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Lemme See

Lemme See

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

An Usher Raymond Fiction Story

Written by Syreeta (@Only1ME_Syreeta)


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“Muah!” Lips look flawless. My make-up was now complete. My night was about to begin. Me and my girlfriend Belinda was in Baltimore for Usher’s concert. I had gotten the VIP package like I generally do but this time I had planned on getting the most out of this moment. I am a diehard Usher fan. In my mind he’s my husband. I feel like I have a relationship with him. I get so tickled when I see him and he remembers my face. I tell him all the time one of these days I’m gonna get him alone and show him how a real woman gets down. He laughs it off. But I’m far from joking with him. I want him in the worst way. I try to see him as much as I can whenever he’s in concert either in my city or close enough for me to drive. Sometimes my home girl Belinda is with me and sometimes she’s not. She really wanted to come this time because Trey Songz was opening for him and she’s a diehard Trey Fan. She’s even one of his Angels. I’m too damn bad to be somebody’s angel.


We were on our way to the arena since we had to be there early for the meet and greet. When I saw the traffic and then realized it had been a bad accident my heart liked to dissolve into nothing. We were twenty minutes away from it which is why we assumed we had time and left when we did. Because of the accident it made it seem like we were two hundred miles away. I was cursing up a storm in that car. My girlfriend didn’t even know what to say. She already knew I was pissed and it wasn’t anything she could say to me to make me feel better. By the time we got to the arena it had been too late. We had missed the meet and greet. They still gave us our badges and took us to our seats early, but my chance of seeing my boo, I had missed for the very first time. I didn’t want to talk to no one once we were seated. Belinda was asking the other ladies if she could see their pictures. I was too disgusted although I did wanna see what he had on so I took a peek. This bitch looked too damn happy hugged up on him. I was mad as hell that I looked. Belinda’s ass steady giving out compliments. I wanted to kill her.


Tahjah: “Don’t ask to see no one else’s photos ok?”


Belinda: “Tahjah it’s not like you haven’t seen him many times before already. The nights not over with. Cheer up!”


Tahjah: “I wonder if you’d still feel this way if it was Trey that you missed.”


Belinda: “Maybe. Especially if I know I can always see him again.” Then the chick with the picture said something to Belinda.


Fan: “Why is she mad?”


Belinda: “We missed the meet and greet.”


Fan: “OMG! You’re the ones that missed it?” I had to turn around and say something when she said that.


Tahjah: “What do you mean by we’re the ones? They said something?”


Fan: “Well not officially. I heard Usher and his manager talking and I heard Usher say he was surprised somebody wasn’t here.”


Tahjah: “Oh my fuckin god! He missed me!”


Belinda: “See! And here you are getting all upset for nothing. He knew you weren’t here.”


I was smiling from ear to ear. I really couldn’t wait for the show to get started now. Before I was all uptight and slouched over in my seat but after hearing that I was sitting up…damn near standing on the chair. Then they started making announcements as far as the exits, recording and that type of thing. Before you knew it the show was about to begin. Me and Belinda had front row seats so we were ready. I was ready for Trey to get done. I was ready to see my baby. Trey put on a hell of a show with his fine ass, but he can’t touch my boo. When I heard “Turn the lights off” I screamed so loud for him to come out. Of course he has to do it all big with his dancing ass. Me and Belinda partied our asses off in that front row right along with him. Then he started looking in the audience for his number one. I couldn’t believe he didn’t see me when I was right in the front but then he spotted me and said “Are you my number one?” I bit my lip and shook my head yes as I devilishly smiled. He had them pull me up on stage and sit in a chair that laid back. He was talking to the crowd about how he had been looking for his number one but I claim to be it. Then he asked them what did they think. They were booing and hollering to him “No it’s me” and shouting plenty of other phrases. Then the music for “There Goes My Baby” started to play. Usher was still talking to the crowd.


Usher: “You know, I always said when I find her I’m gonna look her in the eyes and say…turns to me and sings on queue…There goes my bay beee…(oo girl look at you) you don’t know how…good…it…feels to call you my girl…”


I couldn’t believe he was singing to me but I enjoyed every minute of it. He sat in the chair with me and held me. He was smelling on my neck and squeezing on my arm. Just holding me close as he sang to me. He smelled sooo freakin good I was sooo turned on. I figured this is my chance. There was no way I was letting this man go tonight. After he was done I mouthed the words “I want you” right before I was led off stage. I could tell he thought I was playing again. He graciously smiled and then went into singing another song. Meanwhile they had me wait in this room that was in back of the arena upstairs. I didn’t even get to finish watching the rest of the show, but I didn’t care. I was told to wait and I did just that. Hopefully I was going to be able to put on my own. Once the show was over Belinda called me.


Belinda: “Tahjah where are you?”


Tahjah: “In some room waiting for Usher.”


Belinda: “Are you for real? Damn girl!”


Tahjah: “Yes I am. I’m all by myself too.”


Belinda: “Make me proud girl.”


Tahjah: “Oh I will. Don’t wait up for me. I’m not trying to come back tonight.”


Belinda: “ALLRIIGHT!”


Tahjah: “You’re ok right?”


Belinda: “I’d be even better if you could get him to hook me up with Trey.”


Tahjah: “Oh you’re asking for too much now. Someone’s coming…I’ll see you tomorrow…hopefully.”


