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Night & Day

Night & Day

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

A Lloyd Fiction Story

The Player Diaries Collection

Written by Tricia (@GimmeUnusual)

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The card read:

I got a sweet tooth Baby.

Would you mind if I plant Hershey’s Kisses all down that pretty little body of yours? Bury my face in between them Milk Duds and twirl my tongue across your Jelly Belly? Hold on for dear life baby…this Milky Way is gonna be a bumpy ride. You Snicker-ing as I give you Almond Joy…massaging your Mounds with my tongue and nibbling on that Kit-Kat with my lips. Mmmm Crunch N’ Munch…my favorite dessert. I won’t tease you baby, Mr. Goodbar is on its way. But first I want you to taste my Blow Pop while I Butterfinger your middle. And before I give you this Pixie Stix that’ll make you Starburst, let me flip you over and run my tongue in between ya Whatchamacallit. Finally we’ll Fun Dip until we both can taste the rainbow…SKITTLES!

P.S. Enjoy your candy today because tonight I’ll be enjoying mine. 

P.S.S. Meet me at my condo after work.



It was accompanied by a basket full of sweets. “He’s in town.” My smile spread so wide that my cheeks began to twitch. I had to reprimand myself for allowing Lloyd to have that kind of effect on me. Sometimes I felt ashamed…sometimes I downright just didn’t care. Every sinful indulgence…every sexcapade…they made me high and I was addicted. I had to have him.


I put my usual plan into action. My sister was always my cover up. I owed her big time but in return she got the exclusive.


4:30 p.m. couldn’t come quick enough. I clocked out and damn near ran to my car, retouching my make-up at every red light.


I heard the music seep through the open spaces of the door before I could even make it in front of it. There was a small envelop taped to the door that read “Samantha”…I smiled, thinking back on the last time I was there…the sex swing…the lights. Then my mind trailed off and I began singing “All of the Lights” by Kanye West in my head. I chuckled at how random my ass was. I pulled the envelop down from the door and opened it. Another note in his beautiful penmanship. It read, “Enter at your own risk!”


I felt that huge grin fill my face again. I wanted to be more alluring…mystical…not easily impressed, but I failed at every attempt. I walked in and all the lights were out. Votive candles and green arrows led the way. I closed the door and began to follow the arrows and lights. I kept straight down the hallway until I came to a bend. The arrows led me left. I went about 10 paces and the arrows turned yellow. Damn…here goes that cheesy grin again. Points for originality…I’ll give it to him. The arrows led me into his bedroom…no surprise there but they didn’t stop there. They turned back green, leading me passed his king size bed and into his oversized bathroom. They turned yellow when I got inside the bathroom. I continued to follow, stopping at the single red arrow that sat in front of the whirlpool tub which was already full of water and the jets were thrusting the bubbles about. There was another note on the edge of the tub. “Once you step in, you won’t be dry for the rest of the night.” That made me laugh out loud.


I stripped out of my clothes and climbed in. I began to bath myself sensually, expecting him to appear at any moment. I had a huge knot in my stomach…can’t decide if it was nerves or anticipation…maybe even the fear of him sneaking up on me and scaring the shit outta me. I was ready to see him.


I had finished bathing and he still hadn’t popped up. I climbed out the tub, wrapped myself in a towel, and went back into the bedroom. He had been in the room. I guess I couldn’t hear him over the music that he still had blasting throughout the house. Another note lied on the bed. I thought to myself how obvious the next step was. There were bondage straps hooked up to the bedposts and a blindfold on the center of one pillow.
I grabbed the last note and opened it, “Place the blindfold over your eyes and lie your naked body face down.” I dropped the towel on the floor and did as instructed, smiling the entire time.


My heart began to race 100 miles an hour as I laid there. Suddenly, I heard the music go low as the tempo changed. It went from a mellow rhythm to a sensual, chopped and screwed pulse. It was only my skin that kept my insides from running every which way all at once. I knew that meant he was coming.


A brisk hint of air swept across my body. Chills spread through my entire body and I began to shudder. He was there.


I jumped when I felt something wet hit my back and run down in a succinct stream. His hand lightly touched my back and I felt the warmth of his breath when he whispered “shhh” in my ear.


He began to rub my back with one hand as the other swept my hair to the side. His touches were deep…penetrating and precise. He rubbed every kink out of my neck, shoulders, and back. He didn’t stop there either. He took each hand into his, massaging each tendon and slowly working his way up each arm.


