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Trey & Alyssa Series 5: Flatline (Story Line A)

Flatline – Part 4 (Story Line A)

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

A Trey Songz Story

Written By: AJ (@LadyAJ03)

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Trey jumped up and rushed to his room slamming the door closed behind him. He couldn’t believe he let her kiss him. Laying across his bed he closed his eyes and scenes of the moments he shared with Alyssa haunted him. Laying awake he felt his pain suffocating him while he did all he could to not break down.

*The next morning*

Natalie grabbed Trey’s arm with both hands as his private jet took off, burying her face into his shoulder. Trey couldn’t help but laugh at her helplessness and ran his fingers through her hair for comfort. Looking out of the window his mind wandered back to how close they came to to falling into each other’s arms like old times. The guilt he felt weighed a thousand pounds. He couldn’t shake the pain…not when he had given his whole heart to the one he lost.

Trey: I can’t believe you are still afraid to fly.

Joselyn: I’m not afraid to fly I’m afraid to fall.

Trey: I know that’s true….

Natalie: What is that supposed to mean?

Trey: Nothing…

Natalie: Trey…Thanks for doing this with me…

Trey: Something tells me Alyssa didn’t say it but she wanted it this way.

Natalie: This address….it’s familiar….I just can’t remember….

Trey: Before she….Alyssa was doing alot of research. Maybe she found out how you two got separated.

Natalie: Im sorry I pulled you into this and you can still barely say she….hell I can’t even say it.

Trey: She’s…gone….but I can’t say forever. My heart can’t take it.

Natalie: Its like that when you really love someone.

Trey: I just don’t know what to do with what’s still here…left in my heart.

Natalie: (Grabbing his hand) That’s the one part of her that will never leave because it lives in you….

Trey: Thank you for being there for me.

Natalie: Call us even.


Trey and Natalie pulled up to a beautiful home that appeared to be empty until they got up to the door and heard the sound of a baby inside.

Natalie: This is where I was…as a baby.

Trey: Knock on the door.

Natalie: I can’t…

Trey: Just knock…

Natalie: Trey…I….I can’t….

Trey knocked on the door and grabbed Natalie by the hand waiting patiently until the door swing open and an old woman stood in front of them.

Old woman: Can I help you?

Natalie: MeeMaw…It’s me…Natalie….

MeeMaw: Natalie!!! My baby!!!! Look at you!!! Haven’t seen you in a month of Sundays chile….

Natalie: Haven’t been home MeeMaw…

MeeMaw: Who is this tall…sexy…gentleman and is he single?

Trey: (laughs) I’m Trey…

Natalie: MeeMaw…Did you hear from someone named Alyssa?

MeeMaw: Your sister? Of course honey…she sent me something to keep for you…you know her no good momma is the reason why you never had your little sister….

Natalie: Our mom?

MeeMaw: Just let me get the key we found. I’ll be out in a minute…you and your friend have a seat.

Trey: Alyssa was devastated to know the mom she knew her whole life was never y’all momma….

Natalie: She’s not!!! Then who is?

Trey: I guess we’re gonna find out. Alyssa knew but she never wanted to talk about it.

MeeMaw pushed through the screen handing Natalie another package.

MeeMaw: You need to read that and see what your real momma left you. She left you and Alyssa everything.

Natalie: So you…you’re not my MeeMaw?

MeeMaw: I’m the closest thing you got. The story is so sad I promised never to repeat it…but I guess you ought to know. Everything you need is right there.

Natalie: MeeMaw…I’ll be back…

MeeMaw: I know you will…and I’ll be ready to face you when you do.

Trey and Natalie rode to the hotel they would be staying in silently. He kept his arms wrapped around Natalie’s shoulders and pulled her into his arms when she started to cry.

Natalie: Nothing makes sense.

Trey: It will….both of us can’t live life feeling this lost.

Walking Natalie to the room she would be sleeping in Trey hugged her to say goodbye but as he started down the hall her soft sigh called him back.

Natalie: Im fine…really….

Trey turned and opened the door to his room and let the door close softly behind him before laying across his bed. A replay of his nightmares returned. He couldn’t stop the hot tears from running this time. He let himself break all the way down and cried out for his love knowing he wouldn’t receive an answer. The soft click of his room door opening got his attention. Looking up he saw Natalie’s silhouette through his year filled blurred vision. Without a word she climbed into the bed with him and held him close, massaging his shoulders.

Natalie: You’ve been there for me…I couldn’t leave you alone.

Trey: I…I don’t want to sleep without her…

Natalie: Shhh…..

Trey: I just want the pain to stop….I keep seeing her face…

The warmth of her hands and the smooth sounds of her reassuring words  stopped his tears. The thickness of her thighs and the fullness of her lips forced his body to attention.

Trey: Nat…Just go…

Natalie: Im not gonna leave you…I’m gonna hold you (pulling him into her arms) just like this until you fall asleep.

Trey: I don’t sleep….I can’t…

Natalie: Just release and close your eyes….

Trey: (Crying) I loved her so much…what does she expect me to do now?

Natalie: It’s gonna be ok….

Trey: I gave her everything and lost her just like that…just like that! It hurts so bad Nat….It hurts so bad…..

Natalie pulled Trey in even closer and kissed the top of his head, shedding a few tears of her own.