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Sunday, November 4th, 2012


 A Trey Songz Story

Written by Syreeta (@Only1ME_Syreeta)

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Trey & Melanie

Every time we come together it’s like magic. He was my weakness. My kryptonite. I can’t believe we’re fucking on the rooftop of his condo building, but this is what he does to me. My naked ass is leaned up against the wall as he’s fucking me from the back. I loved him literally having my back. His thickness fits me so snug. I swallow him up inside pulling his pump into my tank. I can’t get his dick to go deep enough. Why did our bodies also have barriers.


His lips put in work on the back of my neck. I wanted them, so I turned my head to kiss them. He obliged. My tongue wanted to give some penetration too. It plowed right in his mouth, but I lose my breath since simultaneously he thrusts his hips and plowed right into me. Every time he takes a dip I moan even louder. He fucks me crazy. He grabs my breast. His hands feel so good to the touch. That’s all I can feel besides his member between my legs. I was numb to everything else. No coldness from this wall as he banged my body into it. Not even the cool wind from this night time breeze could be felt. His body was the only thing that I was feeling besides fucking great from this electrifying orgasm that he was about to make me have.


“TREY!” she yells. He jumps and turns. It’s a female that I’m clueless about.


“Shit!” He pulls out. The girl quickly turns back around and heads for the door. I’m standing there confused and let down. He runs away from me and starts picking up his clothes to put on.


“Trey wait! What are you doing?” He was quiet just focusing on getting dressed. I yelled. “Trey who was that?” He looked at me.


“Melanie that was Regina my girl.” You talk about crushed. I was beyond it. “I’m sorry but I need to go find her.” He got his other sneak on and left.




Trey & Regina

Trey didn’t want to take any chances and went straight down to the lobby to see if he could catch her or find out if anyone saw her if he didn’t. He knew she had been to his condo already because that was the only way that she’d known he was up on the roof. His note to me said it all. Regina was still in the lobby about to head out the door. As soon as Trey got off the elevator he saw her. With guilt written all over his face he confronts her.


“Can we please go somewhere and talk?” Regina didn’t say anything. Her appearance was distraught. Security interrupted and asked was everything ok.


“No! It’s not!” she screamed. Trey noticed she was shaking as she fumbled in her purse looking for her keys while fighting back tears. Trey knew the guard and nodded for him to leave them alone. The guard knew things were gonna be fine, so he walked back to his station.


“Regina look at me.” She did. Not only did she look at him at first, but then she smacked him. Trey stood there and took it. Then she started smacking him in his chest repeatedly while she cried puddles of tears. Trey picked her up and carried her to the elevator. He asked the guard if he wouldn’t mind bringing her bags back up to his room. He saw me get off as he was about to get on. I looked at him for a brief moment; eyes hurting from seeing her in his arms, head lying on his chest as tears streamed down her face. He didn’t say one word to me, but that actually said a lot. He just walked right on in.


Once Trey got up to his place he finally was able to convince Regina with a lot of apologizing that he was sorry and he wasn’t going to leave her. He helped her into bed after she took her anxiety medication and sat beside her till she fell asleep. He knew alot of his wrong doing contributed to her low self-esteem and reckless behavior. He then went and sat down in his office and for the first time in a long time he took some paper and a pen and began to write…to me.


Dear Melanie,


I was wrong…


His letter was four pages long front and back. He knew he messed up big time.



Trey & Melanie

I needed some time to go by before I was willing to talk to Trey. He really broke my heart. I never imagined being treated that way especially from him, but I was ready to talk so I let him come over. He came in my house and we sat in the living room. My goal was to remain calm and not cut him. He started talking immediately.


“Melanie baby I’m so sorry about the way things went down. I been trying to talk to you for weeks now, but you wouldn’t hear me out. Did you at least get my letter?”


“I got it, but I didn’t read it. I’m not big on words anymore. I know I wasn’t ready to hear you out then, but I am now, so explain.”


“I’ve been having an ongoing long distance relationship with Regina for some time now. I mean it’s been off and on but this last time was a bit different. She threatened to kill herself if I left her.”


“You expect me to believe that? Come on now Trey. I expected more than this from you, but then again I also expected to be treated with respect and we both know that didn’t happen.”


“I wish I was lying about it, but Melanie I’m not. The girl got some issues and a lot of it is my fault. I just feel like I need to be there for her.”


“So I was just a fuck to you all this time?”


“No! Believe it or not I really care about you. I been feeling like shit for letting you leave like that, that day. I just know you stronger than she is and if I would’ve let her go instead of you I don’t know what she would’ve done to herself. I couldn’t have that on my conscience like dat.”


“I see. So why do you keep screwing her over then Trey? If she’s so fragile why have you been fucking around with me?”


“Melanie I enjoy being with you. I want you. What me and Regina had been over a long time ago. I wish it was as simple as you see it for me to just move on, but it’s not. I feel responsible for her.”


“Well Trey you go ahead and take care of your responsibilities. I would never want to interfere with that. You’re right about one thing though, I am strong and I will be alright.” I stood up. “If you don’t mind I have some things I need to do, so I’m going to need for you to leave.” He gets up and walks to the door, but stops before he opens it.


“Do you think you’ll ever be able to forgive me?”


“I don’t think I’m the one that you need to be worrying about seeking forgiveness from. But to answer your question I won’t be able to move on if I don’t now will I?” He stands there in thought for a few seconds.


“I’m really sorry I fumbled your heart.”


“So am I.” With that being said he opens up the door and leaves.



2 years later


Trey & Melanie




“Trey! Hey baby!” I actually hugged him. “How have you been?”


“I’ve been good. How bout you? You looking all good n’shit.” I smile.


“I’ve been great! Been pretty busy but doing good.”


“I can tell. I haven’t saw you since a few years ago. I’ve wrote to you…tried to call you several times…you just said fuck me huh?” He suddenly spots my hand. He kind of laughs before he questions what he sees. “What’s that an engagement ring?” I nervously twirl it.


“Yes it is.” Then I show it to him.


“Wow! It’s beautiful. Who’s the lucky guy?”


“His name is Desean.”


“Desean gotta last name?”


I take a deep breath first.


“Desean Jackson.”


“Desean that play pro football?”


“Yes Trey.”


“Why was it so hard for you to tell me?”


“I honestly don’t know.”


“So when’s the wedding?”


“It’s actually in a few weeks.”


“Hmm…I didn’t even know y’all two was seeing each other.”


“We started seeing each other about six months after you and I stopped, but it’s been kept under wraps.”


“So the weddings in a few weeks like what…two…three?” I go in my purse and hand him a save the date card since I had some. He looked at it.


“It would really be nice if you could come if your schedule permits. You could bring Regina.”


“You actually want me at your wedding?”


“Yeah why not?”


“What Desean gone think about that?”


“Trey, Desean actually knows all about my past. Not that he cared to know certain things, but I wanted him to know. He wouldn’t have a problem with you coming to our wedding. If he did that would mean you were a threat to him, but he knows you’re not.”


“You really love him?”


“Why wouldn’t I?” Then Buggzi called him.


“Yo Trey! We gotta go man.”


“So will you come?”


“I’ll be there.” Gets in the car. “Damn!”