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Dive-In Series

Dive-in Series

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

Chapter Five: “Dive In”

A Trey Songz Story

Written by Lady AJ (@LadyAJ03)

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He caught me. I was sandwiched between the door to the beach side bungalow and his body. Both of us were breathing heavily but he still managed to smile while he talked shit.


“ You was wrong as hell for running into that cold ass water! You knew that shit was cold!”


“ Why are you  mad Tremaine? You scared you gon’ shrink?”


“ Oh you got jokes?? Do I feel like that water made me shrink?”


He was rock hard and I could feel his muscle growing. Damn. I couldn’t believe it. This nigga was like the Energizer Bunny. I couldn’t even come back with nothing. I was simply amazed. My eyes got big when I realized it was all going to go down again. He lifted my small frame and planted me up higher on the wall, letting my thighs rest on his shoulders while his mouth went straight for my pussy. I thought I was going to fall but he held me firm against the wall while he drank from my well, sucking my clit while I screamed. Rolling his tongue back and forth he made me feel so high. My legs tightened and released while he continued. Then he allowed my body to slide back down around his waist and carried me over to the bed. A bucket of ice chilling a bottle caught his attention. I knew what was coming and I wanted to run again. He told me not to move and grabbed the ice sucking on a piece before moving to his favorite place between my legs. Swallowing the first piece down he put his cold tongue on me and went back to work. I jerked at first but quickly weakened as he continued. Grabbing another piece he rubbed the ice up and down, sucking while it melted, catching every drop. I screamed again. Louder than usual because what I felt was far from the usual and I knew no one could hear me. Tears started to fall when I came. I came so hard. So strong. I had nothing left. I still expected us to go again but instead he took me into his arms and told me to sleep. The first time he ever did that. He just wanted to sleep. So we did. For three days we went out on the water, ran along the beach, and made love over and over again. So far beyond anything I ever could imagine. No special occasion. All just because.


Then it ended and I was all fucked up.


Two weeks later my eyes were half opened and I tried to ignore the sounds of birds chirping. My shades were drawn to keep out the sunlight and I had cool sweat all over me. Chills. I was slightly shaking, wishing for the warmth only his body could provide. He was working while I was going through withdrawals like a fiend. I craved Tremaine. My heart would quicken every time I heard a message come to my phone only to see that it wasn’t him. Disappointment was just not the word. I found myself staring blankly at the ceiling fan above my bed, counting every rotation, until I fell into a trance. A trance that took me back to us. I could hear, “Don’t run,”
“I’ll only let you fall if I’m ready to catch you,” and “ I fell in love with you, that’s what I did,” all echoing in my ear. The torture. I could still smell his crisp scent. I could still feel him next to me, and that was my only comfort. Whenever he went away I felt like we were both off doing a bid, just waiting until we were released back to each other. I wanted my sentence to end, or at least see him through the glass I call “Face Time”.


Pulling myself together I started my day slowly. Everything I did reminded me of him. I wore the button down shirt he left at my house with nothing on under it and white socks while I lounged out on my deck, letting the sun shine down on me. I stared out  at the clouds and watched the scenery become blurry as  tears began to well up in my eyes. Then I smiled because I could still see his smile. Laughed because I could still hear his laugh and feel him tickling me while I fought to get away. Then I heard my phone. It was time to sit across the glass. I gasped, wiped my eyes and found myself fixing my hair. His face popped up and I just wanted to jump into the screen.


“Hey baby.”


“Hey beautiful, Chu doin?”


“Nothing, sitting outside thinking about you.”


“You ain’t thinkin about my ass.”


“Whatever. I know who better be thinking about my ass!”






He laughed hard. I held onto my serious look until he started impersonating Stevie J.


“ I got papers on you tho….you on my bus.”


I died. I couldn’t even find air to breathe.


“Naw for real tho, I want you to meet me in LA tomorrow.”


“What’s in LA?”


“Me for the rest of this week. A nigga schedule straight crazy.”


“I’ll move some things around.”


It felt like work release but at least we would be together. Once we blew kisses through the phone I started planning and packing. I couldn’t wait to leave. I couldn’t eat or sleep. I felt like a kid on Christmas Eve. I was up before the sun running myself crazy and I wasn’t even scheduled to be at the hotel until  that afternoon. I needed to calm down but I couldn’t. The more I thought about him the crazier I felt. I still felt butterflies fluttering around on the inside, my heart was beating hard and fast, and  I tried taking deep breaths but I couldn’t even focus as I exited the plane. I called and when he picked up I couldn’t barely speak.


“You there? Babe?”


“Yeah I’m here…I just…got here.”


“You got the address right? You on your way?”


“Yeah, I’m on my way. What is everybody doing.”


“They went shopping and I’m just chilling in my suite staring at this private pool….I was thinking maybe we could take a couple laps.”


I couldn’t wait to DIVE IN.