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Monday, February 27th, 2017


A Trey Songz Fiction Story

Written by Syreeta (@Only1ME_Syreeta)


“Oh my gosh, Trey! It’s Desean! You can’t let him see you! Duck!”

“Why not? Might as well let him find out tonight.”

I frantically continue to get dress.

“Not like this. Shit! Oh my God, oh my God. What am I gonna do? What if he saw images and comes to the car… why is he home EARLY!?”

He grabs me bringing me out of my panic state keeping me still, lying low on the seat.

“First, you needa calm down before he hears you if you don’t want him to know you out here.” He finishes pulling his shirt over his head.

“But what if he…”

“Shhhh,” he signals covering his lips as he spies on Desean’s whereabouts. He whispers, “just keep quiet till he goes in the house.” He notices Desean is busy looking at the other vehicle in the driveway once he gets out the car. Then he pulls out his cell phone and starts talking on it as he walks. “He’s almost in,” Trey says. He sees Desean stop in front of the door to finish his conversation.

“What is he doing,” I whisper.

“Somebody called him, he outside talkin’,” he says with a quick glance at me.

“He has to stand outside to do that… THIS LATE?”

“Must be a secret,” he replies grinning, before looking back out the window. I didn’t see the humor in it. “I wish he hurry the fuck up and go in… ar’ight he just hung up… he walking inside.”

I hear the door shut. I sit up and contemplate what Trey said for a second. I sigh.

“I guess I better get in there. He’s going to think I’m inside, since my car is here.”

“He was checkin’ out my ride for a minute too.”

“How do I explain this? Look at me!”

Trey cups the back of my neck soothingly.

“Baby relax. Just tell him you forgot ya food and came out here to get it and you accidentally spilled ya dessert.”

“It doesn’t look spilled Trey. This looks suspect.”

He takes what’s left of the ice cream and pours it on my shirt. I gasp from the surprise of it all and its coldness.


He grabs a wet wipe packet and wipes me off smearing the ice cream into my shirt more.

“There… now its more believable.”

Then my phone starts ringing.

“Shit! He’s calling!”

Trey remains calm.

“Don’t answer it. Go on in. Just tell him what I said, and don’t be nervous, ar’ight?”

“What if he asks me why I didn’t say anything to him if I was outside just now as he was coming in?”

“And what if he don’t… baby girl stop gettin’ yaself all worked up over shit you on’t know. Whatever he says I’m sho’ you can handle it.” His face lights up exuding confidence. “Everything gone be ar’ight, trust me.”

I kiss him.

“Thank you… you always know what to say. I’ll call you as soon as I can.”


I rush inside and put my leftover dinner in the refrigerator. As I make my way up the stairs Desean hears me. He comes walking down the hallway watching me as I walk up our spiral staircase. He notices my clothes are messy.

“Da fuck!” Instantly I was nervous. “Where were you just now? I called you.”

“You did?”

“Yeah!” We were now face to face. “What happened to ya clothes babe?”

I look down at myself annoyed.

“I know. I left my dinner from tonight in the car. I had just remembered it since I wanted to snack on my dessert. Me not being able to wait to eat it I spilled it on myself while getting out of the car.”

“You just was outside? When I was out there?”

“Uh, we might’ve just missed each other. I went out using the garage entrance. You must was in already.”

He takes me in his arms.

“You smell like a mixture of sweetness and…” I pull away. He looks oddly at me. “What? What you do that for?”

“I-I’m just so dirty and sticky right now I just want to go get in the shower.”

I try to head in the direction of our bedroom, but he grips my wrist.

“Hold up for a second.”

My eyes pop out of my head.


“I missed you.” He reals me in again and leans against the hallway railing with me back in his arms. “Aren’t you even surprised to see me?”

“Yes… I’m v-very surprised. Is that why you’re back so early? Because of me?”

His face is now so close to mine our foreheads touch.

“Couldn’t get back here to you fast enough.”

He hastily tongue kisses me. I kiss him back for a moment then pull away again.

“What’s gotten in to you lately,” I ask grinning.

“I can’t love on my wife?”

“Of course you can. You’ve just been… I don’t know… more attentive lately.”

“I’ve been awakened.”

“Awakened,” I curiously repeat. “And what does that mean?”

“Babe it’s a lot of good things, great things actually, about to take place for us. I’m just so happy about it, the happiest I’ve been in a long time. I think I can speak for you as well in saying that right? You the happiest you’ve been?”

