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Pull My Hair

Pull My Hair

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

A Lance Gross Fiction Story

Written by Tricia (@GimmeUnusual)


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She sat at the bar. A white, fitted dress with a deep V that showed ample amounts of cleavage hugged her body snugly. And if that wasn’t enough, the dress had a high slit up the front and center that just made her mouth-watering.


She sat with her legs crossed revealing most of her thighs. Her hair flowed down her back in soft, dreamy curls, lightly blowing as the front door swung open and close. She knew just how sexy she was, sitting there stirring her mixed drink around with the straw as she simultaneously twirled a lock of her hair between her index finger and thumb.


I watched her from my seat…enjoying every bit of the view as she pushed her hair out of her face, flipped it to one side, and then brushed her hands through it. She was fascinating…cocking her head to the side and allowing her hair to rest gently in her lap. I wanted nothing more than to run my fingers through it and grip it as I slid in from behind.


Her glossy, red lips coiled upward as she laughed and talked with two friends, revealing her pearly whites that sparkled against the night light. I called for the waiter and had a bottle of Ciroc sent over to her and her friends. I gave specific instructions for it to be delivered to the lady in all white.


I sat in VIP, smoking a cigar and sipping on Don Julio. While I wanted to watch her reaction as the waitress delivered the Ciroc, I decided to look off elsewhere.


From my peripheral I saw her climb down from the stool and begin her stroll over in my direction. My eyes continued to roam the room until she stood directly in front of me. I started at her diamond studded stilettos and worked my way up her hour glass body. I blew a puff of smoke up into the air. She put both her hands on her hips and perched her hip to the side. Her hazy figure through the smoke was a work of art.


She allowed me to examine her up and down as she did the same. Her chest swelled and compressed in a synchronized pattern, dancing along to the thumping of my heartbeat. Her unconceivable silence forced a smile across my face. It struck a chord within her, setting her into motion. Her hips swayed side to side as one hand grabbed at the material at her stomach and the other arm rocked back and forth at her side. Her walk was seductive—damn near slowing and rewinding. She sat beside me, crossed her legs, and eyed me as I took another puff from my cigar. When I removed it, she took it from my hand and placed it up to her cherry lips. She inhaled and blew it into the air. I was digging her sassy ass.


Her petite fingers held the cigar up to my mouth as I took a puff and exhaled. She took one more puff and then put it out. Afterwards she turned her body towards me, propped her arm up on the back of the sofa, rested her head in the palm of her hand, and stared me straight in the eyes. All she said was “thank you.” I nodded and took a sip of my drink and then placed it on the table in front of me.


She ran her fingers through her hair…watching me as I watched her. She shyly lowered her head and grinned. I lifted her chin up and turned it towards me. Her smile vanished and her pupils grew larger, penetrating straight through me.


I ran my finger across her cheek, tracing the deep dimple that gave way. I moved my hand up her face, sliding it through her silky tresses. I watched as her eyes closed and her head softened under my touch. Her head tilted into my hand, allowing me full access. I continued to massage, working my way across her scalp, letting each strand fall through to my fingertips.


She opened her lovely eyes and looked me square in the face and said, “Pull my hair.” I moved in closer, taking a bite of her bottom lip. I pulled it…sucking it in and devouring all of it. I gripped her head with the palms of both my hands as I continued to enjoy her bottom lip. Before I could push my tongue in she pushed me away by my chest, “Not here,” she said.


I lifted my hand and queued for the waitress to come over. I paid the bill and took her hand, escorting her to my BMW parked outside. The moment I climbed into the driver seat her hands began to unfasten my belt buckle and unloosen my pants. She squeezed her hands inside my boxer-briefs and began to rub my dick. My dick began to swell from her soft touch, anticipating its pending voyage. She kissed my ear, blowing around it, sending chills down my spine.


I steered with one hand while my other hand grabbed a fistful of her hair. She focused her eyes down at my crotch, pulling my dick out and eyeing it intently.


She lowered her head and began to blow on the head of my dick as she massaged the shaft up and down. I pushed her head down lower and she graciously opened her mouth. The wet, warmth of her mouth provoked my dick to twitch. I pushed her head down further, forcing her to take more of me in. Her sucking sound reverberated throughout the car as she forcefully pulled up, swallowed, and deep-throated me again. She was sucking me off so good I could barely concentrate on the road. Her supple lips milked my dick, as her hand caressed my balls.


When I pulled in front of the crib, she suddenly stopped, opened the door and climbed out. I sat there on hard, watching her ass sway side-to-side as she neared the front door. When she got there, she turned around to look at me still sitting in the car. Shit I couldn’t walk.


I tucked my dick back into my pants, turned off the car, and met her at the door. As I turned the key to the front door, her hands went right back to my dick…releasing it from its closure before we could even make it inside. Once we got inside, we couldn’t get our clothes off fast enough. Her dress conveniently snapped up the front, which I ripped apart in one force.


I walked her to the bedroom as I left her dress in the entryway…her bra in the hallway…her panties on my bedroom floor. Her body was the business. I let my hands slide up and down every curve, slowing at her ass and then again at her full breasts. Her coin-sized nipples stood at full attention, waiting to be tantalized. I took a mouthful in, quenching their thirst. I twirled my tongue around, across, and under, fitting it perfectly inside the little nook I created with my tongue. She gripped my head as I moved to the other nipple and repeated the motion.


I laid her body down on the bed and went right for her lady flower. She opened her legs wide and like a rosebud she began to bloom. Her dew began to spill over as I ran my tongue through her petals. Her honeysuckle condensation melted on my tongue, making me crave her even more. I just couldn’t get enough. It was the sweetest fragrance. I dug into her flowerbed until she clung to me for dear life. Her body hiccupped and jolted as she cried out in ecstasy.


I took my dick in hand and rubbed it up and down her moistened foliage, wetting it just enough to slide in. Her contracting pussy gulped me up and hugged me tightly once we collided. Her brow was wet with sweat, as her lips perked out and her face scrunched up. She could hardly speak as I rose and fell inside of her, but when she did I heard her say, “Work me out. Baby, pull my hair. Don’t be scared.”


It was just the motivation I needed. I flipped her onto her stomach and lifted her ass into the air. Her round bottom propped up to the ceiling giving me her blessings. I spread her cheeks open and found my place inside. I drove in as I gripped her hips. She soon screamed out again, “Pull my hair, baby please pull my hair. I like it rough.”


I wrapped both my hands into her hair and tugged. I fucked her hard, using her hair as my clutch. She screamed as I continued to ram inside, trying my best to rearrange her shit. With every thrust she bucked her ass back at me…even taking control at one point. She gyrated against me, looking back to watch her pussy work my dick. I matched her rhythm, rotating my hips with hers.


Her eyes were focused, working it out. I had to quickly remind her who was in charge. I vehemently pulled her hair and dug in so deep that the impact sent her running from the dick. I pulled her back in place by her hair and continued to hit every wall. She pulled at the sheets trying to escape the intense feeling her body could no longer conceal. As her body exploded she bit into the pillow and screamed. Her nectar spilled onto my dick causing the bees to swarm. I tried to hold them off but they were attracted to her sweet pollen. Her throaty cries filled the room causing me to buckle and let em loose. My dick jerked and I pulled out and covered her ass with all my beeswax.


She rose up with her back still facing me and wrapped her arms around my neck. She rubbed the back of my head as I kissed her neck. I lied her down. She draped her body around me and rested her head on my chest. I played in her hair as I felt her head get heavy and she drift off to sleep. I don’t know what it was about pulling her hair, but she wanted it…I had it and I gave it to her…