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Trey & Madison Series 4: Heart Attack

Heart Attack – Part 2

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

A Trey Songz Story

Written By: Shay (@VivaLaShay)

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After a long hot shower there they lay… As Trey watched
Madison sleep in his arms he couldn’t help but think of
everything that led up to this point. Even after all the
bullshit, all the women, all the fuck ups he was more in
love with her than ever before. What he felt making love
to Madison he never felt with Desireé, even when they
were together. But the problem still loomed that he
slept with D, now he had to deal with it. He took a mental
note and made a decision that he would have a talk with
Madison. Trey planted a kiss on her forehead and began
drifting off to sleep but an incoming text hindered that…

*Message from Desireé*

D: “We need to talk!”

T: *under his breath* “Fuck!”

Trey stared at the ceiling… He knew that even
though he tried to suppress his guilt it was to no avail.
He also knew that avoiding Desireé would only make things

*Message to Desireé*
Trey: “What do we need to talk about?”

Desireé: “Don’t play dumb Tremaine… You know what
we need to discuss. You just left me hanging tonight.”

Trey: “You know it ain’t like that D. But you know my
situation, what happened shouldn’t have went down.”

Desireé: “I didn’t beg you to come over here… You obviously
wanted to be here. You didn’t say no!!!”

Trey: “You’re delusional! I came over there for my “friend” to be
there for me. And I having a lapse of judgment fell into the trap.
But best believe it’ll NEVER happen again.”

Desireé: “LOL! Oh is that right? Well I think you’re full of shit.
Obviously things aren’t peachy at home… Don’t play yourself.”

Just as soon as Trey was getting ready to let Desireé have it via
text message, Madison awoke from her slumber to the glaring
light coming from Trey’s iPhone.

M: “Trey what the hell is goin on?” *squints eyes*

Trey couldn’t help but have the deer caught in the headlights
look in his eyes as he realized he had awaken Madison.

T: “Ummm nothin’ baby… Niggas just hittin’ me up askin’ me
if I’m gon’ roll through the studio. Told ‘em not tonight, I’m all
yours.” *slight smirk*

M: “Hmmph… I wasn’t gonna let you leave the house anyways.
They can wait.” *smiles*

T: “You selfish!” *laughs*

M: “Damn right I am… We have a lot of making up to do. Especially
since you just woke me up in the middle of the night. I was having
a dope ass dream about Idris Elba!” *smirks*

T: *serious face* “No other nigga should be in yours dreams but me!
Fuck outta here!”

M: “You mad or nah?” *laughs hysterically*

Trey continued to be stone faced until Madison decided to break the ice.

M: *wraps arms around his shoulders* “Awwwww boo I’m just playing.
You know you’re the only man I need.” *kisses his neck*
T: “Naw… You tried to play me. It’s gon’ take more than that.”
*side eyes her*

M: *continues kissing his neck* “Like what? Tell me.”

T: *closes eyes* “Girl don’t start shit you can’t finish.”

M: “Don’t ever underestimate me…” *smirks*

Madison began kissing him slowly from his lips, to his chest…
from his chest to his stomach. She slowly made her way down
to his shaft and Trey couldn’t help but feel guilty. He had flashbacks
of everything that went down that night, and how everything
played out. Suddenly it was like the room was going in slow
motion. He loved being intimate with her but his mind just
could not focus. All Trey could think about was the fact that he
jumped to conclusions and ultimately ruined the best thing
that ever happened to him. As Madison went to town on him
he tried his best to not make it known that something was wrong.
Trey focused back on the moment at hand, as she continued to
suck he threw his head back in ecstasy. Before he knew it he had
exploded in pleasure and Madison had savored it all.

T: *breathes heavily* “You know you’re nasty right?” *smiles*

M: *chuckles* “I know. But only for you though.”
T: “I know baby… I love you.”
M: “I love you more.”
T: “Well I’m about to show yo’ ass how much more
I love you.”

Trey flipped Madison over on her back and ripped her
panties off showing no mercy.

M: *gasps* “TREY!”
T: “A nigga ain’t got no time for pullin’ panties to the side.
You’re about to get it!” *jaw locks up*
M: *squeals*


It had been a month and a half since Trey and Madison had seen
each other. Between his crazy schedule and her promotion
at the record label finding time to even speak was few and
far between. For Trey it was kind of a relief to avoid contact
with his girlfriend. He still was buried in guilt about what he
did that he purposely had been focusing all his efforts on
different projects. He knew that he couldn’t keep avoiding
the situation forever, but it gave him more time to figure
out a solution. While Trey was daydreaming he got a
surprising phone call.

T: *looks at caller ID* “Hello?”
D: “Tremaine!”
T: “Listen… I don’t have time for the bullshit Desireé!”
D: “You need to hear me out!”
T: “Naw I’ve heard enough… Look do…”