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Slow Motion

Slow Motion

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

A Sammie Story

Written by Trish (@GimmeUnusual)

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“Turn that up baby. That’s my jam,” she said.


I turned it up and sat back in my recliner, watching her sway her hips from side to side to the beat. She ran her hands through her hair and lifted them up over her head. When she brought them back down, her hands caressed her body…molding them perfectly against her every curve.


I got up from my seat, pulled a chair from the dining room table and turned to watch her. I needed an up close and personal view.


She smiled, turning her body around to face me. She had on this little pink chiffon, lace thingy that accentuated her banging ass body. She had legs for days and an ass that poked right outta that lil shit she had on.


I slouched down into my seat and put my arm up over the top of the chair. I grabbed my dick and watched this show she was putting on for me. She turned around with her ass facing me, spread her legs open, and touched the floor beneath her…shyytttt…that lil pink material barely covering her pussy and going through the crack of her ass had me slewed! I gripped my dick tighter and squeezed. My baby knew just what to do with that body.


As she bent over, she rolled her head further down, looking at me upside down. She stuck two fingers in her mouth, pushed her panties to the side, and slapped her pussy.  “Sheesh!” I blurted out. My girl bad…looking like a bag of money. She inserted her fingers inside and began to push in and out. She had the prettiest pussy I’ve ever seen. It was completely shaven with three paw prints on her mound. On top of that she had a piercing straight through her clit.


She eased her two fingers out real slowly and then rubbed her clit from side to side before pushing back in. I rubbed my dick through my shorts; I was ready for her to be bouncing up and down up on it. She had me gone…watching as she closed her eyes and bit on her bottom lip…the way she pleased herself. Shyt that was my job.


She took her fingers from her pussy and put them in her mouth. From there she lifted her head up and slid down into a split.


“Fuck!” I wanted and needed her body asapington. Sitting there grinning and teasing me n’ shyt.


She did a complete 360 degree turn on the floor, connecting her legs together. Her ass looked at me seductively as hell as she got on all four and began to crawl slowly over to me. She creeped her fingers up my legs; I moved my legs cuz that shyt tickled. She thought that was funny and held her head down to laugh.


I picked her chin up and nodded my head for her to bring me them lips. She followed instructions well, planting a juicy wet, luscious kiss on my lips. I slapped her ass and she said, “Oooo.” She knew she liked dat shyt.


She got back down on her knees and moved my hand from my dick. “I’ll take over now,” she said.


She grabbed the sides of both my boxer briefs and my basketball shorts at the same time and began to pull them down. I lifted a bit up outta the seat to help her out. As she was pulling them down my legs and off my feet, I pulled my wife beater over my head and threw it to the floor. Her mouth had already went in for ice-cream. She was lickin and slurpin on my dick like the shit was meltin or sumthin. She was gone make it drip alright. I held my head back and closed my eyes as she consumed my chocolate cone.


The metal from her tongue ring grazed up and down my shaft, giving her tongue lashings an extra leg up. It felt good but I was ready for her to suck. I pushed her head down on my dick and held it there as I pumped into her mouth. I could feel her spit run down and tickle my balls. It made me pull my dick outta her mouth and push her mouth down to my balls. I put her hand on my dick and moved it up and down to show her exactly what I wanted. She licked and sucked on my balls as her hand jacked me off. She had me close. I was ready to cum but I had a site in mind. I let her get me almost there and then I put it back in her mouth. She wanted to lick again, circling her tongue piercing around the tip of my head. I let her get a few licks in before I positioned her head right where I wanted it and pumped until I came.


“Swallow that baby,” I instructed. “Lemme see.”


She opened her mouth wide for me and it was gone. “I love yo’ freaky ass.”

“I know,” she told me.

“Take that shyt off. I’ll be right back,” I said.


I left to go into the bedroom and reappeared seconds later. She sat in the dining room chair with her legs crossed. I got on both my knees in front of her, spread her legs a part, put them on top of my shoulders, and pulled her ass to the edge of the chair. I went in for my midday snack…bomb-rushing dat pussy like it was a free buffet. I maneuvered my lips all around it…taking my time to caress every fold. Her juices dissipated on my tongue as it dove in and out. She kept trying to push my head away but I was going in for the kill. She lifted her ass from the seat, carrying my head along with her as her hips rotated. Her feet kept beating against my back, I guess in her attempt to get away. I wasn’t letting go until her body busted. I grabbed a hold to her clit with my tightened lips and pulled. Just then her body jerked violently and her ass almost fell off the chair. I caught her…holding on until her body finally relaxed.


Finally I let her go and stood up. I wiped my nose and lips with my arm…she had damn near my whole face soaked. I looked at her as she slid onto the floor. I laughed. I knew she had an intense one but I wasn’t done with her yet. I reached down and pulled her up to her feet. “Turn around, bend over, and put yo’ hands on the seat of dat chair,” I instructed.


She did as I said and I entered from behind. With one thrust the chair moved. I pulled out and pushed the chair up against the wall…told her to get back in position. I drove back in and she bucked up. I forced her back down, holding her hip with one hand as the other one kept her back down. I hit it hard with each stroke, beating dat pussy up.


She reached her hand back and squeezed my ass. That didn’t stop shyt…I kept breaking it off. She screamed for mercy but I didn’t let up. I knew she didn’t want me to…she loved all this dick. Black Mamba—that’s what she named it…venomous, aggressive, and precise. I kept tagging that pussy…trying to put it outta commission. Her pussy juices were running down my thigh she was so wet. She tried to back it up on me but her legs were getting too weak to keep up the pace. I hit it until her legs collapsed as she came.


She leaned onto the chair breathing hard. I gave her a minute…rubbing my dick to keep it ready for her. After a minute she took it from my hand and kissed the head. “Damn baby…I love your dick.”

“I know,” I said as I grinned, giving her a piece of her own medicine.

She grinned back at me and twirled that tongue ring around my head.


“You know what I want don’t you?” I asked. She looked at the table and nodded.


She stood back up and I took the cap off the Vaseline that sat on the table. I greased my dick up and she turned and bent over, gripping that chair again. I applied some to her ass and began to ease in. She pushed me back a lil bit.


“Not hard baby,” she said.

“I know…Imma slow it down.”

“Real slow.”

“Slow motion baby.”


I slowly eased in as I gripped her shoulder with one hand and her hip with the other. She wrapped around me so tight that I could barely move. It was so tight that she buckled my knees at first thrust. She had me outchea…floating in space.


I could feel her working her own body. She rubbed her clit as I slowly went in and out. She screamed profanities and I did the same, relishing in all her good shyt. Hahaa all of it!


As she made herself ascend, she took me there with her. She shook and came, forcing her ass to clinch me tighter. She made me bust so hard that I fell onto her and we both went crashing to the floor. I made my baby girl hit her lip on the chair as we came tumbling down.


She turned and looked at me, hitting me softly against the chest. “Boy!” she yelled. I saw our sex wound and felt bad. I grabbed her up into my arms and wiped the blood away. I kissed it, licked the small wound, and told her I was sorry. She lied on my chest, rubbing and teasing my nipples. I relaxed my head back after seeing that she was alright. We lied on the floor for a bit, recuperating.


“I’m bout that shower flow right about now baby gurl. What about you?” I inquired.

“Sure daddy,” she smiled.

I kissed them juicy lips. “I know you feeling good. I done made you feel better n’ shyt, but daddy finna make you wetter.”