“Desean you know I’m happy. Why are you asking me that?”

“I think… maybe we should start planning our family now… add a baby in the mix.”

“Okay babe…,” I say patting his chest. “You’re tired… it’s late… I’m tired, lets discuss this in the morning.”

“I may be tired and yeah it is late…” he bites his lip flirtatiously looking me dead in the face. “But I know exactly what I’m saying.” He smacks my ass. “I’m ready woman for you to have our baby.”

“Okay before we get any deeper into this conversation can I please get out of these clothes and into the shower real quick?”

“Go head… but this ain’t over,” he assures. He let’s me go and I head to the bedroom. I couldn’t believe what he just said to me. I been wanted to start a family earlier in our marriage, but he wasn’t ready. Once I reconnected with Trey, I became okay with waiting. Now he wants a baby? “Aye bayBAE…,” he yells from in the hallway. “I meant to ask you whose car is parked outside?”

Next he appears in our room. I was naked by now with a towel around me.

“Oh, that’s Meka’s friends car. She wanted me to meet him, so he met her over here. Then they left in her car to go out. They’ll be picking it up tonight though. Who knows, they might’ve gotten it as we speak.”

“I’m not even gonna ask why she had him meet her here instead of them coming together just for y’all two to meet.”

“Baby I don’t even question Meka’s motives anymore about most of the things she does. I just oblige if I can. But I’m about to shower okay?”

I give him a quick peck on the cheek then go in our bathroom. Ten minutes later I had company. Desean creeps up behind, startling me as the water is trickling down my body with my eyes shut.

He grabs both of my wrists pinning them down in front of me only to cuff me. A chuckle was all I could do at the moment when it really wasn’t funny.

“Why are you doing this,” l ask, looking over my shoulder to view him. “No dirty damsel tonight. Okay babe?”

He presses his body against my backside once I’m cuffed and humps on my ass. Then he glides his tongue over the beads of water that’s on my shoulder, and licks up to the nape of my neck with kisses nestled in between.

“You were real dirty tonight, so it’s only fitting for me to clean you off.”

I couldn’t help but to enjoy how his lips touched my body. I close my eyes biting my lip in turmoil before turning fully in his direction.

“DJ, I promise, you can punish me in the morning. I just want to get some sleep tonight babe. Can you take the cuffs off,” l ask displaying them.

He lifts my arms and slips his head through the opening leaving them to rest on his shoulders. He starts rubbing his swelled manhood up against my flesh.

“You sure about that?”

He was hard and revving to go. I was fading as he continued to rub and place gentle kisses throughout my moistened skin.

“Baby… babe…” my body tingles forcing my head to nod back slightly in pure pleasure. I groan. “Can’t we…,” his hands firmly grip my hips, “the morning would be…” His lips land on mine leading to a deeper kiss.

Then he kisses down the length of my body. I was so wet and back horny. Once he gets to my pussy lips I try to stop him before he goes in. There was no stopping him with cuffed hands. He lifts my leg over his shoulder and goes to town. There was no fighting the feeling. I was overcome with an arousing passion from watching, so was he. I barely was able to stand.

He suddenly picks me up forcing me to cross my legs at his waist turning us around so my back is pressed against the cold tiles. The hot water from the showerhead smacks the cuffs on my wrists heating them as the water skips down his back. He feels the warmth of it on his skin which stirs him up even more.

He puts himself inside of me then works me overtime. My body slides up and down the marble wall as he penetrates his way in repetitiously. French kiss after kiss. Long stroke after stroke he takes his time loving me, which feels like an eternity to my already achy body. But how dare I deny him.

He buries his face in my cleavage inhaling my pheromones before taking turns on my nipples with his tongue, playing and sucking up the droplets of water on them. I wince from their sensitivity since Trey already did a job on them.

He hears me and our eyes connect. He stops, only to hastily lift my ass higher and jab my insides harder. He picks up the pace giving it another magical massaging. My legs and uterine walls lock on his body parts as the sensational feeling starts getting me closer to another release.

Still connected and to gain stability, Desean carries me over to the built in bench, sitting me on top of him as we continue grind. His rapid grinding just pushes me to the peak making me scream yes repeatedly. With my head now snug into his neck my screams turn to muffled moans leaving me speechless as my body responds making me cum.

We hold each other close, him removing the wet strands of hair from my face and kissing the side of it as I tremble and jerk. He holds me also allowing my body to relax when his was ready to bust. He places me in the corner of the bench, me leaving my knees bent and feet flat just how he lays me. Then he goes between my legs and starts devouring my cum covered clit.

