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Sunday, February 23rd, 2014

The Player Diaries Collection

A Lloyd Fiction Story

Written by Trish (@GimmeUnusual)

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“Samantha! Sa-MANNNNN-THAAA!!!” I woke up in a cold sweat with my arms stretched out trying to reach for her. I kept having that same nightmare a couple times each week. She would be reaching out to me but something was pulling her away before I could grab a hold to her. The look of desperation in her eyes shook me as she disappeared in a black cloud of smoke. I couldn’t understand why the dream kept reoccurring. I no longer wanted to save her. She made her choice and I made mine. All I wanted now was to forget about her.


I took a sip of water that sat on my bedside table and lay back down. Amy remained in a deep sleep, softly snoring. Her long, medium-brown hair lay across all the pillows. I cuddled up to her, tightly wrapping my arms around her and closing my eyes. She spoke quietly with her Australian accent, “Baby you okay?”


“Mmhmm,” I responded with a kiss on her cheek. She was one of my coolest bitches. Any and everything went with her.


I had a couple of radio stations I had to hit up the next morning while I was in Sydney before jetting off to Switzerland. Holly was my drank of choice there. I called her up as soon as I landed to let her know that I’d swing by after my show was over. “Aye, I cannot wait to see jew,” she said in her heavy Swiss German accent. She owned a bar and taught me how to brew beer the last time I was in town. We always got sloppy drunk and fucked in the wildest places. Last time we took a skyride up the mountains and she sucked my dick for the entire 8-minute ride. I was so ready to bust a nut but the moment we got to the top, the attendant was right there to let us out. I had to hold that shit in. We found a little crevice on the top of the mountain to give us some privacy. I pressed her up against the rocks and we fucked like wild animals.


I arrived at her bar slightly after midnight. She was sitting behind the bar with her crossed feet propped up on a stool, leaned back reading a magazine. She looked up at the door when she heard the chimes signal off. She instantly smiled getting up and coming from behind the bar. She wrapped her arms around my neck.


“You cut your hair,” I said as I ran my fingers through her shoulder-length champagne blond hair.


“Jes, I wanted a change. Jew like it?”

“Yes, you’re beautiful.”


The three men still left in the bar were turned around listening to our entire conversation. When I looked up at them, they all turned back around and stared at the TV.


“C’mon,” she grinned as she pulled me over to the bar and sat me down. “I make a new beer now. Taste and tell may what jew think.” She tapped the beer tower and the dark liquid came spurting out. She sat the mug down before me and then put her elbow on the bar and her chin in her hand as she waited on my deliberation. I smiled and she smiled back at me.


“It’s a Dunkel,” she added. “The kind we made together but a little different.”


I took a swig. “It’s good.”


“GREAT!” she said anxiously hitting the bar top. Then she walked over to her other customers to see if they needed anything else. They all objected and cashed out.


Holly flipped the “We’re Open” switch, turning the light off out front and locking the front door behind the last customer.


“Let’s go to the back,” she said.


Holly cleared out the register and I followed her to the back. She threw the cash in the safe and seductively walked over to me. I was still gulping down the beer when she took it out of my hand. I watched her walk over to the couch; sit the mug on the side table and undress. I walked over to her and palmed her perky titties. She had perfect dime-sized nipples that stayed hard. I could always see them through whatever shirt or bra she had on. This particular night was no different than all the others. She did shit with her tongue that only the gods of good head could ever conceive. She swigged some of my beer and let it drizzle all over my head before slurping it up. The cold from the beer followed by the warmth of her mouth was the perfect dual sensation. And what I loved the most about her was that she swallowed. She twirled it around in her mouth and pushed it out to her lips before chucking it back. She moaned while she did it like my shit was the best she ever had. The couch was saturated with beer and cum as we did it over and over again until the sun came up. I beat that pink pussy up…it was a TKO.


After I finished my month long stint traveling throughout Australia, I went home for a bit. Home reminded me of Sam so it wasn’t a city I wanted to be in too long but I missed my moms, my sister and my gorgeous niece. We kicked it for a while before I had some gigs in Canada.


Keisha was my bitch in Toronto. She was laid back and liked to roll up with me. She had a fat ass as though she got stung by wasps…the whole got damn nest. I liked to fuck her from behind and watch her show out. Her ass clapped giving me a round of applause every time I dug her out. We never went out. She’d call up her ganja dealer and we’d spend the night smoking, munching and fucking in her crib. I woke up in a cold sweat again, but unlike Amy, Keisha was wide awake staring at me.


“Who is Samantha?”


“Nobody,” I gruffly responded wiping the sweat from my brow.


She leaned back on the pillow, rolling over as she repeated, “Mmhmm, nobody.”

Dreaming about her was getting on my last damn nerve. I did everything I could to shake her but it was like she was hunting me. Bitches in every city, doing shit she never did and yet she invaded my dreams.


Molly in Madrid was my favorite. She had dark silky hair and dark exotic features. She had one dimple in her left cheek that just did something to my body whenever she smiled. She was also the only one of my foreign bitches that I ate out. I licked her middle like it was an Oreo cookie. I spread her lips apart and munched. She wet my appetite just like she wetted the sheets beneath her. And her pussy was tight. It hugged and choked me and made my dick cry. She’d switch it up and start talking Spanish and I’d hit harder making it drip until she tapped out.


After a few gigs in Spain, I extended my layover in London with Lauren before heading back to the states. Lauren was black and beautiful…sexy as shit. She had a Coca-Cola bottle frame and a sharp tongue that could draw blood. She held nothing back and whatever she was thinking, she let it be known. She was a different breed from the rest. Her honesty was attractive. We behaved like a couple whenever we were around each other, playing chess and watching “I Love Lucy.” She liked to ride me reverse cowgirl style and I appreciated her endeavors. I’d pull her down on me and grip her titties while I pounded in and out. Fucking me was the only time she cursed. She was a good girl gone bad.


When I got back to the ATL, I wanted to bury myself at home for a few days. Being on the road took a lot out of me so I was ready to hibernate and get some much needed rest. I stopped at the grocery store to replenish my house and prepare for my reprieve. I was throwing things in my cart when a fan spotted me. She pulled out her phone, positioning it out in front of us. We put our heads together and she snapped the picture with her extended arm. Just as soon as the phone came down, Samantha was standing directly in front of us.


“Hi Lloyd.”