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The Red Zone

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

A Reggie Bush Story

Written By Lady AJ (@LadyAJ03)

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Some people love to appreciate art. I love to create it. Everyone knows me for what I do on the field but I love to draw and bring what I see before my eyes to life with my hands. Still Lifes and Portraits are my favorites…I don’t really get into abstracts because it’s not real. I haven’t shown my work to anyone…but the master piece I’ve been working on for the past month is meant for her eyes only. I could stare at Rayne’s beauty and create a million different pieces…but I don’t think I’m ever going to be able to fully capture her glow. We’ve been going strong for a few months now but every time she smiles at me I lose myself. I really don’t know what it is…but I like it. I’m going to call this one…Sex on the Sheets. We never usually make it to the bed…but that night…about a month ago…when we did…was unforgettable. I still remember when I came in the door…Rayne’s voice…her beautiful voice…carried all the way to the door so I followed it. She wasn’t supposed to make it over…but she changed her schedule just for me. She was in my bedroom…wearing a short, silky, red thang that barely covered all of my favorite parts to kiss. Taking rose pedals one by one she gently set them around the candles she had burning…candles that made her beautiful skin look even more flawless. She didn’t know I was there. She couldn’t have. She was moving so freely…like she was home alone…and I was enjoying every second.


Rayne: (Singing) “Anytime….Any place…I don’t care who’s around….No No No No…OOOOOHHH Anytime baby…Any place…I….


Reggie: You don’t care huh?


I had to interrupt her…I loved the look she always gets when I sneak up on her. This time…she was expecting it…like she wanted me to catch her. She slowly turned around flashed me that smile before climbing onto my sheets, stretching her body into the sexiest pose I’d ever seen…I couldn’t help it so I snapped a photo…After all, it was a Kodak moment. I set the camera down and stripped for her…real slow…I wanted her to be as excited as I was when I watched her little show…and she responded to my every move. I couldn’t wait to drink her body down…and she knew it so she slid her legs open to give me a peek at her candy. Before I could kiss it like I wanted to she closed her legs to tease me. I held her close with her titties pressed against my chest when she rode my dick. She whispered “I love you” that night…and her kiss was so passionate… I don’t know how many times…but I know I made her cum all night. When the morning came I looked over at her angelic face…she slept so soundly…but I wanted to wake her the right way. So I kissed her neck…her soft moans and movements let me know she was down so I took her from the side…she was so damn wet…still so damn tight…and it felt so damn right. I stroked her slow and deep…and every second felt like heaven.

I didn’t even know how good that photo came out until I printed it…when I saw how beautiful that scene was…I had to re-create it. Even right now…while I’m signing that bottom right corner…giving my stamp of approval…all I can think about is how she felt. Something tells me she’s gonna cry when she sees it for the first time…so I’m going to hide it…at least for now. I didn’t think I’d ever do it again…but I fell and this time I fell hard. Now it’s time to let her walk in and catch me by the sheets…Lights. Camera. Action.