Almost instantaneous I close my legs unable to handle anymore tongue lashing and put my cuffed hands on his head to push his face away. That just makes him go another route and smash both my knees together leaving my ass poked out and vagina exposed. With me lying on my left side he fucks me on an angle in that position.

My love cove was literally beat down. And as great as the loving is I just wanted him to cum. My body couldn’t take being handled thoroughly by two men not even an hour apart. Moments later I got my wish. He yells then starts grunting while his strong hands grip me finally freeing him to unleash. He drops on the bench in the other corner drained.

The both of us sit there with our eyes shut, tired, and no words spoken. I don’t know what was on his mind, but I had been sitting there thinking how ashamed I am of myself. I never had sex with my husband and Trey in the same night, and right now my body, mind and heart is paying for it. I’ve made promises that I can’t keep, which is only going to leave someone getting hurt. Including myself.

Trey is ready for me to leave and Desean wants a baby. Yet I can’t even decide on what I want anymore for myself. It’s moments like this that makes it hard, knowing that they both really love me. I don’t want to hurt either one of them.

But I can’t keep this up. I have to decide and let somebody go. But how do I choose? When I’m with Trey everything feels chaotic, exhilarating, spontaneous… different… hopeful of the things we’ve never had. Desean… my stability, my rock, my balance… all my dreams… my husband… the one I’ve already chosen. He puts his hand on my leg returning me back to the moment.

“You look so beautiful lying there wet and naked like that.” I guess my emotions were running high because I just start crying. “Aye…baby you crying?” It catches him off guard and he rushes to my side. I couldn’t look at him. I couldn’t speak, afraid of what I might’ve said prematurely. But it doesn’t stop him from comforting me and trying to get me to talk. “Did I do something wrong?” Quickly I nod my head no. “So can you tell me what’s making you upset all of a sudden, especially after I just made love to you?”

I couldn’t tell him, so again, I lied even though it was truth in it.

“Sometimes I feel so selfish when it comes to you. I don’t want to share you with your career, your fans… no one.”

Desean leans in and gently kisses my lips.

“I love you so much. You know that?”

“If it’s nothing else I know, I know that.”

I felt so guilty. I didn’t deserve him.

“Sometimes I have to remind myself that you’ve sacrificed a lot for my career and I hope you don’t think that I don’t recognize that.”

I look him in the eyes lovingly, and palm his cheek with one hand leaving the other dangling.

“I know you do Desean. You show me all the time. Even when you’re away, which is why you make it hard for me not to love you.”

“Babe why are thinking you would ever stop loving me?”

I couldn’t believe I just put my foot in my mouth and said that, that way. I had to clean up my words.

“Not like I’m purposely trying not to love you. I didn’t mean it like that. I just meant you keep finding ways to remind me why I don’t regret what I’ve sacrificed, that’s all. Is that better?”

“Much better.”

We kiss, but truthfully, I was harboring some resentment, which started this whole mess. He gets up and tells me to sit up. Slowly I drag my body upward. He grabs the key out of the soap dish and unlocks the cuffs.

“That’s been there all this time,” I ask.


“If I had more energy right now I’d strangle your ass.”

He gabs the soap and lathers up my washcloth.

“You just sit right there. I’ll take care of the rest.” He bathes my body, me not having to lift a finger. He moves it all. I adoringly look at him. One thing’s for certain he’s always taken good care of me.

I’ve never had to want for anything, yet something has always been missing… or someone…

“I think we might’ve made our son tonight,” he says interrupting my thoughts as they had drifted briefly to Trey.

I think he’s joking and laugh.


“Think about it. You haven’t started your new birth control yet.” He tilts his head with a crooked smile. “It’s possible, but as far as I’m concerned you don’t need it.”

He grabs the shower head and rinses me off. I get scared. A flurry of thoughts impede my mind as I now sit there and watch him wash himself. He makes me remember that I did reschedule my doctor’s appointment to change my birth control, since I was out of town then. My new appointment hasn’t gotten here yet.

The thought of possibly not being covered enters my mind. The thought of accidentally getting pregnant frightens it even more. But the thought of it happening tonight when I had sex with them both and possibly my old birth control not protecting me is unthinkable.

If I got pregnant under these circumstances… NO! I don’t even want to think about it. I have to get out of this mess before its too late and something happens. I have to choose…


Who would you choose if you were her and why? Or should she end up with no one? It could be your pick.