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Chapter V

Chapter V

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Chapter V

A Trey Songz Fiction Story

Written by Syreeta (@Only1ME_Syreeta)

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“So you coming tonight right?”


“Of course. I wouldn’t miss tonight for the world.”


“A’ight cool. I hope you ready for it.”


“I’m always ready. I hope you’re ready for it. Are you still meeting me at the airport?”


“Yeah baby I’ll be there.” I watch her on the screen as she blows me a kiss. “Man I can’t wait to feel the real thing again.”


“Neither can I. Don’t be late.” 


Then she disappears. I leaned back on the couch bent my legs real quick and did a fist pump, then put my feet back down on the floor. I was feeling it on the inside. I don’t know what it was about this woman that kept me so engaged with her, but I loved seeing her. I guess that’s why it’s been a secret for five years. She has her life and I have mine, but when she can get away I try to find the time to accommodate her. She’s always traveling so we rarely get to see each other. I had to see her tonight. It marks the fifth chapter of a story that we only know. I call it Chapter V a milestone that neither one of us expected. I know that may sound like a long time to be seeing someone in secret, but with my life on the road and her always traveling our schedules don’t really match up too well. So the time in years may seem long, but when and what we get to spend together hasn’t been. We make the best of it though. We’ve come to an understanding and both are okay with things just how they are. She’s happy with her life; at least she says she is and not looking for anything more from me. For me, I‘m happy with spending whatever time I can get in with her. I guess that’s why things have been going so well for us. When we’re together it’s about us. No questions about her personal life and none about mine. We just enjoy the moment which is why I’m looking forward to tonight. 





She looks at her watch then she spots me realizing I’m in a black hoody with shades on waiting. A smile appears.


“I see you’re on time. Good boy.” I take her bags out her hand and we head out to the stretch. The driver takes the bags from me and then opens the door. She gets in and then I follow. I tell her how sexy she looks in her short fitted spandex dress and heals. She’s also wearing shades and a scarf around her face to help conceal her identity. She takes them off once she gets in. Then she removes my shades.


“Where’s my hug and kiss since you couldn’t wait to feel the real thing?” she asks. 


“Baby it’s right here.”


I couldn’t wait to lock lips with her. I leaned in and got a taste of my brown sugar that I’ve been missing. She was really making me ready to get the night started. I rubbed my hand on her leg and continued up her thigh. With her lips still pressed against mine she tells me don’t stop. I let them travel further only to realize she’s not wearing any panties. She pulls her lips away and situates her body first. Then she spreads her legs a little wider. I see she was giving me some play time, so I definitely was going to have my fun. I took my middle and index fingers and spread her love cove. Then used my thumb and teased her clit wetting that pussy up. I stimulated her mind by talking dirty to her making her imagine what my dick was going to do to her. She was biting her lip tryna contain her pants of pleasure, but as soon as I started fingering her that shit went out the window. Her murmurings was music to my ears. I kept motioning my finger back and forth prodding that kitty cat good. She knew it was good too by the way she worked her hips wanting me to stroke her into an orgasm. She stuck her hands inside the top of her dress and guided her breast out of it giving me an eye full to look at. She softly speaks. 


“Taste me baby.” 


I wet them up with my tongue. My lips covered her areola nicely while my tongue glided all over the nipple. I felt her tongue slide across my forehead before she kissed it. Then her lips were on their way to kiss the side of my face, but never made it. The more I penetrated her body and my tongue explored her pearls the more she squirmed and grinded on me till I made her buss. She moaned so loud the driver thought she was saying something to him and was about to put the window down. I had to quickly say something.


“YO! Put dat shit back up!” I know he was probably like damn mofucker. I know I was short wit ‘em, but I’ll apologize later. She was so out of it she ain’t budge. She just sat with her head leaned back and eyes shut. I’m sitting now with cum all over my hand. She opens up her eyes and tucks her breast back in then looks at me.  


“Trey why do you bring out the naughtiness in me?”


“You gone quit blaming me. You just nasty…admit it.” She sticks her tongue out and runs it over her lips. She knows how I get turned on by dat shit. “Here lick my fingers.” I tell her.


“I know what I taste like.”