He applied oil on my ass. I blushed. Each hand grabbed a cheek as he pressed the tips of his fingers down and into a circular motion. He continued, working his fingers down each leg. When he got to my feet he bent my leg up and worked my toes and the souls of my feet like a professional. He kneaded out every ounce of tension. I was like putty in his hands.


He lied each foot gently back down onto the bed. I felt his body hoover mid-air over mine. Just then the moisture of his lips as they touched my ass made me squirm. He moved his lips across each cheek, pressing softly down. He used his tongue and teeth to cover some of the vast area, nibbling as he went.


I let out a low squeal as he abruptly lifted my ass into the air and spread my cheeks apart. His tongue went up and down the crack of my ass, circling my opening. I clutched the pillows under my head as his thumbs played with my pussy. He put one thumb inside my pussy as the other one tickled my clit. I loved the freaky shit he did.


My body had heated up to a stifling temperature, so much so that I could barely breathe. I gasped for air as he worked my body into paralysis. My legs collapsed, pinning Lloyd beneath me. That didn’t stop his tongue lashings; he continued to work his tongue between my clit, pussy, and ass. His thumbs continued wherever his tongue left off at. Together, they were a supreme combo.


He finally wiped me out when he had one thumb inside my ass and another one in my pussy while he sucked on my clit. My body bussed so hard, triggering my limbs to work again but only to flee. I scooted across the bed so fast that Lloyd didn’t have time to catch me. I ended up on my back almost off the bed. I could hear him giggling as I tried to come up for air.


He didn’t give me any downtime. He scooted me back into the center of the bed and stretched my arms out above my head. I heard the Velcro and then the straps closed around my wrists.


“Ohhh…shit,” I groaned.


Lloyd chuckled again and then laid his body down the length of mine. He finally gave me them lips…pushing his tongue to the back of my throat. My aroma filled his mouth. I secretly wondered if I gave him the candy that he wanted…shit…I tasted finger-licking good to my damn self.


He worked his lips down my body, this time covering the front. He circled my nipples with his tongue, replacing his descending tongue with his hands as he grabbed and rubbed my titties.


His head lowered, grazing my belly as it reached its destination. His lips sucked in my clit again. I couldn’t handle it. I began begging for mercy but he wouldn’t let up. His tongue was a tornado, causing havoc in its wake. He got me to my peak again, even quicker than the time before. My body jerked but this time he was prepared. He held my pelvis down as my legs broke open the air. I pushed myself up, trying to release the tension. I hit my head against the headboard, finally forcing him to release me.


He rubbed my head to contain the pain but there was none. It paled in comparison to my struggling lungs. Every breath was quick and seemed to be insufficient. I panted, hoping that my body would soon calm and allow my breathing to regulate. I knew we weren’t done yet and protesting was only making him work harder.


His body left mine. I heard the rattling of a wrapper and then his body closed down on top of me again. He burrowed neatly in between my legs, shoving his thick dick inside me.


I howled as he took possession of my pussy, commanding it like the chief he was. He lifted my legs into the air, moving his hips in circles.


Lloyd hissed and groaned as he maneuvered inside of me. Finally his breathing became sporadic…stopping, restarting, and then shallow. He switched his positioning, smacking in and out of me at a quickening pace. I heard the slush of my pussy as my juices overflowed. The sound was the gun to our marathon. He shot off, sprinting…racing to the finish line.


I was already there…slurring, cursing and bucking like a wild horse waiting for him to join me in the winner circle. The music in the background rose to a deafening crescendo, elevating our bodies harmoniously. In sync, our worlds came to a screeching halt. The room silenced, not even an audible breath. A still moment… “boom boom…boom boom”…my heartbeat broke way. Love.


He collapsed on top of me. His wet body hit mine with a vengeance, knocking the wind out of me. I gave him time to catch his breath while I simultaneously tried to get mine.


Finally he lifted slightly up and pulled the Velcro apart, releasing my wrists. I went straight for the blindfold…I couldn’t wait to see his beautiful face. His eyes were dark and low. I wiped the perspiration from his forehead and under his nose. He smiled an exhausted smile and I smiled back, kissing him in between.


He snuggled on the side of me, wrapping me into his arms. I rested my head on his chest, preparing myself for slumber. I thought about how not going home would worry Brian…I dedicated two seconds to the thought and then closed my eyes…