonna somehow affect me you’re delusional. One thing I know for sure is that I keeps my man happy and he don’t have to want for anything from any other woman. A quick fuck, slow fuck, dick sucked, ass licked, toes kissed what have you he has me to do it, so don’t worry baby I won’t slip up. If he does anything with another woman it’ll be because at the end of the day he’s still a man and to his dick pussy doesn‘t have a face. That pussy won’t have his heart either. That spots been filled.”


Tracy closes the back passenger side door and then gets in the drivers seat but keeps the door open.


Tracy: “I didn’t see happiness not to long ago…smirks…Especially not what we had.”


Michelle puts her hand on the corner of her door as she stands in front of it a little closer to Tracy.


Michelle: “Oh really? You didn’t see him pull me in his arms and hold me like he never wanted to let go? You didn’t see how he kissed these lips like they were the best he ever had? I mean since you just had to be watching you couldn’t of missed that part of the show.”


Tracy: “You make it sound like everything is so great, but I know Trey. He could be a whole lot happier, so we’ll see who really has whose heart.”


Michelle: “We will see. I’m glad you bought something too because had you came to my place of business just for this nonsense you would’ve been disrespected as well. Enjoy your cake. Do come again…oh and tell a friend too bitch!”


Tracy: “Hahaha now we gotta act all juvenile and use profanity. I’m no ones bitch, but I will be Trey’s.”


Michelle: “Not if I have anything to do with it, so for now you’re just his ex…BITCH! Bye!”


Michelle slams the door shut. Tracy laughs as Michelle struts off. Then she pulls off.




Chante comes from out of the back room she was called into and tells Trev to come on. She was walking fast and upset. Trev put the magazine down that he was looking at and quickly got up. She got in on the passenger side.


Trev: “Chante baby what’s wrong?” She was bawling her eyes out in the car with her face turned away from Trev. He touches her shoulders trying to comfort her and get her to talk to him. “Baby what happened?” She faces him.


Chante: “I couldn’t do it Trevor. I’m sorry…I’m so sorry…I thought it was what I wanted but it’s not.”


Trevrubs shoulders “Aye it’s ok.”


Chante: “Please don’t be mad at me…”


Trev: “I’m not. I told you it was ya decision and I wasn’t gonna stand in the way of it. If that’s what you chose than baby it‘s ok.”


Chante: “I just couldn’t take the pill. I knew once I did it there was no turning back. I sat there and watched the others laying in the beds as they recovered. Then I just thought about you. This baby was made with the man that I love and even though things aren’t the way that I planned I was given a new one. For whatever reason Trevor we were given this baby and I can’t get rid of it. I can’t!”


Trev: “Baby it’s ok. Do you hear me? I’m not mad at you…come here.”


Chante slid over as best she could in the car close to Trev. She had her back facing him. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed the side of her face. He knew his life was really about to change now, but for the first time in a long time he actually felt ready for it.




After work I told Michelle to come over so we could have dinner together. As I was in the kitchen preparing it I heard the front door. I go to see if it was her coming in but it was Trev. He had his bags bringing his stuff back in. I asked him how everything went with Chante. He told me she decided to keep the baby, but he was good with the decision. He said they decided to take things slow and see what happens. He felt in the meantime it was best if he just came back home. He figured it was where he needed to be right now plus no need in spending money for two places when he really needed to be saving now more than ever. I was glad to have him back here. He noticed I was cooking and I told him Michelle was coming by for dinner. He said he’d be up in his room.


Michelle finally arrived and noticed Trev’s car outside when she got here. I told her he was upstairs. She asked me was it ok for her to go up and talk to him. I told her go ahead. Once she got up the steps she knocked on Trev’s door. As soon as he realized it was her he came out in the hallway.


Michelle: “Hey.”


Trev: “What’s up?”


Michelle: “I owe you an apology. I was out of line for saying anything to you that day Trevor and I’m really sorry.”


Trev: “Ok.” Trev starts to go back in his room.


Michelle: “Trevor!” He turns around. “Can we try to be friends again?”


Trev’s silent for a minute. Deep down inside he still had a soft spot for her. How could he deny her request.


Trev: “I think that could be a possibility. Ya sister on the other hand I can’t fuck wit her.”


Michellesmiles “I understand but I’m not asking about Myah. I just want us to be able to be in the same room and things be ok.”


Trev: “For my brother’s sake I’m willing to put the past behind us.”


Michelle: “Thank you. Are you going to be joining us for dinner?”


Trev: “Nah. You two enjoy.”


Michelle: “Ok then.”


He goes back inside and shuts the door. As Trev was about to finish putting his things away he heard his cell phone vibrating on his dresser. He had a text message. He read it: I just wanna touch u…taste u…lick u…ride u…please u…hold u…just feel u close to me…Trevor baby I wanna make u cum… Trev noticed the text came through with no number or name displayed. Who da fuck is this?”




Michelle comes back down the stairs and joins me in the kitchen. I was plating up the food.


Michelle: “Guess who came in my bakery today?”


Trey: “Who?”


Michelle: “Tracy.”


Trey: “Fuck she want?”


Michelle: “Aparently to warn me not to slip up because she would be there waiting. She wants to win you back.”


Trey: “That’s news to me.”


Michelle wraps her arms around me from behind.


Michelle: “I welcomed her challenge.”


Trey: “You welcomed it?”


Michelle: “I’m not afraid of her or you guys history together, so I welcomed it. May the best woman win.”


Trey: “What I’ma prize now that ya’ll two get to fight over?”


Michelle: “You’re my prize that I plan on keeping. It won’t be a fight. Oh and she bought a cake too. I should of smashed it in her face since it was paid for.”


Trey: “Girl you something else. I can see already you gone take me on one hell of a ride in this relationship.”


Michelleinnocently replys “Who me?”


I turned around and kissed her. Then I put our plates on the table so we could eat. As I sat there and ate I thought about what Michelle said…so Tracy tryna come back now huh…bought me a cake talkin bout for old time sake, but got it from Michelle’s bakeryI guess when she sees it in the fridge she’ll know Tracy was here. She better not start her shit…I swear between those two they gone give me a fuckin heart attack…