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Turn On The Lights

Turn On The Lights

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

A Lloyd Fiction Story

Written by Trish (@GimmeUnusual)

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“Can you get away?”

“I don’t know. I’ll try,” she said.

“Don’t try, just do it. Think of something, you won’t regret it.”

“I never do…”


She had been working all day and deserved a night off. I was anxious for her to arrive because I knew exactly what I was gone do with it. Plans were already underway. Plans to spoil her ass rotten.


I oiled up my body after a fresh shower and climbed into my linen pants and shirt which I left unbuttoned.


The doorbell rang and I signaled for the chef to plate the food. When I opened the door I was speechless. She had her hair swept to one side, hanging in soft curls. Her lips were cherry red, and she rocked a knee-length all white dress that clung to her body. Her nipples shown through so I knew she didn’t have on a bra. I handed her a single rose and a glass of champagne. She took them both from me, reached in for a kiss, and walked in.


Her eyes said it all as she looked around at the atmosphere, slowly turning to take it all in. I had white Christmas lights streaming along the ceiling, around the plants, and draped across the closed curtains. The chef placed the food on the sweetheart table that I had brought in, nodded his head, and departed. I pulled out the chair for her and placed the napkin across her lap. I removed the plate cover from her food and sat across from her.


Her eyes smiled as she looked from the food to me. She got ready to speak and I shushed her—she always loved the thug nigga in me. Tonight we didn’t need any words. I wanted our bodies to do the talking. I already knew what she was going to say, “Where is yours?” I was only hungry for her and soon she’ll find that out.


I cut up her foie gras for her and began to feed her. One bite after another, alternating in the asparagus and the twice baked mashed potatoes—the way her tongue reached in for the fork, pulling it in as her lips wrapped around it was inviting. I fed a majority of it to her and then came behind her and placed a blindfold around her eyes.


I removed the napkin from her lap and pulled her up to her feet. I got behind her and walked her into the dim lit bedroom. I unzipped her dress from behind and ran my hands across her collar bones forcing the dress to fall off her shoulders. It was snug around her body so I assisted it down her curves and onto the floor. Her petite figure was sexy as it made the candlelight bounce off every angle. She had on nothing but black, laced panties and red Christian Louboutins.


I turned her around to face me, bent down on one knee, and removed her panties with my teeth. I backed her up against the bed and pushed her down on it. She laughed as she pushed herself further onto the bed. I leaned over her and whispered in her ear, “I’ll be right back.”


I went over to the dresser and grabbed the video camera. I turned on the lights; I couldn’t risk anything not coming out crystal clear. I walked back over to her and sat down on the bed. She lied on the bed with her heels together and her knees in the air. She bit on her lips and smiled, waiting for me to make my move but first I needed to chronicle every morsel of her body for my viewing pleasure.


I started at her face, zooming in on her lips as she smiled a wide smile. I moved down to her neck and she swallowed right when I got there. I traced across her collar bones and then down to her supple breasts. Her unyielding nipples sat upon her perky tits setting the tone for a perfect love scene. I continued my exploration, trailing down her stomach, focusing on her belly button and then over the hump she created with her legs concealing her treasure.


I climbed off the bed and zoomed in on her Louboutins—making sure I captured her from head to toe. I used one hand to spread her knees apart. A touch was all it took…she knew exactly what I wanted. Her legs automatically opened and I seized it all. Her pussy was flawless. She had a heart tattoo on her mound right above her clit. I loved it alright. I couldn’t record her blossom long enough before I was ready to have its pollen dripping off my fingers.


I ran my middle finger in between her lips, running it up and down the length. Her juices were right on the brink, ready to flow. I took a pineapple slice from the bowl on the nightstand and rubbed it across her lips, inside the folds, and stroked her clit with it. She rocked her pussy back and forth against it.


I took the pineapple and placed it between my lips. I put the camera down on the night stand and positioned her pussy in front of it. I used the pineapple in between my lips to slide up and down on her guitar string. Her leg began to quiver as I worked her to the edge.


I quickly swallowed the pineapple and then dug my tongue into her cave. Her nectar quenched my thirst as I drove my tongue in and out. She grabbed my hair and began to push my tongue in and out at a faster rate. She pressed her pussy against my face and rocked, nearing her convulsion. I wanted to make her ass hold it in but she had me so tight in her grip that I couldn’t move even if I wanted to. I let her get herself there with the use of my tongue. It didn’t take long before she bucked her ass up off the bed and trembled. I slurped up the remnants and kissed around her pretty pussy.


When she loosened her grip around my hair, I pushed up, grabbed the camera and zoomed in on my masterpiece. Her pussy was soaked, dripping down onto the bed leaving a large wet spot. I ran the camera up to her face, capturing her panting, trying her best to catch her breath.


I set the camera on top of the chester drawer and began to get undressed. I climbed on top of her and she instinctively wrapped her legs around me. I pulled her up from the bed and carried her over to the next place I wanted to enjoy her at.


I whispered, “You’re alright” as she tensed up from the slight drop into the leather seat. I placed her feet into the holsters and positioned her hands around the handles of the sex swing. I loved how she went with the flow. Not once did she try to stop anything in motion. The swing could tilt all the way back and turn 360 degrees. I tilted the swing back and turned her head to be directly over my dick. While I didn’t plan on her doing much work…this was the exception. I placed my dick into her mouth and she got right to business, licking and sucking on it. She swiveled her head from side to side, taking my dick in at different angles. I got all that shit on video. She removed one hand from the swing and grabbed my dick, massaging it as she sucked on my balls. The girl had mad tongue game.


I sat the camera back down and pulled away from her mouth. I lifted her ass up making the swing tilt and her head drag against the floor. I slammed in and hit her center. She screamed all sorts of profanities as I fucked her good. I grabbed the camera and shined a light on our bodies meeting—tracking my dick stroke in and out of her as her pussy swallowed me. Placing the camera down once again, I removed her heels and lifted her French Pedicures into the air—just the way she liked them. The faces she made and the way her toes curled told me she liked it.


I pushed the swing with my foot, making it rock as I lied down against her body. We rocked back and forth as I simultaneously dug her out. We slipped and slid as our bodies created a puddle beneath us. I felt my body begin its preparation for blast off but I had to make sure she joined me there in outer space, so I reached my hand down and rubbed her clit as I stuck her. Her moans got louder and her arms and legs jerked against the holsters as I busted that thing wide open. Her pussy tightened around me and destroyed me like the hurricane it was. I jerked, spurted, and softened inside of it.


We lied, swinging back and forth as our breathing regulated. Finally I looked up at her and she had removed the blindfold from her eyes. She took her free hand and rubbed the top of my head.


I disconnected her body from the straps and carried her over to the bed. She lied in my arms as I caressed her.


“You always take me on a journey, doing things I ain’t ever done before,” she said.

“Cause you fucking a lame ass nigga,” I responded. “I don’t know why you wasting ya time giving all this good pussy to him. You already know that I’ll fuck you better and get you wetter—I ain’t scared of that pussy.”

“You funny. Well I need him for all the times I’m horny and you ain’t around to make it wetter.”

“I guess.”

“I gotta get back home; I told him I’d be gone for only 30 minutes. See you the next time you’re in town,” she said as she placed a soft kiss on my lips and got up from the bed.

“Aight, gone on home to that lil’ dick ass nigga. Bet you he won’t fuck you with the lights on.”


She looked at me while she pulled her dress back over her head, and then walked over to me and turned around. I zipped up her dress for her and slapped her on the ass. She sat down on my lap, gave me one more kiss and said, “Paper cuts hurt too baby.”