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2TNT=2HOT (Part 7 – Conclusion)

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

Best Man I Can Be

A Trey Songz Story

Written by Syreeta (@Only1ME_Syreeta)

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Two weeks had passed since Chante had been in the hospital. She had her follow up doctors visit and had some good news for Trev. He wasn’t able to go with her but he told her he would be over as soon as he got off work. When he got to her house that evening he was greeted to a candle lit living room with a plush blanket on the floor covered in rose petals. He noticed some goodies that he liked on it too. She also had slow jams playing to assist with the mood. He knew she meant business. Chante comes walking down the steps in a black sheer nighty. Trev noticed her belly was really starting to form a ball. They looked at each other wearing the biggest smiles on their faces. Once they reached one another they wrapped their arms around each other and kissed. Chante held on extra long charged and ready for their evening to begin.


Trev: “This must really be some good news you gotta tell me.”


Chante: “It is. The spotting has finally stopped, our baby is progressing well and at our next visit we’ll be able to find out the sex.”


Trev: bigger smile “Aw baby that’s great. Are you sure you wanna know what it is?”


Chante: “I never really thought about it. I just wanted our baby to be alright, but another you wouldn’t be bad.”


Trev: “I’d want another you.”


Chante: “You wouldn’t prefer a son?”


Trev: “I wouldn’t mind a boy, but I’d be happy too with a little girl who’s beautiful just like her mother.”


Chante: “Well right now all I wanna do is make up for the lost time we’ve had. I’ve really missed you.”


Trev: “You sure the floor is gonna be comfortable enough for you now?”


Chante: “I don’t care about being comfortable right now. I just wanted to take things back to how we use to do…old school.”


Chante pulls Trev over to the bed that was made on the floor. She begins undressing him. Trev helped her out to make the process a little faster. She too undressed, but left on one garmet. When Trev noticed it at first he was wondering what she had on and why she left it on. Then he realized she was wearing his favorite treat…it was an edible G-String. He thought she wore it well too. It helped that it stretched. He couldn’t wait to eat it up. He helped her down on the floor and decided to give her a rub down first. He grabbed the bottle of lickable body oil and moistened her shoulders, running his hands partially down her arms and around her neck. Chante relished his strong hands caressing her body, but yet and still being gentle. When he got to her breast he let the oil drip hitting her nipples and different spots on them. He stole a lick a time or two and then continued his adventure. He lightly rubbed some of the oil on her belly. He kissed it gently knowing it held such a precious being. Then he licked his way up to her breast tasting the flavor once more of cherry jubilee. Flinging his tongue against her now hardened nipples he sucked them gracefully not being overbearing. She loved his touch and how careful he was with her.


In the mist of his bathing she reached for the bottle and poured some oil on his shoulders letting it run down his chest and poured plenty of it in her hand. As he licked on her she rubbed on him fondling his nipples and massaging his body returning the favor. Trev noticed Chante was trying to reach between his legs so he scooted up some so she could have her fun. She showered his balls with love caressing them first before she stroked the main vein. Trev huffed as her hands sent him into pure sexual bliss. His movement came to a halt as she worked him into a stupor and had him breathless. He figured two could play that game and when he regained his strength to move he made his way down to the G-String and nibbled away. He took pieces of the candy every so often and fed them to her mouth to mouth. Finally he devoured the middle where her lips anxiously awaited. Chante moaned as Trev ate the candy away along with her pussy. He had her legs spread wide as he glided his tongue all over her clit and in and out of her pussy hole. He came up after some time and kissed her lips. His body had rose pedals glued to him here and there. He grabbed a few and sprinkled them on Chante like rain. Then he took the pile and made them into a heart shape on her stomach then planted kisses all in the middle of it. She smiled and laughed since it tickled. They looked each other in the eyes having more of an intimate moment. She knew it was time for the main course. Trev situated himself between her legs and slowly plunged in. She let out a loud pout which even took her by surprise. Trev wasn’t sure if it was for pleasure or pain so he stopped.


Trev: “Baby you ok? Did I hurt something?”


Chante: “Nooo…no baby I’m fine. You just feel so good to me. Don’t stop…says again at a whisper…don’t stop.”