I’m sitting there continuing to wait when Usher’s manager lets me know he’ll be in shortly. I asked if there was a bathroom nearby that I could use. I was instructed where to go and was escorted by Usher’s bodyguard. He said Usher was in the shower. I went in the bathroom real quick and looked myself over. I freshened up my breath and my lipstick. Hair was still on point so I was good there. I checked the back of my skirt to make sure my ass was still popping and everything was straight in the back. Once those things were done I walked out of the bathroom and back with Usher’s bodyguard. When I got back he was there in the room waiting. As soon as he saw me he smiled. I walked right over to him and hugged him. I had a small puddle in my panties already. His cologne was killing me softly. I let him go and stood in front of him.


Usher: “You talk a good game you know that?”


Tahjah: “Is it my game that got me back here?”


Usher: “You missed the meet and greet right?”


Tahjah: “Me and my girlfriend missed it.”


Usher: “Is she still here?”


Tahjah: “Probably not…why?”


Usher: “Your photos. I figured you’d still want to take your pictures.”


Tahjah: “I’d rather take something else?”


Usher: “What’s that?”


Tahjah: “You.” He laughs.


Usher: “What you gone do to me?”


Tahjah: “Lick you, suck you, ride you just fuck you…and what ever else you let me do.”


Ushersmiles “I hear you.”


Tahjah: “How many times do I have to say it for you to believe me?”


Usher: “I hear girls all time…ya’ll females say a lot but then it‘s a different story once I get you in a room.”


Tahjah: “I can back mine up.”


Usher: “Lemme see?”


Tahjah: “Right now? This is where you want it to happen because if so I’ll strip for you right here and show you what a real woman can do.”


Usher: “You bluffing.”


Tahjah: “Try me.”


Usher: “You ain’t ready…I done seen all types…you scared.” I started easing out of my skirt. He grabs my hands right in the act. “Whoa! Hol!”


Tahjah: “What?”


He didn’t say anything. I could tell he was contemplating on what he should do. I figured I’d help him out a little. I caressed his lips with mine letting him know that I was serious.


Usher: “Hold that thought.”


Before I knew it I was riding in the stretch to his hotel room. On the way there he was asking me how come we missed the meet and greet and I told him about the accident. He offered me some Merlot as we talked and got a little more acquainted. I couldn’t believe I was actually with him and about to be WITH HIM, but I was ready. He opened up the door for me once we arrived at his suite. I looked around and found my way to the bedroom. I was in there before he was. Then I heard him coming.


Usher: “Lemme see what you got baby?”


I took off my top and slipped out of my skirt. Usher started taking off his shirt. I couldn‘t wait to get my hands on his body. His chest was calling me. I walked up to him and licked it letting my tongue have its way with his nipples.


Usher: “Bite ‘em baby.”


I bit on them just a touch. He pulled my hair and looked me in the face displaying his pleasure then he grabbed me in his arms and kissed me. I noticed he was a rough one. I pulled away and pushed him on the bed. I finished undressing him the rest of the way along with myself and stayed toward the end of the bed. Oh the penis, the penis, the penis! It was a work of art and I was ready to put my signature on it. I started rubbing his shaft introducing him to my touch first. He moaned as his dick became increasingly hard. I was ready to taste him now since it was nice and slippery from all his juices. I planted kisses all around it first. Then I took my tongue and ran it down the length of it. I licked my boo like an ice cream cone that’s satisfying to the taste buds. As I licked he was definitely melting. I wrapped my hand around the base then put it in my mouth and swallowed taking him in as far as I could. I loved hearing his voice as he yelled out cries of passion. He tugged on my hair and would push his dick further in my throat from time to time tickling my tonsils. Finally he was about to cum and he pulled it out not to cum in my mouth. Instead it was all over him. I went in the bathroom and grabbed a towel since that was all that was in my view at the time. I wiped him off as he lies there.


After that I immediately slipped my tongue in his mouth since I couldn’t get enough of his taste. I licked the beads of sweat that was dripping down his face. I knew he wasn’t ready for me just yet but that didn’t stop me from being ready for him. I put my breast in his mouth for him to suck on. His tongue licked my areola and played with my nipple. Meanwhile his hands cupped my ass and the next thing I know he was fingering it. I screamed at first since it was unexpected but then the feeling of pleasure took over and I was feeling good. This was one sexcapade with him worth engaging in. Then he switched it from my ass to my pussy. He stuck his two fingers in me and started massaging my insides. I began grinding on them as my tongue invaded his mouth and my lips kissed his. He was finally ready for me and stuck his dick in me. His pole plowed right through my tunnel with ease since I was so wet. Mmm that was the best feeling. I tightened my muscles on him and pulled him in me savoring him before he moved back and then up in me again. He was hitting my spot and sending me into a frenzy.


He wanted my breast back in his mouth so I leaned into him so he could have what he was asking for. I could feel myself about to cum when I didn’t want to. But it was feeling so good I just ended up working my hips even harder for it and the next thing you know I was cumming. Usher instructed me to lay on my back and him get on top so he could cum that way. But before he got started he returned the gesture and started feasting on my love. His tongue danced in me so well I knew it was only a matter of time before I came again. My legs were shaking and my pussy was like a monsoon. I was going the fuck off moaning and pulling on him. Then he put my legs up in the air and pumped the shit out of me. I’m usually a talker but he had my mind so blown I couldn’t do nothing but moan and concentrate on not forgetting to breathe. The only thing that was talking was my pussy as he smacked into it, contorting my body each and every way as he filled my insides leaving nothing untouched. I ended up cumming again and then seconds later he did, but this time on me. Then he fell down beside me. He turns his head in my direction.


Usher: “You know they say seeing is believing…you just made me a believer.”


Tahjah: “Boo I could fuck you all night.”


Usher: “Don’t talk about it be about it…Lemme See…”