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The Jackson Family Drama

The Jackson Family Drama

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

It’s been three years since the shocking passing of mega pop star and legend, Michael Jackson. To many he was called “MJ” and to others the King of Pop. With his smooth vocals and inventive dance moves, we all knew him as the best entertainer in the world. However this was not his only role. He was a friend, a brother, a son, and to Prince, Paris, and Blanket — a father. Prior to Michael’s passing, he completed a Will and Testament to make sure his children were well taken care of. In his Will he listed his mother, Katherine, as his children’s guardian.

Many would wonder why this is so, after all, Katherine is 82 years of age. She is considered to be in good health, but the stressers of raising three teenagers are significant for even someone half her age. What would separate someone younger from Katherine is their natural ability to endure more stress on their brain, heart, and other vital organs.  For Michael to still choose his aging mother to care for his children instead of one of his siblings, speaks volumes. What did Michael really think about his siblings? Did he not trust them to care for his children? If so, why?

In recent news, Katherine took a much needed rest in Arizona per her doctor’s order. The problem with this is that she neglected to let any of her children or grandchildren know about this escape. A frenzy began, wondering where she was, if she was okay, and what would happen with Michael’s children. TJ Jackson, Katherine’s 34-year old grandson (Michael’s nephew and Tito’s son) was given temporary guardianship of the children. It is expected for the judge to rule in favor of a joint guardianship between TJ and Katherine. For months now, Katherine has received $86,000 a month to care for the children, a fund that is currently being received by TJ.

Michael’s siblings have been fighting to get their hands on these children. Do you think its because they have Michael’s children’s best interest at heart, or is it solely to get their palms on that empire he left behind, which as we know will go 100% to his children?

Watch the video below and voice your opinion. What do you think of the Jackson drama?

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