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Almost Lose It

Almost Lose It

Sunday, November 11th, 2012
A Trey Songz Story
Written By: Syreeta (@Only1Me_Syreeta)

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“Oh Melanie you look so beautiful.”


“Thank you mom.” I stand and look at myself in the full length mirror. This is it, I thought. “Whew!”


“Sweetheart are you okay?” I shake my head yes. I didn’t want to say anything for fear I might cry and mess up my make up. I was more than okay. I was happy and was trying to keep it all together. Nothing was going to spoil my wedding day. My best friend Meka was my maid of honor. She knocked on the door and then came in to the room where my mother and I were.


“Melanie you look gorgeous girl.”


“Thanks girl. What’s up? Is everything okay?”


“Oh yeah everything’s fine. All of us are about to take our places, so I just wanted to give you a heads up.”


“Thanks Meka.”


“Let me get my hug since it’ll be the last one as Melanie Smith.” She walks over and hugs me and then quickly heads out the door.”


“Trying not to cry is harder than I thought.” I said.


“I was a basket case when I married your father. That was one of the happiest days of my life. Still after all these years I love that man like I was just falling in love with him.”


“I hope me and Desean’s marriage will be just as strong as you and daddy’s.”


“You know Melanie a mother always looks forward to the day when she can see her baby walk down the aisle and start her life with someone that makes her happy…” I whine.


“Aw mom you’re definitely going to make me cry…”


“Just let me say this. Me and your father really like Desean. We can see that he adores you and are confident that you will be in good hands. He’s a good man who knows what he has. I think you two will be just fine. Now I’m done.” I give my mom the tightest hug.


Knock! Knock! Knock! The wedding coordinator comes in. She smiles at me.


“Are you ready?” I shake my head yes as my face lit up



“Okay well it’s showtime.”



I’m standing in the lobby of the church waiting for the doors to open. My father is on my arm and just as he finishes kissing my cheek the doors swing open. I saw so many people in there waiting to share our special day. My father and I take our first steps toward what seemed like a never ending walk when the music started. My eyes circled around the room as all eyes were on me. I suddenly started to feel nervous. They were all standing with huge smiles on their faces. Then I noticed Trey right on the end near the aisle. He actually came I thought. He mouthed you’rebeautiful. I smiled. I didn’t see Regina with him only Buggzi. They both looked so handsome too. I don’t know why, but I was happy that he was here. I turned my focus away and gave an even bigger smile to my breath of fresh air standing toward the end waiting for me. In that instant my eyes started watering. He was smiling right back as I approached him. From that point on my eyes never left his. My dad lifted up my veil and gave me another kiss. Everyone took their seat. The preacher asked who gives this woman to this man and my dad said I do. He stepped to the side and then the ceremony began. I was about to become Mrs. Melanie Renae Jackson.







Taps Buggziwhispers “You think she gone go through with it?”


“Man chill and listen. She here ain’t she?”


I’m sitting here thinking why the fuck I’m here. I really didn’t want to see her getting married. I’m the nigga that’s suppose to be standing up there not him. I guess part of me wanted to know if she was gonna do it. Then Buggzi leans over and discreetly whispers to me.


“I hope you didn’t plan on coming here to cause some problems by stopping this wedding.” I give a shoulder shrug. “Nigga if you pull some shit like dat I’m disowning yo ass.”


I turn my attention back up to the front. She looks so beautiful up there. Just looking at her pretty face was more than I could take. Wow! I had all these thoughts running through my mind as I sat there. Number one was that I still love her. I wish so bad that I would’ve done things different. I look at her and wish her dad was giving her away to me. She has this smile on her face like she’s really happy. That’s something I’ve always wanted for her. I just hoped it would’ve been from me. After the preacher read a few scriptures from the Bible they were about to light some candles. Then we all got a surprise. They didn’t spare no expense at this wedding. They pulled out all the stops. Beyonce came out and started singing her and some dude. I don’t even think Melanie knew, especially since she screamed once she saw her. I had to admit that was a boss move. I know how much she likes Beyonce. I was impressed. I could of made that happen too, but the fact that it wasn’t me put a knot right in the pit of my stomach. After that moment and a few others they were asked to say their vows to one another. I’m sitting here thinking this is really about to happen. I wasn’t prepared to hear what she had to say, because as soon as she spoke her words to him I was about to lose it. They were so beautiful. You could hear the emotion in her voice. My baby was up there with tears in her eyes. I felt like she was really saying those things to me. Like she wanted me to be up there. I started sweating, my knees were feeling weak and my heart began racing, because the moment that could change everything was about to come. She was asked the question.


“Do you Melanie take Desean to be your lawful wedded husband?” She answers.


“I do.” The preacher looked outward to the room since they both said I do. I was still processing the fact that she said it too.Then all I heard next was him saying the words “Speak now or forever hold your peace.”


I’m actually contemplating on speaking up. I mean if I feel like she was meant for me then why not make it known. I put my hand on the seat in front of me. Buggzi kicks my ankle. I didn’t even react. The preacher was still making sure no one had any objections. I let the seat go and relaxed. I realized I needed to let go. I had my chance and I blew it. He pronounced them husband and wife and they didn’t waste no time kissing. I put my head down. I was hurting. I didn’t even watch that shit. He introduced them as Mr. and Mrs. Jackson and they happily walked down the aisle. I was ready to go. I wanted to go to the reception to congratulate her, but I didn’t feel like I could.






This day so far has been amazing. My husband surprised me with my favorite singer actually singing at our wedding and my sorority sisters from college are here. I’m done. There were so many highlights, but seeing Beyonce is one that will stand out the most. Now I’m ready to eat. I have been pulled in so many different directions being shown so much love that I haven’t had a chance to sit down and really eat my food. It finally dawned on me that I haven’t seen Trey yet. I didn’t even know if he ever came here or not. As I was on my way back to my table I saw Meka.


“Hey! Have you seen Trey here at all?”


“He left after the wedding.”




“So how does it feel to be Mrs. Jackson now?”


“OHHH it feels great!”


“I’m so happy for you and then you had Beyonce at your wedding. Girl you betta bang his ass out good tonight.”


“I gotta few tricks up my sleeve too.” We both laugh. Then she clears her throat and her eyes stroll over my shoulders. I turn around and it was Trey behind me.


“I’m gonna go talk to Desean for a few.” she said. I just shook my head. I knew why she went after him, but it really was okay. I speak.


“Hey! Are you just getting here?” Trey started walking so I followed. It was toward the door.


“Yeah. If she looking for Desean he’s over by the DJ table.”


“And you know that how?”


“I just was talking to him.”


“Oh. What’d you say?”


“That’s between me and him. It’s all good doe.”


“Hmm I bet.”


“But uh actually I’m not staying. I just wanted to congratulate you and tell you that I’m really happy for you. I got y’all a little something too.”


“Thank you Trey. I really appreciate you coming as well. Where’s Regina?”


“Regina’s finally moving on with her life. I’m no longer seeing her and she’s okay with it.”


“Are you okay with it?”


“Yeah…it’s something I been wanting for some time now. It’s someone else that I been wanting too, but she’s married now and I’ll respect that. Just know that I love you and if you ever need anything just ask.” I gave him a hug and a small peck on the cheek.


“Thank you.”


“I still believe you were meant for me doe.”


“I have no response for that Trey.” I said. He lovingly looks at me with a smile.


“Take care of yourself Melanie. Make sure he does too. You deserve the best.”


“You too Trey and again thanks for being here.”


“For you anything.”


Trey walks out the door and leaves. It’s funny that he said he believes I was meant for him. I use to think that too, but I guess life had different plans for us.