“You can’t lick my fingers off for me?” She stared at me for a minute. Then she took my hand and held it up in front of her and licked the palm of it. She kept her eyes directly on me. One by one she took my fingers into her mouth and licked her tongue all over them; pulling them in and out sucking them well. Her warm mouth felt so damn good. Then she places her hand against mine. 


“It’s been five years bae…five years to the day.”


“I know.” I kiss her. “I didn’t think I was ever gonna get another moment with you let alone get five years in.”


“I want the bulls eye finger.”  


“The what?” 


She let my hand go and unzips my jeans. I lift up some since she was tryna inch them down. She pulled my dick out noticing he was already brick hard waiting. She smirks at me first before she dives in and licks the tip. The touch of her tongue always does something to me. I sat there and watched her work it around and around my dick head. My eyes absorbed every movement while my hands traveled under her dress since her body was leaned over some. I squeezed on her shapely ass. Her skin was silky smooth. She had me saying ahh since she was putting it on me so fucking good. Her lips were special and her tongue exquisite. Then she changed up on me. With her hand wrapped around my shaft she started working my pole moving her hand up and down in short quick movements, but making the head her special area of concentration. She also gave my balls some hand action making my body go stiff like the rest of me. My hand was glued to her ass cheek massaging it as she stroked me till I got a good vibration. She kissed my lips wildly sucking on ‘em, but from the dick therapy that I was getting it had me losing my breath which made our lips detach. Faster and faster she worked me. My shit was as slippery as a bar of wet soap. Suddenly she brought my body to a shuddering sensation as cum seeped all over her hand. I’m breathing hard as I await for my heart rate to settle. Now I couldn’t move and had to chill for a minute. 


“Now what am I gonna wipe my hands off with?” she asked. I look around for a minute. She’s still looking at me. “How bout you lick my hand off?” she teased.


“Shid! You outcha mofuckin mind.” She thinks it’s funny and laughs. I saw some napkins but they was down the other end. I didn’t want her to move so I took my hoody off and we just used that. Then we sat together with my arms around her until we finally arrived to my house. It was an accident which prolonged the car ride, but we were so occupied with each other we never even noticed. Once we got in she did her usual routine which was walk straight to my bedroom. 


“OH MY GOSH!!! TREY!!!” The room was dimly lit with a little something done up for her. I had five bunches of red heart shaped balloons anchored at each corner of the bed with one bunch gathered to the ceiling in the middle. Then right in the center of the bed on a blanket I had another surprise for her. I never can give her what I’d really like to because she got a man to go home to. I just get her things within reason that he would think she brought for herself. I finally make it to the doorway and watch her as she’s struck with awe. She started tearing up. Her eyes were greeted to five gift boxes stacked from biggest to smallest all tied together with ribbon. Attached was a card with five long stem roses lying beside it opened in clear casing. Also lying there was a tray with two champagne glasses on it and a cooler with a bottle of champagne chilling in it. I could tell she was nervous about opening the gifts. Her hands covered her mouth the whole time. Then she finally said something. “Trey what is this…you know I can’t…” I already knew what she was going to say.


“I know…just open ’em baby.” She reads the card first. It read: Five years ago today was the start of Chapter oneYou make me want to keep turning the pagesNo matter how our story ends I’ll always love youTremaine.


She holds it to her heart and tells me she’ll always love me too. Then she puts it down and rubs her hands together eagerly ready to open her gifts. She unties the ribbon and starts with the biggest box first. It was a cosmetic case. She was surprised I remembered it was something she mentioned needing. She could feel it was something in it since it had some weight to it. When she opened it, it had her favorite shower gel, body mist, lotion, body butter and a sponge. The next one consisted of a Burberry Cashmere scarf. Then she opened a box that held five travel size fragrance mist of her favorite perfume. Her excitement continued to build after each box she opened. The fourth box had three diamond bangle bracelets and the last one contained a pair of diamond earrings.


“Trey I love it all!” She runs and jumps on me wrapping her arms and legs around me as she showers my face with kisses. “You know me so well don’t you? Baby thank you. I have something for you too.” She gets down and goes in her purse and hands me an order form stamped paid.


“What’s this? Don’t tell me you…”


“I won’t tell you then.” I already knew what it was when I saw “Cisum Couture” on the invoice. I grab her by the arms.