That was all he needed to know. He continued stroking her nice and slow while he rubbed her clit heightening her enjoyment. He licked his fingers tasting her essence as it spilled over. They made love to each other throughout the rest of the evening making sure to make up for lost time. They played with one another splattering each other with edible chocolate body paint and taking turns licking it off. Chante added more chocolate to her chocolate stick and Trev made a design of a chocolate kiss using her nipples. This was one bit of chocolate that was going to melt in his mouth and not in his hand.


He consumed her giving of himself more than he ever had. For the first time he was making love to her; genuinely meaning it. It was a feeling that he never experienced and he loved it. He really loved her. He had her laying on her side making love to her from the back holding her close never wanting to let go. Chante threw her ass back on him as she enjoyed him manipulating her nipples, kissing her shoulders and the back of her neck as he expressed his love. She felt his love being poured on her and realized she finally had gotten what she always wanted from him…his heart. Tears filled her eyes because she was so happy and with the man that she always wanted to be with. When their sweet love making session came to an end they laid together basking in the moment.


Trev: “Aye! How you feeling? You sure you not in any pain anywhere?”


Chante: “No baby. I feel good. I’m actually ready for more.”


Trev: “You ain’t said nothing but a word, but you know what I want you to do?”


Chante: “What’s that?”


Trev: “Go upstairs and relax in the bed; I’ll be up there.”


Chante did what he asked, but her destination was not the bed. When Trev got up there he noticed a trail of rose pedals and followed it. It led him to a bubble filled tub with rose petals all around it and his one rose in it.


Trev: “Ohhh…so we bringing the party in here…”


Chante: “Mmhmm so hurry up and get in so I can go on a water ride.”


Trev gave Chante her wish and let her go for a ride. Wild rapids were in full affect as she took control and mastered the waves. Trev was caught up in her whirlwind and submerged in her whirlpool. His pipe was about to explode and Chante was ready to feel his eruption. Trev squeezed her tight as his body stiffened and jerked. Chante lovingly kissed his face as he laid there. Then her legs were starting to hurt in that position so she turned around. Trev held her. They laid there in silence for a moment. Then Trev broke it by playing. He took his hands and rubbed them on her belly like he was gliding over a crystal ball.


Trev: “Is it a girl or is it a boy?” Chante decided to mess with him.


Chante: “You know, what if it was one of each? You know that’s a possibility right?” Trev stopped rubbing. He froze.


Trev: “What? We wouldn’t know that by now?” Chante laughs.


Chante: “Calm down babe it’s only one.”


Trev: “Girl you had me worried for a minute.” He splashes water on her. She laughs again.


Once they were all cleaned up from their candy coated loving they picked up where they left off and made love to one another in the bed. As Trev laid holding her she remembered a question she wanted to ask.


Chante: “Oh babe have you found out whose been sending you those messages yet?”


Trev: “Nah baby I’m still working on it.”


He knew that wasn’t the truth, but it was gonna be his truth for now.




Trey: “Mumma invited us over for dinner tonight.”


Michelle: “Aw did she? Well I’m looking forward to it then.”


Trey: “Yeah she has something to tell me and Trev.”


Michelle: “Must be big.”


Trey: “I don’t know, but she has been asking a lotta questions lately about our birthday and saying how we needa get it together by then.”


Michelle: “What didn’t you have together?”


Trey: “She was talkin bout the situation when Trev moved out.” We were laying together in the bed when suddenly Michelle sits up.


Michelle: “Trey she doesn’t know why you guys were fighting does she?”


Trey: “No. I wouldn’t tell her nothing like dat. Trev wouldn’t either. She was thinking we just was tired of each other. Come here.” She laid back down beside me with her head now on my chest.”


Michelle: “That’s a relief. I would be so embarrassed if she knew how we got together.”


Trey: “A day I’ll never forget.”


Michelle: “You! How you think I feel…fucking the wrong person.”


Trey: “You had it right. You just didn’t realize it yet.”


Michelle: “Oh, but you made sure I realized it.”


Trey: “Yo ass didn’t make it easy either.”


Michellesmiles “Why should I? You took advantage of me.”


Trey: “You came on to me…seducing me with those eyes and that perfume you had on.”


Michelle: ” I thought I was coming on to Trevor. You just let me.”


Trey: “I know, because I wanted you. You were looking all sexy n’shit. I couldn’t help myself.”


Michelle: “Twins…I couldn’t believe it. Not once did he tell me he was a twin. I wanted to stay so mad at you.”


Trey: “Yeah you did…slapped me in everything. I had to pull out all the stops just to get to you.”


