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The Unexpected Gift

The Unexpected Gift – Part 6

Friday, February 10th, 2012

A Sammie Story

Written By: Shay (@Shay_Bae89)

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The next morning was a little eerie. Sammie was still

definitely in shock while Chloe was still in fear that her

husband might find her. Trevor had called her non-stop

since the night before leaving threatening voicemails

and menacing texts. Sammie tried to comfort her as

much as he could but his conscience couldn’t take it

anymore; he had to protect the woman he loved. After

breakfast they got ready while he tried to convince her

that she had to see a doctor.


S: “Chloe I know this is not what you’re prepared to do

right now, but you need to see a doctor.”


C: “You’re right… I’m not prepared to do that!”


S: “Look… *rubs her shoulders* I know that things are

really tough right now, but if you’re ever gonna break

free from all this you need to. You can’t keep allowing

this bitch nigga to get away with this! He put his hands on

you he needs to pay!”


C: “I know… You’re right but… *burts into tears* But I

don’t want anyone to see me like this! I mean it’s

embarrassing enough.”


S: “Babe you shouldn’t be embarrassed… That sorry

excuse for a man should! You can do this, I’ll be right by

your side.”


C: *smiles* “Ok… Let’s go…”


Sammie and Chloe drove over to the hospital to get her

checked out. With her hoodie and glasses on she tried

to hide as much of her face as she could. After seeing

the physician she reassured the both of them that Chloe

would be ok. As they rode back home Sammie took a

detour which worried Chloe.


C: “Baby you missed the exit!”


S: “I know…”


C: “Where are we going?”


S: “You’ll see!”


Minutes later they arrived at the police station and Chloe

was livid.


C: “Sammie you brought me to the police station?”


S: “Yes… We’re gonna report this dude!”




S: “He’s not gonna hurt you anymore! With God and me

on your side it’s only up from here. You just gotta take

the first step… Are you ready?”


C: *deep sigh* “Okay… I’m ready!”


They both exited the vehicle and walked hand in hand

into the precinct. Sammie could feel her hand trembling

and he squeezed it tighter to reassure her. Chloe was

brought in to file the police report against Trevor. As she

walked out she felt a feeling of empowerment to have

finally taken action. Sammie hugged and kissed her and

let her know how proud of her he was.


After their long day he decided to drop Chloe off at the

house and handle one more thing. He happened to have

eyed the address of the residence she shared with

Trevor and he decided to take a ride over there with

one of his good friends. They arrived and parked a block

down from the house. Sammie let his friend know that

he had it handled from that point on. Anger filled his

eyes and rage began to set in as he walked up the

driveway to the door. He had no regard as he banged on

the front door and waited for Trevor to confront him.

As Trevor swung the door open all he felt was Sammie’s

right hook collide with his jaw. Trevor swung back and

missed, Sammie used that to his advantage and hit him

with a left hook. As Trevor stumbled to the ground

Sammie picked him back up by the shirt and threw

another punch to his jaw. As he analyzed he backed up

and prepared to leave. When his hand reached the

doorknob he felt a surge of pain to back of his head. He

turned around and caught a blow to the face again. As

Sammie swung he missed as Trevor caught him in a

headlock. He fought Trevor’s grip with all his might and

returned the favor. Punch after punch Sammie landed

into Trevor until he collapsed to the floor bloodied and

bruised. As he stood over him he uttered these last



S: “Now you know how it feels bitch ass nigga!”


He quickly exited the house and met his homeboy

around the block. Sammie arrived home to a slumbering

Chloe. He took a shower, brushed his teeth, and hopped

into bed with her. He held her tightly to assure her

that no matter what all the pain, fear, and anguish was in

the past now.