“You got me a jacket made?”


“I did and I promise you’ll love it. Talia’s holding it for you and no she doesn’t know that I’m the one that got it.”


“I can’t believe you did this.” I wanted to ask so bad how she was able to pull it off, but I didn’t.


“Oh there‘s more.” She took out a small case and handed it to me. I opened it. It was two money clips with red tally signs engraved on them marking five years. I instantly smiled at the thought of her being wrapped around my money every time I put a stack in it. No woman has ever been attached to my wages. I was ready to thank her, but she still wasn’t done. She also got me a “Audemars Piguet” timepiece and a 10K 24” square link gold chain. Shit was boss! I definitely was gone be flossing. I held her so tight just thinking about how special she is to me.


“Baby this stuff is incredible. I can’t believe you got me all this, but thank you.” Then I return the same sentiment and kiss her.


“You’re welcome.” I really was ready to lay her down now and express my gratitude.


“So you ready to continue with our night?” 


“Yes, but first do you have something sweet for me?”


“Sweet like dessert sweet?”


“Yes. Do we have a anniversary cake?”


“I didn’t get a cake.” 


“How are we suppose to celebrate without cake too? I know you have some snacks around here right?”


“Yeah down in the pantry but…”


“I’ll be right back.”


She leaves the room real quick and when she comes back she tells me to close my eyes. When I can finally open them I see she has five Zebra cakes stacked like a three tier cake sitting on top of a plate. Three, two then one. You couldn’t erase my grin if you tried. The smallest gesture meant so much. I told her to hold that thought and went to pour us some champagne. After I gave her a glass she took one of the cakes and then I did. We made a toast and then fed one another. There was this moment when I gazed into her eyes. I didn’t have to say anything more. She cleared the bed off removing her gifts while I took care of everything else. Then she climbed on the bed and took her dress off. As she was on her knees she unhooked her bra and threw it on the floor with the dress. I was standing at the foot of the bed also undressing. Her eyes peruse all over my body once I was down to nothing. She was showing her love face. I could tell she’s really been missing daddy. She wanted me. I wanted her too. I call her.


“Come over here.” She doesn’t move as she eyeballs me. Instead she tells me what to do.


“You come over here.” I could see where this was going. She wanted a spanking.


“Bring yo body here.” I said back to her while I stood there jerking my dick in front of her before I put the condom on. It had her in a trance so she obeyed. She was never real good at playing hard anyway. I grabbed her face and roughly started kissing her lips and sucking her tongue. She put her hands on my shoulders to keep her more stable. I pushed her body back on the bed. It collapsed like a Z. I slid her legs from underneath her and threw them over my shoulders. She scooted up some and assisted ready for me to put this steel in her. She screamed from the abrupt insertion. She was gone get it. I had my hands holding her thighs and kept banging my dick in her. I was beating it up so bad she was starting to hold out only allowing the tip to get a taste. I wanted to go deep. I know she really wanted me to go deep too, so I pulled her body close wrapping my arm around her legs and letting her grind it on me. That shit was starting to make my legs buckle. I just stood there while she threw it on me getting a stroke in every now and then to appease her. But then I realized that was letting her get off too easy. 


She was in a mischievous mood this anniversary and wanted to be punished, so I was gone make that pussy hurricane. I let her legs go and they fell down to my sides. I leaned in forward with my chest to hers and told her to wrap her legs around me and continued to fuck her on the end of the bed. I consumed her body lashing her nipples with my tongue, biting her neck just a pinch and heating up that pussy just how she likes it. I had her calling my name. She knew who the pussy really belonged too. She was on the verge of a breakthrough. I could tell she was about to cum. I threw one of her legs back over my shoulder and hit that thing from the side looking at it as I stroked her. I had her shit oozing out wetness. I remembered she was due a spanking so I stuck my fingers in her ass and gave it a beating doubling her pleasure. That really sparked her up and had her nails digging in my skin and her voice shouting out obscenities. I manipulated that ass so good that when she finally came she squirted. Her pussy walls grabbed my dick so tight at that time she forced me into cumming with her and when I did it was monstrous. My sweaty body trembled so hard I collapsed right on her. Neither one of us could move. Then because of my positioning on her she pushed me over and we both were on our backs with our legs hanging off the bed. We had no words for a minute. All you heard was heavy breathing, but our faces said it all. I look over at her.


