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Journey to Chapter V

Journey to Chapter V

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

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In the beginning the man we know as Trey Songz said, “I Gotta Make It.” With hard work and determination, he gave us a prophesy that lead to “Trey Day”. His drive was fearless and his passion undeniable. He put every fiber of his being into his work…nurturing and crafting his skill. And he did…he did it “for y’all, for y’all, for y’all”…yep…he did it for us all! He did it to show us that he was “READY”. Ready to devote the “Passion, Pain, and Pleasure” necessary to give us, the fans, music that will change our lives forever. Music that transcends all boundaries, all color lines, all nationalities, all sexual orientations, and all genders. It unites us, reaching the masses and evoking a number of emotions.

I sit now, thinking about the many emotions I’ve felt while listening to his lyrics…laughing at “She jump up on this pole swing around and do your thing girl. And when you leave baby don’t forget your ring girl” or at “Never was too good at being friends, so we can fuck but that’s gone be the end. Don’t love me girl.” Smiling when I first heard, “See I’m a man that don’t believe in much, but I’ll be damned if I don’t believe in us…you are simply amazing.”

I remember my heart breaking when I first heard, “Love ain’t supposed to feel this way. Love ain’t supposed to hurt or cause me pain. Love ain’t supposed to make me cry, but now I’m trying to wipe my eyes. I’m hatin’ love.” And how many of us cried when we heard, “And its not your fault. That I fumbled your heart. Should have let go of my past for you. You did everything I asked of you. Drive across the country if I asked you to. But I’m just bad for you.”

Then its those lyrics that inspire us, “It’s gone be hard for a boy to be a man when he’s getting fed from a woman’s hand” and “My crib is at the top anybody rolling with me? If I could I would bring the whole hood to the top of the world with me.” 

Now the lyrics that just set the mood…it’s not enough time or space to write about those songs…and you know what I mean. Imagine his bedroom eyes perusing up and down your body. Yep…those same ones right there —————————->

Mmhmm. He bites his bottom lip and then begins to sing, “I want you on top. Start off. I want you to find your favorite spot. When you find it make that body rock. You got my heart I’m gone finish what you start. Make your love come down. Then I’m gone get on top. My turn. And once I get there I’m not gonna stop til I feel your body getting hot. You got my heart, wanna take you to the top. Make your love come down.” He is more than a panty droppa…beyond a panty wetter. He’s a panty dissolver, a panty divider, and a panty exterminator…putting in that OT each and every day.
And last but not least, I can’t go without mentioning those lyrics that get us hype…the ones they play in the club and when it comes on you jump out your seat saying “Awwww shitttt…this my song!” But if you’re anything like me, every Trey song is “MY SONG!” So let’s kick that “get crunk music”…”Bottom’s up, bottom’s up aye what’s in ya cup? Got a couple bottles but a couple ain’t enough” and “Tell the DJ turn it up. Bet the DJ bring it back. Tell him play that shit again. Tell him that you like that…I know it’s somebody’s birthday right now.”

It’s always “somebody”s birthday, but today we pay tribute to the man, the mogul, the artist we so love. Today is YOUR birthday Trey Songz and we salute you.

CLG is so proud of the man you have become. You have  come into your own…a new chapter…”Chapter V”. It shows your growth, perseverance, and your heart of gold.

You may not be acclimated to the philanthropy side of Trey Songz, but yes, he spearheads a campaign that calls for action every day. “Angels with Heart Foundation” was founded in 2010 by Trey Songz. Its purpose is to inspire those in his fan club to give back to their local communities with some form of kindness. November is “Angels with Heart” month and you can participate by donating your time and efforts to your local community. You can also make a cash donation to AWHFoundation. Any amount will help and any small gesture is greatly appreciated by those in need.

Now that that is out the way, let’s get back to the party…”Go boy…its your birthday. Open wide, I know you’re thirsty. Say Aah!”

Make sure you wish Trey a very happy 28th birthday today!

Also, please feel free to share some lyrics from his music that has impacted you. 

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