Michelle: “Stops or trickery? It took me a minute to tell you two apart with clothes on.” I laughed. She taps me. “You know that wasn’t funny at all.”


Trey: “It is now. I knew from the minute I saw you I had to have you.”


Michelle: “And who knew then things would of turned out like this.” I pull her on top of me.


Trey: “Well I gotchu now.”


Michelle: “You do got me baby and I wouldn’t want it any other way.”


I start rubbing on her globe of an ass. She slips her tongue in my mouth kissing me passionately as she gyrates on me. Our hunger was starting to show so we decided to treat ourselves to breakfast in bed. We ate light. She crawled opposite of me and I fed her a nice long chocolate covered banana while I ate her black cherry. Gotta have breakfast…the most important meal of the day. I was ready to eat too. My appetite for her is an insatiable one and my love…limitless.





We all were at the house sitting at the table finishing up with dinner. Mumma finally told me and Trev what all the concern was regarding our birthday. She surprised us and told us she bought us a Duplex so we could still live together but have our own place. She also said once it’s complete she was throwing a celebration there. We couldn’t believe it. Out of all things for her to do this was one that we never expected. Me and Trev both got up and sandwiched mumma wit a hug and kissed her simultaneously on each cheek like we use to do as kids. She does so much for us already and to do something this big we couldn’t thank her enough. We had so many questions and concerns about it, but she told us we would all sit down and discuss everything in due time. She said it wasn’t gonna be ready for a few months so all our questions and concerns would be answered before hand.


Trev: “Well mumma we have an announcement to make too.” Trev looks at Chante. “You wanna tell them?”


Chante: “I’d be happy too. We found out that we’re having a girl.”


Michelle: “Awww…I’m really happy for you guys.” Mumma started crying. Me and Trev was still standing by her so he put his arms around her and snugs her into him.


Trev: “Aw mumma it’s alright…smiles…I knew you was gone be happy about that.” I’m thinking; to see my brother with a daughter…he gone catch hell.


Trey: “Trev that’s what’s up man. Chante congratulations baby.”


Chante: “Thank you Trey.”


Trey: “Well mumma looks like you’ll finally have a girl around for a change.” She wipes off her face.


Ms. April: “Yes! Oh I can’t wait!” She looked at Chante. “Sweetie come give me a hug.” Chante quickly got up and obliged. Then she called for Michelle. “You come on up here too. I love each and every one of you.” We all was in a big ball hugging each other for a minute then Michelle pulled away asking me for the bathroom. I told her it was one right past the family room so she went in there. I pulled Trev to the side so we could talk.


Trey: “I can’t believe I’ma be a uncle…I always thought I would be the one to give mumma grand babies before you.”


Trev: “Baby boy so did I, but I’m really excited about it you know?”


Trey: “I’m really happy for you and Chante man. I’m glad everything worked out.”


Trev: “Thanks man. I could say the same for you and Michelle. She belongs with you man. I’m happy for us.”


Trey: “We’ve come a long way.”


Trev: “Yeah man things may have gotten ugly sometimes, but I love you man…no matter what.” Me and Trev hugged on that note.


Trey: “I guess I better go check on Michelle. She been in the bathroom for a minute.” I leave Trev and go knock on the door. “Aye! You a’ight in there?”


Michelle: “Yeah.” Then she opens up the door. I could tell her eyes looked watery.


Trey: “You sure you ok?”


Michelle: “Yeah I’m fine. I just got a little sick all of a sudden.”


Trey: “You ain’t pregnant are you?”


Michelle: “No! I better not be!” I pull her close to me.


Trey: “Would it be so bad if you were?”


Michelle: “Besides the fact that I wanted to be married first? Yes!”


Trey: “I guess we’ll have to make a To-Do list huh?”


Michelle: “I do think we should make a To-Do list sir.” As soon as we start kissing Trev walks up and disturbs us.


Trev: “AYE! WHAT YA”LL THINK YA’LL DOING IN HERE?” Michelle jumps. Chante comes up and locks her arm around his.


Chante: “Trevor leave them alone. Come on we’re going back in here with ya mom.”


Me and Michelle just laughed at him. My brothers a clown man, but I love ‘em to death. No matter what we may go through and how our lives may change one things for certain we’ll always be there for one another and have each others back….TNT = 2 HOT NIGGAS!


Thank you all so much for your continuous support 🙂