“Don’t be laying there getting tired already. You know we fucking all night right?”


“Why did I know you were going to say that. I’m just relaxing bae.”


“We got some more sheets to wet up. Plus you gotta let me get a taste from the back.”


“You just did all in my ass.”


“Stop fronting. You wanted me to beat dat ass up.” 


“You beat my ass alright.”


“Aww…sorry Mrs. Jackson.” She didn’t like that.


“Shut up Trey.”


“A’ight. I’m sorry Melanie. Is that better?”


“Yes! You know when we’re together it’s Melanie, so don’t say my married name okay?” Now I have to sweet talk her.


“Then Melanie can you turn dat ass over so I can make it better baby?” she smiles.


“For you anything.” 


“I know. I told you, you were meant for me.”


“I do love my husband Trey.”


“Yeah well you keep loving ya husband and I’ma keep loving this pussy. Now turn dat ass over.”  


“Ok I will, just give me a minute please?”


“How long we have together anyway?”


“I’ll be leaving tomorrow night. I have to meet Desean in New Orleans.”


“They got their asses beat by the Falcons. I sure hope they show up for the Saints.”


“I know. Look no personal stuff remember?”


“That ain’t personal that’s public knowledge, but I understand. Now hurry up and turn over so I can stick my private in that pool.”


She shakes her head at me with a partial grin. 


“Why?” she asks.


“Why what?”


“Why do I put up with you?”


“Because you love me. You love me more than you think you do and I love you.”


“It was a time when I didn’t believe it was possible to be in love with two people.”


“It was a time when I thought I never was gonna have a moment like this with you again, but here we are…five years in.”


She leans over and kisses me. Then she gets to her knees on the floor. I changed condoms then got down behind her and put my legs on the outside of hers. She had her hands spread out on the bed, but as soon as I took my tongue and licked the split at the top of her ass she dug into the covers moaning. I kept teasing her with it making her body squirm and her ass jiggle. She was twirling her hips around getting ready for what’s to come. Then I finally opened up those cheeks and immersed my pipe in her. I kept ’em spread so I could watch that pussy hole and all her goodness as it was singing from being laid. Clap! Clap! Clap! This applause definitely deserved an encore. She was so into it she was throwing it back taking me deeper and deeper inside of herHer pussy was so warm. I didn’t mind going the distance.


I wanted all of her body close so I pulled her into me and we lied flat on the floor together with her back against my chest. Now my legs was in between hers. She closed them making her walls hug my dick after she put me back in. She starts to grind it on me. I spread her lips and tenderly massage her clit as her voluptuous ass sways against my skin. Her fire surely was ignited. I grab her titties fondling her nipples and squeezing her breast catering to every part of her body. My tongue played in her ear and my lips brushed her cheeks teasing them before I would kiss her. She was filled with so much sexual aggression her actions were all over the place. One minute she’s turning her face to the side to kiss me, then she’s saying wait because she didn’t want to cum yet and the next she’s telling me to fuck her harder. Then she places her hands on the floor and holds herself up to ride me. I grab her hips making that ass slap down on me as I watch her booty pop. 


We was so absorbed into one another the fact that we were on the floor didn’t even matter. The feeling was too great. My dick craved her pussy. It was made for me. She knew how to move to give it to me just right and I knew how hard to hit it to take her where she needed to go. The instant she came and from the way her body twinged I knew her power was knocked out from my thunderstorm. I hurriedly got a few more strokes in before she gave my body a jolting. I grabbed her so tight as my body handled this surge. Droplets of sweat continued to trickle down my face as I rested it on her back. Our heartbeats are one. I went down for the count bringing her with me as I fall back. I love the feel of her body on top of me. I hate letting it go. I kiss her face as we lay there in silence soaking up the moment and regaining some of our strength. She grabs my hand and wraps my arm across her.


“Every time with you is amazing bae. The beginning of this chapter has been everything so far.”


“And we just getting started.”


“Mmm…you said that like there’s more to come. What else do you have up your sleeve Trey?” 


If she only knew.


“Welcome to Chapter V baby.”